Saturday, June 4, 2016

Zorra's Healing Call - June 1, 2016

Zorra from Hollow Earth once again extended his help in healing people who are in need of physical healing. On the 2:54 time mark as the call was about to close Zorra gave a few information with regards to:

1.) Zorras call/invitation for people who are able - to send love gifts for "Zaraya and Jane - including Anne" as well.  Zorra reiterated that this is only for those who are willing and able in the form of a gift.

2.) New Republic - that is being formed headed by General Dunford is an actual continuation of the original Republic.  The Old Republic that existed prior to the entry of the fraudulent republic is being revived for it to continue once again.  In other words the New Republic is only a terminology meant to signify that the legal and original Republic formed by their forefathers, a republic that is for the people and by the people is back once again through this New Republic movement. 

3.) Confirmation - Arrival of Healing Ships that will initially appear in Southern Arizona. Once that take place people will be invited to come to the ships and be healed.  They don't even have to travel - as the Arcturians will teleport them into the ships instantly.  But of course, people who walk in near the ships for healing are welcome to be healed.  The healing ship that is stationed at the bottom of the sea in Florida will also re-surface and will hover above the lake in Florida and will start inviting people to be healed for free. 

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