Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Xia Dynasty - 3000 BC

"Did you know that the original members of Xia Dynasty of China are still alive today in our present Day?"

3000 years prior to the birth of Yeshua also known as Jesus the conquerors of the world were busy saturating the Earth for the ultimate control of the world.  In order to conquer the Earth they must spread everywhere, far and wide. They made sure that everyone on Earth eat animals and be under subjugation or servitude to their assigned master or local leader. While the Annunakis were busy doing projects in the southern part of the world creating empires such as Babylon and Persia, the Reptilian contingent in the north are busy infiltrating the Eurasian region from Russia and all the way to the ends of Europe.  They infiltrated the world by stealthy technique which were unable to be noticed and undetected by the native peoples.  They did this through the secret way of "Incarnation" wherein they blend with people by having physical human bodies.

But in China, the Galactic Federation of Light decided to do something as they know that there will be a complete infiltration of the world and its just a matter of time before that took place and so, they know they needed to create a "BUFFER ZONE".  An area on Earth were the leaders will not in any way shape and form able to be infiltrated.  And that no matter what kind of various deceptive tricks and drama that the conquerors (both Reptilians and Annunakis)  make they will not be allowed to permeate that society.  And thus, in China approximately 3000+ BC the Galactics formed with their supervision the very first dynasty of the East.  This was created in order to counter the global infiltration of the reptilians and sumerians.  

The so called Buffer Zone wherein the conquerors will not be allowed to enter were also made in the Eurasian region and that is "Russia".  As a side note, this is the main reason why no matter what the Illuminatis and Zionist did they just could not penetrate these territories because the Galactic Federation of Light which are just around the orbit of the Earth cloaked with invisibility technology as well as residing in a higher dimension are observing them 24 hours a day, tracking all their movements.  All the civil wars that happened both in China and the Russian regions are the end result of the secret campaigns of these conquerors to penetrate by infiltration for the eventual takeover of the whole world.

But of course the GFL will never allow that to happen inside the buffer zone.  If you recall, their campaigns to oust and completely replace the leadership from top to bottom within the Chinese government ended up their minions being pushed outside of China and settled in Taiwan (Formosa).  And the same thing with Russia, although vast numbers of people died both in wars, violence, but their campaigns to take over Russia and its neighbors could not materialize.  These are all made possible by the invisible force of the Galactic Federation of Light.  As a rule of thumb there must be certain regions of the world where the conquerors could not penetrate.  And these are Russia and China.  

Now the effort to create the so called buffer zone was first introduced by the Galactics in the Xian region of China and Xia family became the first ever dynasty of China.  The goal was that these family will become impenetrable dynasty that will last at least the End of Time (or end of the Age).  The conquerors can apply a technique of wearing the human vessel to make them look like they are just natives but are actually they are something else.  Their main goal is to infiltrate the society of the world, make them follow by deception their own customs and beliefs (such as killing/eating animals) and promote the use of monetary system as a standard in which they demolish the barter trade system - the ancient way used by the peoples of the Earth.

The Xia Dynasty was ushered into leadership on the peoples of China.  But they will have to looked like they are just normal human being that aged and suffer mortality that at some point just like every human being at 100 years or so will die and be replaced with another member of the clan/dynasty.  But some of them have bodies that could not be killed and does not grow old. But unknown to the world , the dynasty is divinely guided by the Galactic Federation of Light.  They have to do this project so that to establish order and ensure that the future will not be chaotic and out of control, especially during the end of time (or age) in which we are in right now.  An age by the way is approximately 26,000 years signifying a complete rotation by our solar system as it travels around the Milky Way Galaxy.  In other words, a one complete trip around the Milky Way Galaxy is called an age even though the solar system much of the time during the previous age (Age of Pisces) was at the very EDGE of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Once it reached the starting point from where it began to travel around the Galactic orbit is considered an AGE or galactic age.  And so, on December 21, 2012 was the time when the solar system along with Earth finally reached the point from where it started on its orbital journey around the galaxy.  As the age of Pisces ended last 2012, a new age has began, which is the age of Aquarius.  

Now, the year 3000 BC was still a long way towards the end of the galactic age which is the year 2012 AD.  And so, the buffer zone where the conquerors will not be able to penetrate should be made otherwise the whole Earth will be in a complete shambles and disarray because of the influence of the conquerors.  The first dynasty of China are to be manned by beings that are "IMMORTAL".  Some of their bodies are technologically preserved even today.  But some of them referring to the dynasty have replaced their bodies with something else.  But overall the entire dynasty (circular) alternately reigned within China were managed by the same people who were part of this first dynasty of China as outlined by the GFL.  

And so today, it is possible that the Chinese leader Xi is also part of the original dynastic family that was founded long time ago.  As I said they are indeed immortal beings.  Some people went as far as concluding that Vladimir Putin is also an immortal, but we still have to verify this from the Galactic Federation if this is really true or not.  

But the Chinese dynasty is confirmed to be guided by the Galactics and that they are 100% immortal beings.  Now, here's the thing.  The Chinese Elders that are very popular nowadays also known as The Dragon Family with various symbolic color attributes are also part of the same dynasty.  The Galactics have the technology to literally refurbished the physical bodies of these people in order to accomplish what they were assigned to do and lived having the same body for thousands and thousands of years.

