Friday, June 24, 2016

The British People Have Spoken In Favor Of Brexit

The outcome of the votes for the EU Referendum: 48% voted to Remain, while 52% of the people voted to Leave making the British Exit from the EU a resounding yes.  As the Prime Minister has said that this decision of the majority of the British people should be respected.  

Those who voted to Remain are the regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and greater London.  But the rest of the UK voted in favor of leaving the Euro Zone.  

What has led to this decision? According to the British people themselves, in all the years and decades that they were part of the EU they were unable to completely manage their own resources as the budgets are always set aside in greater amounts in favor of the EU.  And their call for assistance and increase budget has always fallen on deaf ears.  Instead, the response they get is more and more austerity, meaning more cuts on spending and budget allocation to other things, leaving them unable to sustain and improve their own localities.  And then combined with the severe flow of immigrants which were directly dictated by the EU and they have no voice in restricting the amount of people coming over to the UK.  

The increase in unemployment and even the silent rise of homelessness are not adequately given attention. And this eventually prompted the British people to decide to take matters into their own hands and leave the European Union.

This maybe a significant historical event that a major member of the EU is leaving the Union to find itself and rediscover and recapture the Democratic principles that the EU have sworn to uphold and relinquish.  

The European Union have to answer to the question of why did they drifted away from the foundational principles in which the EU has been founded from the very beginning.  What happened to their goals of freedom and democracy?  And a sense of Community helping one another?  This unfortunately has been lost and emphasis had been given to the banks and other interest.  

The British people have questioned the prevailing situations that if indeed the EU is about freedom then why is that they could not even have a say as to the amount of people that can be allowed inside Britain?  That even their own Prime Minister is helpless in exercising control over it as he is always held back to honor the decisions of the EU.

Furthermore, the issue of democracy which is suppose to be part of the foundational structure of the EU are lost as the citizens of the EU have no voice to elect the leader of the EU government including the very leadership of the ECB.  For the British it really seems that the EU fundamentally is not functioning as a genuine Democratic Institution.  

And these are some of the primary reason as to why the British people decided that it's better to leave the European Union and re-establish a sense of order and control of their own destiny.

The possible contenders for the next Prime Minister will be: Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and maybe Nigel Farage will also opt to be as one of the candidates.

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