Thursday, July 21, 2016

Situation Report - July 20, 2016

Submitted to Dinar Chronicles and published with permission. ~ DC

12:00:00 EST
July 20, 2016



All Wells Fargo banks are implementing changes this morning.

They have installed several brand new De La Rue counting machines in branches this morning.

This was done to better serve the large influx of customers expected to arrive in banks over the next few days.

New machines will streamline USD to USN conversion process and more quickly accommodate walk in clients when the new currency does come out.

Wells Fargo (Wealth Management: San Diego) was pushing to get as much ZIM in today at pre-RV rates, saying today was the last day for them to get it in. Seems to imply they have an idea the RV will happen today after the markets close.


Past SKRs are now liquidating with new accounts said to be hydrating (active) on Thursday.


Current Sovereign Rates:
VND 105+
IQD 165+

(*Chase not offering ZIM sovereign rates. Only Wells Fargo can offer higher sovereign rates on all currencies, including ZIM redemptions, which is the highest first basket redemptive currency by far).

White Hats

A group of 9 Russians in USA were caught micro shorting the Ruble. They were sent back to Russia by international treaty via Republic military forces for "punishment."


Toll free 800# release can show up at any minute. Final performance time is being kept a mystery for security purposes. Consider all systems "go."

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