Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lake Okeechobee in Florida Is The Other Site For The Galactic Landing

Lake Okeechobee in Southern Florida will be the other site for the First Landing of the Galactic Healing Ships.  It was confirmed that the Arcturian Group from Arcturus will land in Southern Arizona while this one in Florida could possibly be handled by the people from the Pleiades in which their ship at the moment is parked at the bottom of the Carribean Sea near the Atlantic Ocean.  

Once the signal is given then they will emerge and will get into position to their chosen location and then will start welcoming people to be healed inside their ships.  Those that were chosen to be healed will be given invitation by a special message through their dreams. 

This means while these chosen people are sleeping at night they will receive a message and or an invitation via a "DREAM".

And when they responded affirmatively then they will be teleported in a snap going to the interiors of the ships either in Southern Arizona or the other ship in Southern Florida.  

All kinds of diseases, ailments can be healed in an instant.  Those people who lost their limbs or women who lost their breast through breast cancer can be given a new set of body parts that is identical to the body parts that they lost.  Those who have a heart disease can be given a new heart.  Blindness? All these operations requires NO surgery whatsoever.  You just position your body or parts of your body in alignment with their equipment and everyone can be healed in an instant.  Do not hesitate to give the Arcturians a hug or a kiss if you feel like saying thanks is not enough.  Dont be afraid if you feel like crying in the form of tears of joy.  Let those tears flow like rain as they will wipe it away, they know that a lot of people have been suffering for so long and had been imprisoned by pain, suffering and sadness.

Rest assured NO fees will be collected as the Galactics do not need our cash on Earth.  All these will be done for free for the sake of humanity.  So, bring your loved ones near the ship.  

In Southern Florida the Galactic Healing Ship will overshadow and will completely encompass the entire Lake Okeechobee, because that ship is bigger than the lake itself.  It will hover above the lake and the outer edge of the ship will reach the land and nearby roads and so does those who can get close to the ship via car, motorcycle, bicycle or just by simply walking towards it can reach the ship as they will literally lower the ship down just enough for people can hop on board and get to meet the Galactic people who really cared about us and will extend their assistance
through this healing mission.

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