Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Earth Ascending

Zorra: www.HollowEarthNetwork.com Zorra's ship is stationed at the North Polar Opening - monitoring vessels going to and fro... and from where do these vessels come? Hollow Earth vs. Inner Earth? - What is "Emergence?" - "Earth's frequencies are very close to the threshhold." - "We will shrink our tall bodies, to not frighten you." Who will announce the New Republic? - The current elections??

Jon Bliven: Keshe Foundation Listen closely as information is given, inviting new members from around the globe - from every nation. Mr Keshe's credo: Peace through Technology! - Learn how YOU can become an active part of this great new venture.

Tom Paladino: Scalar Energy Healing! Tomorrow's technoloty today! Learn how global health and healing is just one photo away! www.CreativeStrength.us

Da Vid Raphael: TheLightParty.com A new concept - a new and soothing music!


  1. Keshefacts.org keshe revealed as NWO by himself....be aware of thisCult nothing he offers has never been proven to work, he is the false messiah 😈

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