Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Message from Zorra of Hollow Earth - September 19, 2016

Beloved Masters,

I have been asked to clarify and bring truth to some misinformation out there regarding the alleged closing of banks that will precede your announcements of the RV, Nesara/Gesara and GCR. First off, much of the misinformation was given back in 2013 and it is now Sept. 2016 and it is still misinformation. What does that tell you? The information then caused fear and lowered vibration. You must also understand that the information comes from 3D thinking which is no more. Why bring that into your reality and hearts. You must understand that the communication then and now about the banks closing for 3-15 days will not happen. The fact is that your banks are on a digital system already and have been for many years. This means that their changes occur in minutes and seconds, not days. What you are hearing is misinformation.This important event is not meant to bring unbalance, cause disruption, fear or chaos in your world. This event will be done in a peaceful and subtle way. You do not have to stress yourselves out or panic. We, the Galactics, and our allies on your planet have paved a way to unfold your blessings to be in a harmonious and peaceful manner. Be prepared and be of gratitude and joy of what you will be blessed with which is already at hand.

May harmony, peace, joy, love and laughter be with you,



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