Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Earth Before Genesis - Part Three

The people of Atlantis were able to defeat the Pleaidians, Arcturians, Andromedans and all the other peoples who migrated to Earth to start their own civilizations.  They were not completely prepared to fight the conquerors because they are not a violent type of people, they are peace loving people.

After that, the conquerors turn their attention into the vast territory of the Lemurians.  They noticed that the Lemurians were also connected with the Inner Earth people particularly the Aryans and Agarthans.  And so they devised a plan to destroy the Ice Canopy that covers the entire Earth.  They used advance laser technology to destroy and melt the ice canopy of the Earth.  And this plan that they have resulted in a catastrophic tragedy that flooded the whole world.  

All of a sudden, much of the territory of Lemuria became submerged underwater.  And because of this global deluge it created what seemed to be a permanent bodies of water, we call today as oceans.  The land and continents that comprise the worlds geography today are the resulting land mass that are of higher elevations.  Those lands and territories that have lower elevations were submerged underwater by the global flood that became the worlds ocean.  This is the reason why some underwater parts of the worlds oceans - we can see evidences of civilizations that exist prior to the biblical period approximately 9 to 14 thousand years ago. 

After the bombing of the Lemurian civilization, the Earth was then filled with all kinds of Desert Sands circulating - blown by the wind globally.  The atmosphere of the Earth became very dark that survivors could barely see anything in the sky and everything around them.  

According to the people of Inner Earth the sky of the whole world became so dark that the machines situated on the Giza Plateau was not able to function as it rely on the light of the sun for its mechanisms to work. 

Can you imagine removing all the deserts of the world and have them swirl and rotate in the air like a global sandstorm?  That is what happened as an after effect of the Global Thermo Nuclear War. The sun could not be seen for almost a year due to the swirling dense storm of dust particles blown away by the force of explosion and carried away by the wind that when it finally settled revealed that the once sprawling cities and civilizations nestled on rocky mountains are gone and became powdery desert sand.  

Right after this, the conquerors began a campaign to shoot down all the Ice Canopy that encircles the whole world. The Lemurians were not easily defeated by the conquerors its because they have connections with the Inner Earth people.  The Lemurians have various entrances to the underground world of Inner Earth.  And that became as a refuge for them.  And so, the conquerors went ahead with their plan to flood the world of the Lemurians with the use of the Ice Canopy that surrounds the Earth.  

Although, the Ice Canopy was built to withstand small to medium size meteors; it finally caved in to the lasers that was used by the Atlantians.  The Ice Canopy started to crack and then eventually fell on Earth piece by piece.  The ice melted and became flood, a flood that we now call as oceans of the world.  Many people including the living things that were on the lower areas of the Earth (lower elevations) died due to the great flood that engulfed the whole world.  This is such a grand scale that caught by surprise those who were not prepared.  But the Spiritual Hierarchy warned most of them of the plans of the conquerors.  Some were rescued and some were taken to safety either to Inner Earth via tunnels or by the aeroships, light ships of the Galactic Federation. 

Now, we go to the book of Genesis.  After the explosions and the world was flooded by a flood that became oceans, we read in Genesis that the Earth was "Tohu and Bohu"  the hebrew words for the Earth became void, unformed, emptiness and darkness pervades the land.  The flood waters were above the Earth.  The once stable Ice Canopy that serves to shield the world were turned into oceans that permanently flooded the Earth.

After some time, the flood waters settled in the land.  It formed the division of the continents.  What we now see in the world map are the lands that are simply higher in elevation and the lower regions are then covered permanently by massive flooding.

The Lemurians are still alive, this according to the intelligence of the conquerors.  And that they were hiding within the region of the Inner Earth.  And so, the Atlantians created their own underground tunnels to match the extensive tunnels of the Inner Earth peoples.  But on the second year after the flood, the ground underneath the continent of Atlantis started to crack and a series of mild earthquakes began to be felt.  

Eventually, the ground opened up and the once mighty land of Atlantis was swallowed by the Earth.  The continent of Atlantis vanish from the surface of the Earth.  Since then, it was compressed by the mantle or shell of the Earth never to be seen until now.  

Not all of the Atlantians are bad people some of them are good people.  These good people knew that their continent is going to sink.  And they prepared to save some of their people and their own equipments, arts & culture, technology and etc.  They used some of the main tunnels that they built to make the escape from the impending sinking of their continent.  They moved whatever they could and transfer to the southern hemisphere.  

And so some of these Atlantians survived not just the global flood but also the sinking of their continent.  These survivors who listened from the warnings of the Spiritual Hierarchy are still alive in our present day as they transferred to....

To be continued.......

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