Monday, June 13, 2016


"To be, or not to be in the Euro, that is the question that is shaking the sphere of conversation these days." 

By now people have already adequately weighed the facts of whether or not Britain should stay or leave the European Union.  Some of the greatest benefits that Britain will lose if they opted to leave the union are:  
1. Access to European Single Market ‐  If Britain leaves the EU their access to European market will revert back to the days when they were still not connected with the EU.  Meaning, they will have to either import and export goods to the EU with various taxes imposed.  Britain will lose the preferential treatment given to products and services produced by EU member nations.   
2. Access to Easy Travel within the EU zone ‐Because of British membership with the EU travel restrictions and requirements are withheld.  

British people enjoys travel within the EU as there is no need for visa.

But why is it so many people in Britain wanted to leave the Euro Zone?  The reasons are varied but one of the most complained about is that they did not like that people from allover Europe particularly from eastern Europe gaining access to their neighborhoods and stealing local jobs.  

And the other thing they complained about is the rise of migration of people from Islamic faith which is destroying the culture and image of Britain as there is now so many muslim people living in England.  

A referendum is about to take place on June 23, 2016 and the British people will have to decide whether they should or not continue in staying with the European Union.  

Britain is lucky amongst all the European member countries as their currency was not abolished or stopped even when they joined and merged with the EU.  But why did they do that?  Other nations have their own kings and queens and yet they were willing to use the single currency of the EU.  And yet Britain was allowed miraculously to join the EU without a scratch and without requiring them to use and adopt the Euro.  Was it just a matter of they not wanting to lose the Pounds (Sterling) from circulation and not adapt the Euro currency?  Or did Britain knew something else? 

What do I mean by something else?  Not using the Euro currency meant one way or another that they have some doubts about the EU and the use of its currency.   They are probably aware that the European Union from its foundation is a Privately Owned Corporation.  Just like the Central Bank of England is privately owned.  The Europeans are now questioning why is it that the Euro is handled and or managed by a private company particularly the production of the money supply as well as the leadership is not voted upon but are assigned by some UNKNOWN hidden force or the private owners of the Euro Zone?

Greece joined the EU in the hopes that their economy will be better.   But as it turns out their economy got worse since joining the EU.  And these are all being felt by most of the member nations of the EU.  And they found out that the reason for all these was because the EU was privately managed by a corporation and or a company from the very beginning of its inception and foundation.  This means the production and printing of their EU currency is FIAT based.  And since its held privately then its based on debt. The member nations such as Italy, Germany, France and Spain are all thinking of splitting the EU for a temporary split to restore their nations currency for a REVALUATION.  And that with the revaluation of each nations currency based on their nations assets and industrial productions or GDP they then can make an accurate calculations of the value of their countries currency.  This means they will leave the Euro Zone to individually reorganize their own currencies to be asset backed and therefore be freed from fiat system that is not backed by anything of value which only proliferate the debt based economic system and the rise of inflation.   

All these problems can be remedied by simply returning to their own currencies and make sure that it is not controlled by private companies and therefore it should be locally managed by the genuine government and not some private company pretending to be part of a government.

When Britain leaves the EU;  it will encourage other EU members to do the same.  And they will use that chance to reorganize their own local currencies.   And when they have done that then they could reorganize the EU allover again and will make sure that it is no longer privately managed by some secret owners.  And the private central bank will become managed by a real genuine by the people of Europe (not private corporation) and the government of the EU which can be elected by the people of the Euro Zone countries.  

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