Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Earth Before Genesis - Part Two

And then the people from the star of Atlantia arrived on Earth.  They settled in an area which we now called as Atlantic Ocean which of course at the time was not yet an ocean but rather a massive lush fertile garden that were populated by various civilizations from the universe.  They call themselves as Atlantians.  The people of Atlantis at first they were friendly but soon enough their true intention came out as they wanted to conquer the whole Earth and wanted it for themselves.  They then invited some other notorious beings from Orion to join them in their quest to conquer the Earth.  But the Atlantians are very advanced technologically.  They were able to use a massive teleportation device that can move in an instant people and large equipment quickly without having to traverse and or travel the space in the Galaxy.  One of this portal was situated in the middle East and that is why the arrival of the Annunakis and the Reptilians were relatively near this portal.  The Atlantians also invited the notoriously evil group called the Annunakis.  Their race are combined humanoid and partly bird that has wings/feathers.  They settled in ancient Sumer a region in southern Iraq.  

Europe (both eastern and western part), western Russia, African continent and the Arabian peninsula and its nearby regions were occupied by the people from the Pleiades, Arcturus and etc. But when the Atlantians as well as the Annunakis and Reptilians arrived they initiated war to conquer the Earth.  They unleashed weapons that wiped out the civilizations that were already on the surface of the Earth.   

All the deserts of the world whether small or large were the direct result of the global thermo nuclear war.  The Lemurians acted only in self defense to prevent further damage and destruction to the onslaught of attack from the combined forces of Atlantis and their allies in the east (Annunakis and Reptilians).  These conquerors wiped out the existing civilizations that were already thriving allover the surface of the Earth.  The Lemurians fought back in an aerial battle that were recorded by the hindus in their sanskrit. 

The Thermo nuclear weapons of the conquerors is more powerful than the hydrogen bombs that we have today.  It uses a different kind of technique of utilizing the light and heat of the sun and multiplies it in several million times to create on an even larger scale of region an explosion that can literally erase everything.  Their weapons are a combination of a bomb and wide area diffusion in which they install their devices at certain locations and simultaneously altogether generates and effect that all particles and atoms within that specified affected region will be disperse (splitting of atoms and hydrogen) this creates an effect where the mountains were reduced into a powdery material like a very fine granules into what we call today as "DESERT SANDS".  All the deserts in the world are the direct result of this catastrophic unleashing of these weapons in order to wipe out the existing civilizations and societies that were already settled on the surface of the Earth.

And this brings us to the subject of the violent and evil "Philosophy" of the conquerors.  The conquerors apparently do not live by the principles of the great Creator God and of Mother/Father God.  They do not like the idea of love and oneness that should be the guiding principles to govern peoples lives.  They prefer to live their lives opposite the way of love which is selfishness, greed and all kinds of evil that are exact opposite of love.

The Thermo Nuclear War evidently demonstrate that the conquerors do not care about anyone but themselves.  They are willing to kill and destroy to achieve their own ideals or ideology.  

The image above is a grim reminder of the horror of thermo nuclear attack.  According to the hindus in India; they used to have a southern kingdom a land that exist south west of India that sits in an area we now call as Indian ocean.  This kingdom was attacked by the conquerors and it sank or was leveled due to the weapons that was used by the conquerors.  This southern region of India have what we call today as spaceships and or UFOs.  The epicenter of the explosion could have been at the southern kingdom or southwestern part of India and it partially reached the Mohenjo Daro region as literally the radiation reached that locations.  In which even up to this present day anyone who have an equipment can still detect the radiation from this site. 

Desert sands therefore are direct result of thermo nuclear weapons of the conquerors.  Deserts sands are NOT naturally occurring sedimentation created by erosion as this explanation is no longer scientific because now we know that sands are created by an advanced technology that was unfortunately not used for industrial and good purposes but rather as weapons to wipe out the Lemurians and all the members of the Galactic Federation of Light on the surface of the Earth.

The Pyramids were made around 100 thousand years ago.  They were installed in order for the civilizations on the surface of the Earth to have a source of energy or electricity.  The electricity from the Pyramids were dynamically distributed wirelessly to all society on Earth.  The Pyramids generates an electro magnetic field.  But at the time of the conquerors they destroyed these sources of energy.
At the same time, the Galactic Federation removed the contents of the pyramid in order to prevent the use of these technologies by the conquerors.  

The thriving civilizations and cities on the surface of the world were reduced into a desert barren land. 

To be continued.....

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