Friday, September 9, 2016

Archangel Michael Channeled Message - Sept. 2016

You are in a very unique widow of opportunity right now in this moment of your ascension process. As you know an acceleration in terms of time is occurring right now and the energies are building every day with the purpose to reconnect you back to your full consciousness: you are becoming avatars of your own God-Self. You are being bombarded, literally, and constantly, by the highest amount of energy this sector and planet has ever received in eons. The energy you are receiving is very intelligent and has a different effect on each and everyone of you. Source is sending forth the codes to activate each individual consciousness on the Earth plane, with the purpose to speed up the process that a specific light being is undergoing. As the energy enters in the collective consciousness, slowly changes and molds itself, as it comes in contact with your personal field: each of your personal energetic fields are like a signature and they match like energies. So, in a way, it is you the one who is asking what you need at any given moment. The God-substance you are receiving is indeed you, and as it enters your different levels of expression, starting from the mental body, and descending into the physical form, it fuses with yourself; it becomes you. This is how you merge your lower self with your Higher Self (YOU). Your old dissonant energy patterns as well as your identity, who you have been conditioned to believe to be, are being wiped out by the intensity of the light you are receiving and asking for. Intense body changes are a natural occurrence, as you step higher and higher the ascension ladder. You are moving into a time of intense purification at collective level, but this time will be much easier especially for those of you that now have access to an higher level of consciousness; your inner work will unfold naturally. Transmuting has never been easier. That is the role of the first wavers; clearing the energies of their personal path and joining together, to uplift the collective, so that those who follow can have an easier journey. Not doing the job for others. That is the very reason you are experiencing this accelerated timeline; you have brought it into existence. The degree you experience this in your personal life is completely up to you, and it depends by you state of being in the now moment, by your focus and your will to pursue your path and to vibrate at the highest frequency possible. Feel yourself opening to the unknown, for that is "where" your soul is urging you to go, whether it is your darkness that must be acknowledged, embraced, and transformed into light, or something you have never experienced before in your life. The energies of the solar eclipse, the wave of ascending souls and the equinox of this very intense month, will propel you in a new year of changes on global scale, if used well. We ask you to call forth in the now the changes you want to see on Earth, for example full disclosure, and to take action to change yourself and your life because that is how you change the collective. Do not wait for something to happen. Do not be in resistance, this is a huge upgrade you are receiving; the DNA is being upgraded as well on a collective level. Indeed, we repeat it to you, the energies are focused to bring the collective up. Many changes are going on behind the scene in your society, and they shall soon be manifest. The matrix exists only in your mind, nowhere else. It exists as long as you agree with the programming you have been indoctrinated and raised with. Do no seek for an external cause, you are the cause of yourself and you have created yourself bringing you into existence. That is why you are perfect. Being conscious of the power/light you are is the only way to free yourself from the limited vision you have of reality. The time of the great awakening of humanity is now, and you are the bringers of this revolution of Love, Information, Consciousness. We are One. As always we recommend you to stay centered, to connect with nature and ground daily into the core of Gaia; in this way you benefit the planet, allowing Her to ground the higher energies through you and you also release all the excess energy that your body can not manage.

My light descends on you.
I AM Archangel Michael

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