Sunday, June 12, 2016

Compiled Intel - June 11, 2016

This past week saw several historic geopolitical movements, all were signs of progress towards implementation of permanent global financial reforms and ultimately the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change--which includes terms for all gold backed currency revaluation for 195 sovereign nations? China and the defaulted USA, Inc. agreed in principle to several key aspects of final transition protocols forthcoming this week beginning Wednesday June 15, 2016.

China and the new Republic of the United States agreed to new currency and bond terms, which then allowed both nations to ratify into force the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (RV). This means all 195 sovereign nations of the world have now ratify into force the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the global financial reform can now be implemented.

New Republic Interim President General Joseph Dunford negotiated a separate set of books for the new Republic vs old USA, Inc, which does not penalize Republic's new economy for past debts, which in-turn increases both the Republic's long-term currency value as well as its sovereign bond rating.

Interim President Dunford is now flying on Air Force 1 with full-time Presidential detail. Potential Future President Paul Ryan, along with the underground new Republic Congress, is busy resetting all Federal Law back into constitutional alignment, which means the repeal of such bills as Obamacare, Glass-Stegall, Dodd-Frank, etc.. Major Republic legislative changes are on-going and happening by the hour without a whisper of mention in the mass media. Similar invisible legislative revolutions are occurring simultaneously for several other sovereign governments formerly controlled by cabal political actors and lobbying operatives.

Internal Brazilian government issues (as well as Olympic funding) were settled this week, allowing their currency to be reset and participate in good standing with other sovereign nations in the upcoming global currency revaluation (BRLRIAL- TBD). Additional nations such as Iraq DINAR (80.00), Vietnam DONG (70.00), Zimbabwe ZIM (70.00), Venezuela (VEF - TBD) and the Philippines PESO (PHP - TBD) all saw their currencies re-adjust upwards, prior to the official public implementation of the Paris Agreement. Zimbabwe President Mugabe announced that the ZIM dollar would be the reserve currency for all of Africa (with China's blessing and above ground gold collateral support).

This means that Zimbabwe currency holders also own a historic bond against the raw assets/land of the continent of Africa. As a result, Zimbabwe's currency will now be redeemed at face value, just as all other currencies in theprivate redemption period. Also, a 50 year structured payout program will now be mandatory for all Zimbabwe currency / historic bond exchanges.Friday, Landa China Global has received multiple tranches as part of ahumanitarian project package funding, the first tranche of which was 500 trillion.

Iraq President Abadi planted the Iraq flag in Mosul and reclaimed not only the city's sovereignty back from DAASH/ISIS, but also captured the oil fields for all Iraqis. Fallujah was retaken yet again by American Military forces, and is now considered 100% secure. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were given time lines and exit strategies to unwind their made-for-tv political campaigns.Neither will ever be President of the Republic.

Wells Fargo / Toronto Dominion / RBC / Soctia Bank / HSBC have successfully prepared nearly 7,000 Off-Site Banking Exchange Centers in the USA, Canada and Mexico for a private exchanges starting sometime this weekend (before markets open on Monday EST). This private exchange period includes those paying attention via the on-line currency community. There have intentionally been weeks of credible disinformation put out by benevolent sources to lower the energy of the on-line currency community and draw out any final subversive actions of the cabal meant to stop the RV before it starts.

A six-day early redemption period for private exchanges is still anticipated with fixed higher rates expected for all private redeemers. Then rates are scheduled to diminish (or float downward) after the brief private redemption period ends. Don't expect any mention of the private redemption period or fixed higher rates to ever be in the public record. Sometime this week, when you see the Paris Agreement "put into force" feel good in knowing that's the public announcement of the RV.  However, by then all of us should already be redeemed via a private exchange center appt.

Last but not least, yet certainly the most important: Eastern Europe's Dark Nobility Pindar surrendered to benevolent white hat military and political forces earlier this week. This surrender officially and legally ended any and all claim to the cabal's dominion over humanity. Meaning, after 13 millennia, humanity is finally free! Hallelujah!!! 

God is with us.


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