Thursday, June 2, 2016

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Diverted to the Moon!

The Malaysian Airlines aircraft was not designed to be as a spacecraft and the passengers of that airline had no idea that their flight on that day when they left the airport will be upgraded to be going into outerspace for a little space travel; courtesy of the Galactic Federation of Planets and of Light. 

Have your telescopes ready and look at the surface of the Moon and see the glorious landing of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  The aircraft is now parked on the surface of the moon.  Or if you don't have a telescope go to the nearest store and buy one quick! Or better yet borrow one from your friends and neighbors. The Galactic Federation of Light diverted the flight of the airliner from one place into another (inside their spacecrafts) and then decided to park the aircraft to the Lunar surface.  

They would like to leave it there for the time being and allow the people of the world to look at it from the Earth and come to their senses and be awaken to the truth for a reality check.

"I wished that the Galactic Federation of Light had done this during the time of Apollo Eleven maiden trip to the moon and imagine the surprise of Neil Armstrong as he step outside of the lunar module and be greeted by a variety of Earth vessels or aircrafts parked on the lunar surface.  I'm sure Mr. Armstrong would have exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, how did these aircrafts got here?"

As of this moment the passengers of the Malaysian airlines had been in training inside one of the cloaked spacecrafts of the Galactic Federation of Light for their return to the Earth as mentors (teachers) for their respective countries.  They will inform us (the people of the world) about the secret government of the world who kept us all in the dark and not allowed us to know the truth.  Because now we know that planet Mars is actually not what they presented to us.  Yes, they were lying to the whole world for a very long time.  Remember what was said by Neil Armstrong that he was not allowed to totally speak about what he actually saw on the surface of the moon? 

All these secrecy is coming to an end.  Planet Mars is not orange color it is also blue and that NASA had been installing filters on the lenses of their cameras in order to make it seem like there's nothing to see on Mars except desolate desert areas.  There are deserts on Mars but they focused only on that part and have edited all the other regions of Mars to HIDE the TRUTH! The truth is the outer surface of Mars is like a one big nature park that contains so many plants and trees.  But the colors of the vegetations there are not the same with Earth. Mars has an atmosphere and plenty of vegetations (plants and trees) on their surface.  But much of their population are living inside their planets interior, just like there are civilizations living inside the Earth.  But the secret government of the world does not want people of the world to know that.  It is now your part to know WHY they are doing that.

It is time to wake up!