Saturday, August 20, 2016

Archangel Michael Channeled Message for August 18, 2016

We descend to you today with the energy of the sacred divine feminine that is being activated in the hearts of many on the path to en-lighten-ment. We give you the gift of the embrace of the Mother, the Goddess, to remind you of the power of your inner wisdom, intuition and love. Trust your Knowing beloveds, for now it is time to remove doubts, the dust before your eyes, and walk in the knowingness that what you found within is indeed true. Time to act and move moved by your thruth. A perfect gift for this full moon. Do not allow anyone to tell you the truth about yourself, for those who are reading, they know who they are.

Divine male and Divine female are now meant to come in divine union beyond duality and labels to restore the ancient truths and teachings given onto you during the millennia. They are both the same essence, the fabric of creation, individual expression of the One Primordial Force that is the transcendence, the Oneness, of the two. The highest twin flames are now waking up from their sleep and more of them are embodying on the planet in this now. Their purpose is to join forces and travel in sacred places around the globe to restore specific frequencies to help ground the energies that will and are waking up the masses. This was already given onto you. They are the "role models" of the future, those that have been chosen to show the way, those that removed themselves from the strict logic, labels, taboos and limits of your world and way of conceiving relationships. They live in freedom and they love in freedom. To those ready to receive we give an activation that will speed up their remembrance and final reunion. Your destination is now and here. An heavenly host is beyond you helping and guiding you daily because you are the ones the world needs the most. It is a great responsibility and now you are required to behave as a master for indeed that is who you are. Be responsible for your power and your role in this collective story we are living.

The energies are again speeding up and they will increase in the coming months. Your DNA is also being upgraded. Earth is currently being affected by another big energy blast, like wave 3. It is a non stop expansion! Did you noticed how much you changed in a very short time? As you move forward and as time speeds up too, your consciousness will expand exponentially. It is very important to stay grounded and centered. Do not resist change, dear ones, because this are the times you have been waiting for and when a chance for a big activation comes, you have to be open to it fully. This is how you skip timelines. When in the midst of an energy peak, if you allow yourself to receive fully, you can do the inner work of months in weeks. We know how important is for you your physical reality and this is why we remind you that now you are operating from an higher frequency level or another dimension. It is therefore important to understand how to manifest from the 5D level. You have to live the reality you want to bring into the physical expression now, because it is indeed already there, beyond time and even space. Time doesn't exist and even space -sepration. You live your life knowing that what you want to manifest, no matter what it is, your love, a car, money, is already there. Then you work on yourself, removing what is not allowing you to tap into the frequency of what you want to manifest and take action of course, but without attachment or effort. If, for example, you want to manifest financial freedom, you have to tap in the now into that frequency and in order to do that you have to remove all your programming and beliefs about money like "money are bad/dangerous". They are just tool and are needed in the hands of those that know how to use them. We are even moving, in the decades to come, in a world without money. But right now, in the current timeline, they are needed to sustain you. They are a tool to help yourself and others to wake up. They are energy, like everything else. But do not be moved by money, be moved by service, for that is your purpose. Remember: live and perceive the fifth dimension because that is what you are, live in the NOW; in this way, you bring down in the physical realm, 3D, what you desire to manifest. With detachment and no expectations.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Channeled by Michele Cornacchia.

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