Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Some of the topics that were discussed:

1.) Billie (Zaraya) talks about his visit to Planet Mars and that Mars is not exactly the way we were told by NASA and that NASA is actually putting filters on their cameras and digitally (sanitizing) all the photographs that they took from Mars in order to make Mars look like "lifeless" and color orange/brown.  But according to Billie, Mars has a breathable atmosphere meaning there's plants/vegetation allover Mars and that there are animals and people both outside and inside of Mars.

2.) The Dragon Family, Christine/IMF/Obama/new government in negotiations in Washington, DC. 

3.) The Mainstream media about to get free reign starting with CNN.  Meaning, they will start to tell the truth.

4.) Will Earth's Power Grid be shut down for 4 months? 

5.) Earths Expansion - some surface of the Earth will have to be opened to release pressure and allow Earths expansion in terms of size.

6.) Meditation

7.) Our solar system's relocation at the CENTER of the Milky Way Galaxy evidenced by "relocation of constellations." And while the Solar system is being TOWED towards the center of the Galaxy; the entire Milky Way Galaxy is also being towed (relocated) by the order of the Prime Creator towards the CENTER of the Universe!

8.) Two "Evening Stars" can now be seen in the night sky: New Jerusalem and Prime Creator's ship 

9.) Published photo shows teleportation beam removing Challenger crew before explosion.  The seven crew of the space shuttle "Challenger" is actually SAFE as they were rescued seconds before their shuttle disintegrates and impacted the ocean surface.  They were teleported to Hollow Earth and they were living there eversince and are enjoying their lives.  When disclosure is announced in the future along with the people of Hollow Earth and the Inner Earth people they will come out in the surface of the Earth for the Victory of the Light celebration!! 

One of the crew of the space shuttle is a jewish woman named Judith Resnik.  She is still alive and well as of this moment!  She has grown taller because the gravity inside the Earth is much lesser than here on the surface. 

All these Challenger Crew are alive and well inside the Hollow Earth!!  They did not die on that disastrous day in the year of 1986.

10.) Update on Malaysian Flight 370 

and many more.......

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