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The Earth Before Genesis - Part One

By Manny R. Pineda - Approximately 12 to 15 thousand years ago the Earth was not literally covered by ocean water.  Though, there were large rivers and lakes similar to the Amazon river.  It was not yet a blue marble planet.  It was however, covered by a special ICE Canopy built by the Galactic Federation of Light to create a special layer in the atmosphere that will surround the Earth.  An area where they can cool it and freeze the water on the atmosphere to create ice shield.  The Ice Canopy covers the entire Earth except the two polar regions - the North and the South pole to allow incoming spaceships from elsewhere to land on Earth.  

From outer space the Earth looked like a sparkling turquoise marble.  Turquoise meaning, partly blueish and partly greenish as the massive vegetation that covers the Earth surface can be seen from space.  The Earth only became completely blue when the world was flooded by ocean water. The Ice Canopy was built in order to shield the Earth from space debris brought about by the explosion that took place on the surface of planet Mars.  These debris are the primary sources of the occasional meteor showers that we experience on Earth from time to time.

Planet Mars was the first venue or site of the first Galactic Experiment to see and find out if it is possible for life (living things) to live and thrive on the surface of a planet.  This is something that has never been done before in any part of the Milky Way and that of the entire Universe.  Because all planets in the whole wide Universe - all their civilizations are residing inside the interior of their own planets; and not outside of the surface.  As all planets (with no exceptions) are absolutely "HOLLOW" inside, meaning all planets are like a ball having an outer solid shell and hollowed/empty space interior inside.

And so a plan was hatched, to make an experiment to allow certain creatures, plants and all kinds of living things including human beings to be placed on the surface of a planet.  And the surface of planet Mars was the chosen venue to conduct this kind of experiment.  

To make the long story short, they found out soon enough that Mars was a very unfortunate location for this experiment, as it was hit by a massive asteroid, the size that put the surface of Mars into an extinction level event.  The direct hit of this collision right at the middle of the surface of Mars rendered the experimental project useless as it literally destroyed everything.  The explosion on the surface of Mars created the GREAT SCAR that we see from the picture of Mars today.  The crater brought about by the impact of the collision created a huge canyon that is about 10 to 20 times bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in North America.  

Literally, all the civilizations and the living things were all wiped out from the surface of Mars.  This is the reason why all kinds of debris can be seen scattered on the surface of Mars today. 

And so, they transferred the experiment to Earth.  This time it is going to be more special as most civilizations in all the Universe will send in their own representative of their own living things to the surface of the Earth.  From plants, trees, birds, fish and etc. and even their own people will be sent here on the surface of the Earth to once again try to conduct the one of a kind Galactic Experiment.  


The Lemurian people were one of the early pioneers in settling to the surface of the Earth.  But prior to the migration of the Lemurians the interior of the Earth were already occupied by race of people known as the "Aryans".  They lived mostly in the "Inner Earth" meaning at the inner shell of the Earth as well as some of them lived at the hollowed interior of the Earth.  As a side note:  do you recall the part in the book of Genesis where it was questionable as to the source of the wife of Cain?  Where did Cain found his wife when he was banned from staying in his own tribe and driven away from his land?  Cain got his wife possibly from the Aryanis which lived within the Inner Earth. 

By the way, just to draw certain distinctions.  Inner Earth and Hollow Earth are technically not the same.  However, both of them are inside the Earth.  Technically, the inner shell mantle of the Earth is uni-formally only 800 miles thick.  This gives a lot of space which are very stable locations for residential living as they have technologies that can carved even the hardest stones on Earth with great precision.  At the middle of the 800 mile thickness is where we can find the storage or repository of the lava/magma formations that we see comes out of erupting volcanoes.  This hot materials are formed at the middle of the Inner Earth due to the magnetic thermal friction from outer and inner magnetic field of the Earth.  As the Earths rotates from its orbit and this was part of the design of the Creator to create a uniform "Gravity" that pulls object to its surface both at the surface of the Earth at the same time at the surface of the Hollow Earth interior.  Inner Earth therefore exist within the 800 miles mark but after this is a hollow interior called Hollow Earth.

And so, keep this in mind: Hollow Earth and Inner Earth are two different domains.  But both of these domains are already occupied by a combined 6th dimensional beings:  they are the Agarthans, Lemurians and the Aryans.  The Aryans are the first and original settlers to the Earth.

