Saturday, July 9, 2016

ISIS Special Video Production In Studio

Ukrainian hackers discover that the ISIS videos were filmed in a TV studio of the CIA

By Lilya la Felore

When I first saw the video of a terrorist who had beheaded an American journalist I found it quite shocking, but after analyzing all production I said to myself ... "Oh, it looks like a movie."

At the end ... It was not all bad, the person feels when something is not genuine. The portal "Message to America" opens a series of videos that continue to emerge, which are part of government secrecy ¬ as operations in the United States and Israel, companies and other organizations.

Wars are conducted as if they were carried out by other entities, in order to justify to the world and the interests of private hard repression.

Suspicions have been the same from the beginning, the same media raised the veracity of the videos, New York Times is an example and even experts Fox said that everything in the fondopodría be a green screen.

Most surprising was when a group of hackers from Ukraine in July last year got into the notebook Senator McCain and found that the videos were basically a film that was developed for the "ISIS":

Watch the video and draw your own conclusions:


Judy Eichstedt
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"how sad yet so true"

Carroll Price
"All of the Bin Laden videos and audio recordings released on the eve of George Bush winning his 2nd term as president were fakes recorded in a studio similar to the one shown in this article. Israel's Mossad produces most, if not all, fake documents as well as fake videos, including the fake passports in possession of the fake hi-jackers on 9/11."


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