Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The First Galactic Landing

The Galactic Federation of Light wanted to initially land "Officially" on the continent of Africa but now there was a change of plan; as they wanted now to land first in Southern Arizona in the United States.  

I think it was a good idea that they will land first in the US rather than in Africa.  But of course, there's more people who needed help medically in Africa than in the United States.  However, choosing Arizona over Africa as the site of the first official Medical Mission does not mean they favor the States better than the African people.  It's more likely that there will be more exposure and coverage of their planned medical mission, which will further help in spreading the disclosure of Galactic presence in the world.  Landing in Arizona will be the first step, afterwards it will be followed by a series of landings by all the members of the Galactic Federation of Light around the world.   

As a side note, it was the Galactic Federation of Light who taught and guided the Mayans to construct the Mayan Calendar as well as the pyramids.  And that is the reason why the reckoning of the movements of the heavenly bodies in relation to the position, location of our planet and the solar system and the local time on Earth is highly accurate.

The entire MEDICAL MISSION will be initially conducted by the one of the founding member of the Federation of Light which is:  "The Arcturians".  The Arcturians are of course from the star of Arcturus.  This star system is one of the most sophisticated and advanced technologically in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The impact of this medical mission will be phenomenal.  The civilian population alone of Arizona can spread the news of what the Galactics will be doing in their region.  

But why did they chose Arizona? The southern part of Arizona have a number of junk yard or aircraft grave yard for all kinds of military as well as civilian aircrafts.  It's actually like a large open air museum that all of the aircrafts that are no longer usable are stored and displayed.  

By choosing this kind of venue then it can be a good strategic location for a wide area coverage that can be seen to all television networks who have helicopters to cover the news as it happen.   It is also ideal to allow the large civilian population to meet the Arcturians themselves.  It allows the people a direct contact, shake their hands and maybe some photograph taking moment also known as "selfie" with the Arcturians.  This means the local people including those from other states as well as from other countries can drop by and see the Arcturians in person. 

By choosing this location in Arizona with a background of all these obsolete aircrafts that are not functioning; it will be a great DISPLAY of the advance technology of the Arcturians.  See for yourself their technologies which uses no fuel or gasoline of any type whatsoever. And you may even investigate to see for yourself for a closer look what kind of materials they use for their spacecrafts; is it metal, composite or something completely different?

Either they will match the amount of the not functioning human aircraft on the junk yard grounds or they will land with just significant amount of spacecrafts and Arcturian crews just enough to accommodate as many people as they could possibly handle with this planned "Medical Mission" by the Arcturians.

Well, as I said this will be the the first step.  After this will be a series of landings by all the other members of the Galactic Federation of Light allover the world as this will be global.  It is possible that both president Obama and General Dunford (Interim President of the New Republic) would welcome the arrival of the goodwill mission of the Arcturians and they will be announcing their arrival as well as their presence on Earth.

Actually, the Galactic Federation of Light have landed on Earth already long time ago.  But in the modern day they have to cloaked their presence so as not to disturb the public.  And since the awareness of people around the world towards the reality of the Galactics are growing then it is about time that they remove the cloaking that hides them in space as well as on Earth.

And so, the people of Arizona particularly those who are sick and or disabled and are burdened by enormous problems of medical bills; they have something to look forward to as the benevolent people of Arcturus is about to land and will begin to DECLOAK their large contingent of spacecrafts in the orbit of the Earth and will allow themselves to be seen by the world at large.  

Yes bring in your camera phone and all kinds of good HD cameras and take pictures/videos and post them on the internet for the whole world to see! Meet and greet this benevolent people from the star system of Arcturus.  They will be here on Earth because they care.  They know that the whole world had been harassed and enslaved by a ruthless secret rulers of the world (and you now know who they are).  

Don't be afraid, the Arcturians are very, very advance technologically they can make all kinds of human weapons to not function within several miles radius from where they landed. They can make our human weapons inert (inactive) and will never function.  Either a pistol or automatic weapons even when fired from a short distance will not release its bullets and that it will all just fall to the ground.  Their technology can detect the rapid motion of those bullets and instantly with just a tiny fraction of a second the inertia (forward motion) of those bullets will be canceled, making those weapons useless.

Bring everyone whom you know are suffering from various kinds of sickness and diseases.  The truth is the Arcturians have been studying the diseases of humanity for a long, long time time.  And they have the answers, solutions and the cure to all these maladies.  This Medical Mission is free for everyone who needed help. All kinds of sicknesses can be cured and healed within a minimum of seconds and a maximum time of a few minutes; and this is not an exaggeration.  There's not even a need for surgery at all.  Majority of the diseases in the world are INTENTIONALLY designed in a secret laboratory by the the secret rulers of this world.  

"It is time to question: why are we still using fossil fuel when that is already obsolete since ancient times?"



  1. Sounds great but the question is still "When?".

  2. They prefer not to mention any particular dates; but some approximation and some clues was hinted because next month June 2016 will be the end of the grace period that was given to the secret rulers of this world. And so after the month of June the Galactics will have to move in and set things straight. It will happen this year, that I think is for sure.

  3. will their medical technology and cures be available to Canadians within a short period of time? I have neuropothy and cellulitis in my legs.... which is restricting me from walking any distance....and I dearly would like to be able to walk normally!

  4. When the disclosure announcement is given by the governments of the world, then the Mass Landing will commence. The truth is all of us here on the surface of the Earth are NOT native to this planet; we all came from allover the galaxy and other parts of the universe. We were all deposited through incarnation whereby our spirit was transferred to a baby that will be born into this world. And so the Galactics are eager to come down and help us with all kinds of problems that we have on Earth that includes the sicknesses and diseases.

    And so eventually, they will reach Canada and the rest of the world because galactics are not strangers- they are families of everyone on Earth.

    For the meantime try "SOUL". This thing heals everything except death, though I haven't tried it myself but a lot of people already testified that they were healed from all kinds of sicknesses using this product. Soul also known as the black Seed was used as a remedy/cure by the people of ancient Egypt. The scientific name of soul is Nigella Sativa.

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