The Lemurians arrived on the surface of the Earth long before the specified events that was mentioned in the Old Testament bible.  When they arrived on Earth the surface of the Earth was EMPTY.  At the time the surface of the Earth was not yet covered by vast oceans; instead it was populated by a massive varieties of living things both by animals, crustaceans and plants/trees that were deposited by various civilizations in all the universe. The Lemurians occupied a very large areas on Earths surface.  Their territory extends from Half of North America and all the way down to the Easter Island and then below the New Zealand Islands and goes all the way to the Hindustan region (Pakistan/India) and into the present borders of Ukraine.  The Lemurians are from Nibiru also known as Planet X which has an eliptical orbit that at some point in time crosses to reach our solar system.  The Lemurians are also from planet Lemur and from Sirius. 

If you recall there was a prophecy given by the native American Indians about the coming "Blue and Red Kachina"?  That cosmic heavenly body they are referring to has already arrive and its already parked inside our solar system right infront of the Sun.  From time to time it moves and change its location which is why we see TWO SUNS in the sky its because the other reddish planet is the one prophesied by the Indians and the Mayans that will arrive in our world. 

Prior to the year 2012, it was spotted by an amateur Russian astronomer named Elenin.  When he first saw this he thought it was just a comet, but after studying its movement and trajectory he realized that not only that its intelligently controlled but also the size of this object is bigger than the Earth.  Which prompted a barrage of doomsday sayers a few years ago particularly before and after the year 2012.  This massive object is confirmed to be twice the size of the Earth and is a moving/mobile mothership.  When it entered the solar system it contacted NASA but NASA as usual, refuses to respond.  It even stopped right beside planet Jupiter for exactly 24 hours and once again contacted NASA and would not respond. 

The director of NASA at the time issued warning to its employees to stay indoors but of course the US Corporate government does not want him to admit to the people of the world what is it that they are being contacted from and that their instruments indicate a very large object indeed has entered the solar system and its NOT a comet or asteroid.  This Kachina as native Americans calls them is dubbed as Elenin named after the Russian who discovered it.  The mass media went into frenzy saying that its just a regular comet that is passing through and eventually will leave the solar system.  But the truth is:  this Mothership is from "SIRIUS" and when it reached near the Sun, it parked right infront of the Sun and it NEVER left that location eversince.

So, why are the people of Sirius are here? They are here because not just they are historically connected to the past but also they want to make sure that the transition of Earth are done right and peacefully.  As I mentioned the Lemurians are also originally from Sirius.  And that is why they have sent their biggest mothership on Earth as they are the ones who have the most number of delegates and or representatives which they sent to Earth long time ago.  Their people incarnated on Earth as humans.

The remaining regions that are not part of Lemuria were then occupied by combined people from Pleaides, Arcturians, Andromedans and etc.  Inside the Earth, however the Aryans were able to start some construction of the inner tube or tunnel creating a special underground passageway for the installation of levitating cars or shuttles. The underground shuttles does not have any wheels as its propelled by compressed air suction and magnetic field.  This runs faster than the speed of sound and was used as one of primary mode of transport that interconnects the world of Inner Earth.  This underground network of highspeed tunnels extends all the way throughout the Earth.  

The economic system of the Earth was done via barter trade system.  All these existing civilizations both from the surface of the Earth and into Hollow and Inner Earth for thousands and thousands of years were using this system to trade and exchange goods and services without the use of money.  There were no taxes.  And food and all kinds of necessities are given to everyone for free. And there were no WARS that ever happen between any of them as they observe the principles of ONENESS taught by the Prime CREATOR and the Mother/Father God (The Creator of the Milky Way Galaxy). 

The Earth enjoys lasting peace and joy as a result.  And no one was poor nor sick among them as they have a system of government and society based on ONENESS.  This is not the corrupt version of communism that we were indoctrinated by the worlds media and schools.  This ONENESS ensures that every single being be it human, animals, plants and etc. are considered in highest regard as EQUAL and with utmost respect.  And therefore, society operates as ONE BIG FAMILY who recognize the love from the ONE and ONLY Original Mother/Father God as parents of ALL beings.  And because its a FAMILY orientated system of society then the governmental system is based on love and care for one another.  The government are formed and assigned alternately to every citizens of the society and or local community.  The government acts like a COUNCIL that see to it that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is taken care of and that no one is left behind and ignored.  With this kind of system of loving and caring for one another there was no poor, homeless or sick among them.  As the government (council) and everyone's goal is to care for each other. 

This is very different from a society that is based on monetary system; as this system can be used for the secretive gains of those in power and therefore encourages greed, evil and selfishness to prevail.

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