Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ashtar Q & A

"(In the Golden Age), what will happen to the institutions? I assume that hierarchies will longer exist, that we all be equal - then there will be more 'Boards of Ways,' such as your Galactic Federation? So rather control from the mind and heart?" D.B.C Belgium

Ashtar: "The process of transitioning the World's many institutions into the Golden Age will be complex, and will take some time, as you measure it. NESARA's Announcement will be the beginning of, not only Humanity's Freedom to control its own Lifestyle, but also of its total participation. In other words, it will be for every member of Humanity to have a say in every aspect of how the World will proceed!

"There are, of course, some very fundamental changes mandated by the NESARA Law, such as the elimination of the corporations. This in itself returns the Lifestyle decisions to each and every person. The very laws, and all institutions, must be in conformance with the principles of NESARA, which are Divine and ordained by Humanity. Thus it is that all decisions must be made from the Heart, which is in full connection and harmony with the mind!

"There will be councils in every community, which shall represent everyone there, and which shall participate in regional, national and Worldwide meetings - and beyond. Members of the community will take turns serving locally, or on any of these councils. While each person may have different functions to fulfill, everyone shall be equally valued and respected! In this sense, hierarchies will cease to exist as they have been, because no one being or group shall be empowered to control another!"

"Re the Prime Directive: Can you please act swiftly on behalf of humanity and Mother Earth to stop the psychological holocaust that is indeed taking place every second, minute, hour that NESARA PEACE is withheld from the people and the planet?"A.B., Florida, USA

Ashtar: "Be assured, Beloved, that we are moving as swiftly as Humanity is allowing, and that the speed is ever increasing! Indeed the tide is turning, and there will be NO retreat into the lower depths of the third dimension. And, we shall add to this our observation that more and more of Humanity is healing psychologically in each moment, so much so that we cannot say that a complete holocaust in this area is occurring.

"That does not change the fact that the lies and propaganda are not yet finished being propagated among people, but that peaceful state is very close to being the reality for all! Meanwhile, the tremendous LoveLight energies being broadcast to all the World are serving to uplift millions, even those who are not yet awake! And while we do understand your concern, the events in this moment - and those to come - are flowing in such a sequential manner that Peace is assured.

"We ask that you and all Lightworkers join with us in bringing NESARA into Announcement, for that will completely end all that is not of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Peace On Earth!"


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