Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intel Situation Report - July 4, 2016

10:00:00 EST
July 4, 2016


A massive UST/WF/AIIB/CB/BOC meeting was held by video conference call Saturday evening from 9:15pm to 2:30am EST.

At that meeting, Monday evening through Tuesday morning was scheduled as dates to begin the global RV.

Chinese Elders wanted a global Independence Day, and thus created months worth of delays as decoys, spanning several years in order to root out all the sworn loyal enemies protecting the old financial system.

There are 4 known screen rates on four different screens (listed lowest to highest below):

  • Market (in-country)
  • International (worldwide)
  • Contract (private group)
  • Sovereign (audited value)

Contract rates are negotiable and thus flexible, and constitute all Internet Group redemptions with a corresponding structured payout program.

Banks expect anywhere from a 40 minute to 3.5 hour exchange duration per appointment.

Each first basket country's currency will get its own account for tracking purposes when redeemed.

There are 7 currencies being redeemed in the first basket. 15 in a future second basket and 23 in a future third basket.

There were two discussed toll free number release times:

Primary 8:30pm EST Monday
Secondary 8:30am EST Tuesday

When you call the toll free 800# they will ask for your zip code and other personal detailed info then schedule an appointment.

A follow up encrypted email will then be sent out asking for additional know-your-client information.

If there's an issue with any of the information a bank representative will make a personal phone call to the appointment setter for further clarification and/or instruction.

Once the RV starts it is to continue Ad Infinitum (in constant perpetuity). This is why they were so cautious and painfully slow roll outing out the RV.


God is with us.

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