Monday, July 18, 2016

The Dawn of Digital Money

In the near future, the world will cease to use paper currency and will rely on digital money that is backed by tangible assets like precious metals.  Although the world has been using digital money for several years now, this is about the complete transition into digital; doing away with the use of the paper Currency.

The history of the word in the field of finances was dominated by a Global Financial Cartel that sought to centralized the money production by the printing of currencies that are backed by nothing of value by a gang of private corporations.  And this therefore created all kinds of problems particularly inflation as the money was backed by nothing ‐ the burden of the value was then transfer to the cost of goods and services increasing the prices of products and commodities making it difficult to afford by ordinary citizens of the world.

Digital Money will solve all these problems as it will be easier to tracked digitally.  From the time the money was created by the legal and genuine public government to dispersing it to  every account of every citizen and companies, the flow and movement of money as its transacted to every kind of small and medium sized commerce, the money will be much safer and easily manageable; as literrally all of its movement can be tracked digitally.  This digital creation of money will prevent any illegal activities such as fractional reserve banking that makes private banks able to create money out of thin air from the loans and interest that they issue to their customers. It will also prevent money laundering as the actual origin and source of the money can be traced digitally.

Eventually every citizen of the world will be issued their own debit card like (ATM).  It comes with an account number that is unique to the individual person.  

The United States Treasury (UST) has already transitioned into digital money.   At the moment it is called USN or United States Notes.  They are moving away from the USD or the US Dollar as this paper currency was printed with so much IOUs of promises by a gang of Global Financial Cartel (Private Bankers) in the form of Central Banks pretending to be part of every government of the world that was proven to be not interested in any way to pay the IOUs debt notes they created.  The United States Treasury (UST) is now strictly overseen by the US Military headed by General Dunford.  With the help of the ancient Elders from the East the UST was able to create money that is genuinely backed by precious metals as the Elders gave or loaned sufficient gold deposits to the New US Republic headed by General Dunford acting as the Interim President.  Currently, the Federal Reserve is no longer functioning as a legal institution, it's no longer allowed by the New US Republic to print any series of paper currencies.  The creation of money supply will now be strictly enforced and monitored by the US Military.   

With that said, the era of digital money has arrived.  The US Military and all its personnel are already being paid digitally with the new digital money of USN or United States Notes.  The Interim President General Dunford has already informed all governments of the world to collect all existing USDs in circulation and transition into digital money using the new USN.  It is now confirmed that the whole world will transition into using their own digital money that is produced by a genuine public government and not the fake private central banks of the world who have a monopoly to their printing press money machine owned by a gang of private bankers.  The world now recognizes the validity of the new government of the New US Republic.  And that they now know that Washington DC is only a corporation owned by private companies in America, London and the Vatican.  This means President Obama is only a president of a corporation and that he have higher ups that gives him orders of what to say and do.  And this validates what was said by former President Carter that the US is run by a secretive Oligarchy including the words of JFK who said essentialy the same thing.

This is probably one of the main reason why the British government allowed the "Brexit" to win as it will allow them to rechannel their resources and not send it to the EU and used it to acquire more assets to back their local currency.  It is already confirmed that England or the UK is already poised for digital money.  They have already made their preparations for the transition as they knew what was happening in the US and the New US Republic.  I spoke with a French man two months ago and he said that France is secretly doing the same thing gearing up for digital money.  In Scandinavia, there is now a wide use and acceptance of the digital money. The Italians and the Germans now know that the private owners of the ECB are the same owners of the Federal Reserve. And so, they are unwilling to transfer their assets and collateral to Brussels. Which means they will have to revalue their own Currency and go digital as separate nations from the EU.

Eventually paper currencies will be a thing of the past, it will become obsolete.  The world will move on into a new digital money that is literally backed by a real tangible value of precious metals.  This means every digital money that will be issued is an actual representation of an actual gold and silver deposits from a legal public government treasury.  

