Monday, May 16, 2016

The Earth Before Genesis - Part Four

There are underground tunnels that were built by the Atlantians that connects  North America and South American region and all the way to the Middle East.  

After they unleashed and detonate a series of Thermo nuclear weapons; it alerted the Galactic Federation of Light to do something about it; to remove and confiscate those weapons of the Atlantians.  And so one day those stockpiles of weapons and technologies were in the storage room of the conquerors, the next minute it was gone.  The Galactic Federation moved in and went to Atlantis and their allies.  Although the Atlantians are very advanced technologically but the Galactic Federation of Light are much more advance than them.  They went into the conquerors like a stealth and they could not be detected in any way as they can be invisible and they teleported those weapons and technologies out of the possessions of the conquerors.  Every technologies of the conquerors that were deemed dangerous and too advanced for the people of the world were taken and beamed to another location possibly off-world by the Galactics to prevent further use for war and violence purposes by the conquerors. 

One of the significant technology that was removed from their possessions was the large teleportation device that was situated in the middle east.  They were using this portal to transport weapons, utilities, supplies and all kinds of objects even their own people from planet Earth to another planet or vice versa without the need to travel in space.  It makes the transfer and travel much faster than the conventional mode of using spacecraft.  

By the way, there are space portals like a wormhole that are used by large spacecrafts, motherships to travel the universe much faster.  The differences is in size.  The portal in space can accommodate large spaceships and motherships, while the portals on land are limited to some extent.

But since the conquerors are such a rogue group of beings and so their access to these portals in space were denied by the Galactic Federation of Light.  The Federation must limit the ability of these rogue groups of conquerors in order to curtail their activities, otherwise they will be just spreading their evil activities everywhere in the universe.  There are network of portals that acts like a superhighway that connects every major regions of the universe which makes the inter travel more convenient and faster for the members of the Galactic Federation of Light.


For instance, the Montauk Project of the US Airforce - they finally figure out how a portal for teleportation does work that transport objects, weapons, spacecrafts and etc. in an instant.  This portal must be erected from the ground and once it is activated then some sort of wormhole is created.  There were some beings or unknown animals that came out as these creatures went inside these portals and came out at the other end of the portal and that other end of the portal was on Earth.  It is either the Air force killed these creatures that came out of the portal coming from another world or another planet or it died by itself from unknown reason.  

There were a lot of disinformation came out about the Montauk Project.  But the people of Hollow Earth confirmed that the Montauk Project is true and that there really were creatures from another world that came out of it.


One of the underground tunnels of the Atlantians goes straight to South America particularly Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.  And other tunnels goes to the African continent and the Middle East.  But the portals that were being used by the conquerors were confiscated by the Galactic Federation of Light.  Headed by Zorra from Hollow Earth they took those portal devices and transferred them to Antarctica.  They buried it under the layers of ice, deep in the continent of Antarctica. 

The stone megalithic that was found in Baalbek, Lebanon could have been the conquerors efforts to erect another massive portal to teleport large equipments and all kinds of cargo quickly from their home world into planet Earth; after their portal vanished from their possessions.  But they must have met some problems along the way.  If they do not have the exact measurements (accurate ratios) and some of the technological devices needed to form a portal then their efforts could have been halted as the Galactics made sure to remove those technologies/equipments from their possessions.  This maybe the main reason why the large boulder stones in the Middle East were left and abandoned as their project to create portals met some setbacks.  By the size of these stones it indicates that they were planning to transport very large objects, equipments, and possibly more spacecrafts from their home world into planet Earth.

The survivors of Atlantis used the tunnels that goes to Brazil.  They prefer that area of south America due to its large mountainous region.  And so, the good Atlantians made it out of Atlantis right before the sinking of their continent.  Underneath the great mountains of Brazil is where they sought refuge.  Initially, they were under probation from the Agarthans, Aryans of both Inner and Hollow Earth peoples.  These Atlantians must prove first that they are not like their violent fellow Atlantians who destroyed the world.  But overtime, they were able to prove that they are indeed good people and not like the conquerors and are worthy of being trusted. 

The image above shows the underground tunnels that connects Atlantis to the rest of the world.

A few samples of the advanced technologies of the Atlantians:

1.) The staff or rod that was used by Moses to divide the Red sea was part of an inheritance of equipments and technologies that the Atlantians brought to North African region particularly at Giza, Egypt.  The Pharaohs of Egypt inherited some of these technologies of Atlantis and fortunately most of them does not know how to use some of those things and just became like an antique artifacts.

This rod was a multiplier of the Light of the sun and thus access a form of force field that is created at the direction the rod is pointed into and then it pushes and repels the water of Red Sea which created a wall of water like a big quarter or half pipeline of wave held up high by the force field.  This process creates a thermal signature beneath the force field that the ground below quickly dries up, which is why the Israelites was able to cross the Red Sea on dry land.

2.) Some of the equipments/technologies of the Atlantians was found by the combined Reptilians and Annunakis.  They know where Atlantis was located prior to the sinking of that continent.  On the east coast of the United States, just across the state of Virginia a few kilometers east, right on the Atlantic Ocean (underwater) to the site where Atlantis used to be, they found some equipments- technologies that belong to the Atlantians. 

  To be continued.....

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