Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feeling your Original Luminous Light ~ Your Soul Star Matrix

L' Aura Pleiadian

Are you ready to tangibly feel the Presence of Your Soul Star Matrix? If so, you may want to read this through once. Then slowly follow the instructions. Practise this daily and feel the POWERFUL Shift within your own awareness and within your life and body. I am with you through this.

This will open your Heart to the Eternal Love that you ARE. Already.

There is no time in timelessness and in this eternal Luminous Light, that is your Soul Star Matrix. Let us being, shall we.

Take a few slow breaths, consciously.

On the inhale feel the air move into your nostrils slowly filling your abdomen, and feeling your belly slowly expand. Pause, before exhaling. Then gently and slowly exhale, feeling your belly lower and more towards your spine. Pause again. Continue for a few minutes. Inhaling and exhaling this way.

Now as you inhale, breathe also into your crown.

You are drawing air not only through your nostrils, but also through the top of your head. Stay with this, till you sense and feel air also moving into your head from the top of your crown.

Then while exhaling, feel your belly draw closer to your spine and air moving out of both nostrils and out through the top of your crown. Stay with this till you feel it.

Now relax for a minute.

Now sense and feel light above your crown, a Golden Luminous Glowing light. I am with you during this, moving light above your crown also. It is beautiful Star ~ Source Light.

There is no time, in the present moment, I am present with you, when you desire for me to be so.

Breathe this LUMINOUS light into your body on the inhale, as if like through a straw, drawing the Light down into your body, INTO YOUR HEART.

Pause feeling this Luminous Light in your Heart. Stay present and really feel this.

Then exhaling, slow release the Light from you heart down into your Lower pelvis, then out your body down into the core of the earth.

Pause feeling this Luminous Light in the core of the Earth.

Then Inhaling slowly draw this light up into your Heart, feeling the Luminosity increase and expand your Heart. Hold as long as you can.

Then Exhaling this Luminous Light, up through the top of your Head, into your very own Soul Star Matrix.

Do not be concerned if your mind does not know where your Soul Star Matrix is.

The Light is the Luminous Soul Star Light, it knows the Heart of your Origin.

After All all of this is within you. Your Blueprint.

You hold the codes and the frequency of Your Soul Star Matrix, already, even now.

When you feel the Luminous Light Settle somewhere, pause before exhaling, and again, feel this Light expand even more so, in size and luminosity as it connects with your Soul Star Matrix.

Inhaling the Light down, in through your crown into your Heart, again, pause, NOW feel your HEART!!!

The key here is FEEL.

As you focus on feeling this Luminous Light, through this breathing, you awaken more and more, your feeling nature. Your subtle awareness. The Luminous YOU. You then open to receive more and more of your Soul Star Matrix, that is, the Light and Presence of the Divine You. In your body and in your Life. In all moments.

This is your Divine Presence. Your Original Light. Your Soul Star Matrix.

This is the Ascended you.

Your Light will continue to increase in your awareness and your conscious connection with your Soul Star Matrix will profoundly bless your awareness with the comfort and Love of your Soul Presence.

This is amazing isn’t it? Are you feeling this? Remember I am with you, guiding this Light. Increasing this Light in your awareness. Even NOW.

Stay with this as long as you can.

If you practise this and call upon me, you will feel many areas of your consciousness shift, even after the first time you practise this.

You will begin to feel more of your Soul Presence. Feel this Activating more and more powerfully for you.

This is an activation.

The miraculous power of your Original Light, your Source Soul Light, will be felt around you and within you tangibly.

As you now practise ever more deeply, feeling, sensing, merging consciously, with this your Soul Star Matrix and Luminous Light, the intensity will increase.

You are merging with your Original Light. This is part of your Ascension Process.

You are Luminous Light and you are unique. You are your Soul Star Matrix. You are beautiful. You are Divine. You are Love already. Feel this, sense this, through this Luminous Light. Feel me there with You. And so it is, Divine Angels, I love you.

Eternal ~ Heaven on Earth!

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