For now, what the Interim President General Dunford is waiting for is the actual and honest surrender of the private US Corporation.  He is waiting for their formal declaration of surrender by the owners of this corporation which is an Oligarchy Group.   And when this corporation refused to give up their stance after the time given to them then General Dunford along with the rest of the community of nations around the world will start in earnest the actual implementation of the already globally approved revaluation of currencies which is also known in part as Global Currency Reset (GCR).  This reset or revaluation will make the value of money to be fair for all nations as it will reflect the actual assets or collateral of every nations of the world.  

According to General Dunford this event of revaluations once started cannot be stopped.  This statement was also echoed in part by Zorra from Hollow Earth as he said essentially the same.  

And once the GO Signal is given then the revaluations of the worlds currencies will take effect.  It will transition into digital money.   
The Currency Redemptions and Exchange will be done with the new digital money.  Majority of the currency that will be exchanged will be issued with the use of USN or United States Notes.  

And this is all digital money.  The exchangers will have to open an account at the bank at the
time of the exchange.  The whole transactional exchange are guaranteed by the Ancient Elders
of the East who made the creation of the New US Republic possible.

If the time of surrender that was given by General Dunford along with the Ancient Elders was ignored by the owners of US Inc. and that they dont want to backdown from their defiance then they will immediately start the implementation of GCR and allow ordinary citizens of the world to exchange their paper currencies into a higher value.  It is estimated it will be more or less around 90 USN per one Iraqi Dinar.  This is for those who will take advantage of the structured program being offered by the Elders.  This is true if the currency redeemer promises to create a
humanitarian work channeling the funds for businesses that helps people and generates more jobs. The exchangeable amount will then be deposited into their account.  The account can be locked if proven that the account holder is not complying to their stated promise of
humanitarian activities.  And so a level of honesty and sincerity on the part of the currency redeemers are needed in order for this to come about.

The Global Financial Cartel is known for their reputation for promising something they never
intend to keep.  And if the offer of surrender to this Cartel by the Interim President and the
Ancient Elders are ignored then they will have no other recourse but to start the RV and make
the public announcement of the New US Republic to the whole world.   The Interim President will expose to the world what these secretive gang of global financial cartel have done to the whole world.

The banks that are authorized to do the transactions are:  Bank of China, HSBC  and Wells Fargo.  May God speed up the RV.

So be it!


  1. All digital money would be stored in computers, with the flip of a switch or a well placed virus and all digital money can be wiped out with no trace of it every existing.

    1. Any encryption that can be developed can be eventually broken. People's entire portfolio have been deleted from computer systems.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. All digital money would be stored in computers, with the flip of a switch or a well placed virus and all digital money can be wiped out with no trace of it every existing.

  3. I have some background on computer programming but I did not finished and I moved to graphic design. And so I have knowledge about the fundamentals and basics of computer programming. It takes a computer language such as C, dos, C++, C#, Java and etc. in order to command and or hack any computer that is connected to a network regardless of the distance of the computers. The computers we have on Earth deals with binary digits which is digital in short. Every words, numbers, colors, pixels, sound, video, data and etc. are represented by a standard code in which can be used to make a command to tell the computer what to do. But the computer being used by the Chinese Elders are more advance than the computer chips we copied from the recovered spacecraft of the grey aliens who crashed in Roswell Area 51. The computer we have on Earth particularly the computer chip was extracted from a downed UFO of the greys and so we owe them our computer technology.

    However, The computer they are using in the CIPS system are not powered by the same standard digital codes and so it is impossible to hack their system as it will not respond to any computer languages. And there are two kinds of computers that they have one is amino acid based computer and the other is a system that uses a consciousness similar to a soul of a person which acts as the main intelligence of that computer. There is no way any hacker on earth who uses binary code language can hack those systems as they cannot impose their commands on those computers. And so using digital money is already being used around the world. But the topic has to do with a complete transition into digital - removing the use of paper çurrency. I say to the hackers good luck because they are dealing with a completely different system which is alien and not of this world.

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