Take for example, no matter how enormous the budget the west put into the development of any kind of weapon and yet the East both China and Russia always have an equivalent technology that matches the capability of whatever they are developing.  And the irony is, the west took a painstaking effort of both time, and money and resources while lo and behold the East were able to come up with the same technology but are produced much cheaper, faster and yet sometimes more sophisticated and more advanced than that of the West.  Don't you find that strange?  These are so, because the GFL is overseeing the entire scope of what is happening on Earth and assisting the right people.   

While the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) and the Company of Heaven (also known as the Ascended Masters) blessed Russia with the technology along with impenetrable fortress.  On the other side of the coin, the GFL blessed China and their neighbors rich with Gold.  There is an enormous amount of Gold in the Far East enough to feed the whole world for the next 2000 years or so.  And with that, the Chinese Dynasty the same dynasty (same group of beings) that was formed a long, long time ago by the the GFL are the ones who are now in control of the worlds monetary system.  Both Quan Yin and St. Germain (both Ascended Masters) knew beforehand that the reptilian and Annunaki conquerors along with their human minions will one day enslave the entire world with debt as they are the ones who founded all the banks in the world.  And so, they acted upon it and did something in order to prevent them from subjugating the whole world completely.  In other words, they have to make sure that these banksters will be borrowing money from them (from The Dynasty also known as the Royals) in order to make them unable to create a complete control of the world.  

And that is where we are right now.  The minions of the conquerors who owned various big banks are indebted to the Ancient Royals.  They are so tired of dealing with these royals because they have resorted to all kinds of ideas known to men to stop and obliterate and remove them from this world.  But no matter what they do, the Ancient Royals are always alive and indestructible!  Yes, the Ancient Royals, that same dynasty who were formed in 3000 BC are the real "Untouchables" in the sense that they are immortal and cannot be destroyed. 

While the original Reptilians who in the earlier days (10 to 12 thousand years ago) occupied the Khazar regions from Turkey and all the way to Armenia but the Annunakis concentrated initially in the regions of Sumer in Ancient Iraq and later formed "Babylon" and various empires after that.  These two, as time progressed spread around the world and installed controllable minions that will become governments of the world by replacing existing rulers.  These two are allies in their quest to conquer the Earth.  They were invited by the people of Atlantis to come to Earth.  These are the reasons why there seems to be a fog of clarity that pervades the true history of the Earth.  Because if you are the conquerors of the Earth you will make sure that you will erase the local history of the people of the Earth so that they will never find out what hit them in the past.

What we read in the book of Genesis is not the official start of the history of the Earth but rather it was the start of the rule and reign of the conquerors on Earth.  

But now that we reach the end of the age and entered the New Age of Aquarius and so the clean up effort to cleanse the Earth from the miry dirt created by the conquerors is in full swing.  Eventually, the conquerors will lose their control and their grip from this world.  As of the year 2013, the original members contingents of the Reptilians from Orion who arrived on Earth were taken and removed from Earth by the GFL and the Company of Heaven.  Their soul/spirits were transferred to another world.  What we have right now are just the remaining evil Human Minions of the Reptilians.  And the same thing with the Annunakis who incarnated as humans.  Some of them are already taken to the second Earth located at the back side of the Sun.  We don't see this planet because it rotates simultaneously with the Earth.  But NASA has seen this and confirmed its existence.  They were taken to that planet known as second Earth.  And if the human minions of the conquerors will not change their minds and yield to surrender; a decision will have to be made sometime in the middle of June 2016.  And so, the evil secret controllers of this world only have a few weeks left to give up their stance and yield to the light and to the love of God.  Otherwise, they will be taken to the place where their subordinates and evil leaders are already presently located.

As for the future for the rest of mankind.  All will be blessed with an enormous flood of abundance.  If in the ancient times our ancestors suffered various natural calamities including flood of such biblical proportions; this time however, we will be flooded by blessings from the Company of Heaven and by the GFL; as they literally ordained the Ancient Royals to begin the blessings for the people of the Earth, as we the people of the Earth have suffered in the hands of the greedy and selfish conquerors for a very long time.  All, absolutely everyone on Earth will be richly blessed as mandated by Heaven and the Prime Creator as well as Mother/Father God.  As I said there's enough gold in secret chambers that is enough to feed the entire world to enter into early global retirement beginning sometime in the near future to last for thousands and thousands of years. 

These Ancient Royals are the ones assisting the positive military of the US headed by the interim President General Dunford.  It was them who are giving salaries to the Pentagon (before during their revolt against the private Corporate USA)  and became instrumental in the formation of the New Republic of the US.  They are also the source of the early finances of the New Republic of the US as it starts to operate including to print and issue its own currency also known as USN. All of this will never be possible if the assistance from the Ancient Elders did not reached the west.  They were the ones who saved the impending implosion of the US Dollar.  The impending doom as expected and prophesied by the financial experts will never happen, its all because of the Ancient Chinese Elders INTERVENTION to stop the control of the worlds evil manipulators.  In the near future, The Interim President General Dunford will reveal the assistance that these elders gave to save the world from ultimate financial collapse.

Remember, these are the beings who are not like the conquerors who ALWAYS wanted to lie and deceive people.  These beings are ETERNALLY in the realms of Love and Light, committed to serve and not be serve as they truly loved everyone with no exceptions, treating everybody as equal to themselves.  For we are all part of the great creator God of love. 

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