Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sequential Baskets of Currencies

Here are the possible sequence of currencies scheduled for revaluation or RV. This is Heavens Way of saying that the unfair values that the former Powers that be imposed upon the nations of the world shall be corrected. 

And thus, these series of monumental changes, the world will finally  see that there was already a dramatic shift in the power structure of the world and that power was taken away from those who abuse it by way of greed, selfishness and all kinds of evil.  

May God speed up the release of these baskets.

So be it!

Basket 1 ‐ Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Indonesia Rupiah, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan

Basket 2 ‐ Russian Ruble, India Rupees, Bangladesh Taka, West and Central African Region,
South East Asia such as: Cambodia, Laos and etc.

Basket 3 ‐ South American Nations (Latin America), Iran, Pakistan, China, Japan, South Korea, North Africa, Breakaway republics of Former USSR ‐
mostly Central Asia such as:  Tajikhistan, Kazachstan and etc.

Basket 4 ‐ North America (US, Canada), UK, NZ, Australia, EU breakup nations: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands & etc. The speed of RV for Basket 4 group of currencies will depend upon how fast they can split into individual sovereign nations and acquire asset based economies.


And when these things happen then you know that it was done by the will of Heaven.

As for those who will seize the opportunity for the various RV must comply to the regulations of the Eastern Elders that are supported by the company of Heaven and of the Galactics. Call the 800 numbers and sign the NDA to receive the structured program.

Let us therefore be generous to one another especially to the less fortunate as we ourselves were shown divine generosity by these blessings.

Start businesses that will promote various jobs around the world and give generously - if for example the standard hourly pay per hour is 15 dollars then make it 18 to 20 dollars an hour.  Give homes to the homeless and care for the sick, feed the hungry and bless everyone in need.  


  1. My comment, this information is great, however first we must consider it has taken ten years so far and the first basket has not eventuated yet, so what is the timeframe of the next baskets, if we are looking at Gods time, then it may not happen in our lifetime as he moves a lot slower than we do apparently. You only have to look at the second coming of Jesus, who we need more than ever. I for one, like many others would like to see the first basket come good, them we can all move along.
    Thanks Walkabout Bill

    1. I guess, the distance or transition between the baskets could be anywhere from 1 to 3 months time.

    2. Personally! The direction that the world is taking, I would prefer the second coming of Jesus rather than the RV. Also raising minimum wage only raises the costs of the products. We need to return our industry to America which would lower the costs of the products, by eliminating import tax costs.

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  2. Ready to help the less fortunate with this blessing. Come on RV!

  3. Seems we are there. Only awaiting the release. Let's RV!