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The Game - Part One

I am going to recycle the article I wrote several months ago about The Experiment for the
benefit of those who are just awakening.  This time however, I will explain it from the
perspective of the challenge of a Game.

Although time does not exist in the Grand Scheme of Things; but for reckoning purposes there was a point in Time when God (referring to the Prime Creator) eventually decided that it is time to create beings, composed of various individual persons having their own inherent unique mind and heart that operates as their own active consciousness.  Beings that are capable of thinking and reasoning on their own.  And thus, that was the beginning of ''Creation''.  And though those that were created are unique in themselves as individual persons but they are ONE and the same in that, they are all part of the Creator.  In other words the Creator, made these various innumerable persons from a portion of Himself.  And this is why we are part of God and that we are in fact God.  Even King David himself mentioned this truth and was even quoted by Jesus.

Prior to the beginning of Creation there was no Time as there really is just the everlasting
present called ''NOW''.  Which means eternity is never ending, an infinite moment that does not
END. But as I already said that time does not exist, as its just an illusion, made to measure finite events, which in time became a tradition.

These created beings became known as the children of the Creator God.  This is what we call as Spirit Beings or Godly Beings.  And because they are God therefore they are all Immortal which cannot die.  In the beginning, everyone even the creator himself does not have a shape and form.  Meaning,  God was originally formless that cannot be quantified in his entirety.  Having a formless existence which means you cannot illustrate to depict God on a piece of paper as originally; God does not have a FORM or an outline shape.  And this is also true for his children. 

Another word that can also describe this terminology is ''Etheric Form''.

All of the children of God were taught by the Creator.  Each and every spark of God that the
Creator created from Himself are made up of Twinflames.   Twins, meaning both male and
female  born as one, created at the same time, having identical or similar personalities.   They all became His students.  In time, they learned about how to use their minds to create Matter that occupies space and has mass.   And thus, all matter exist and are supported as an expression of the combined thoughts of God.  And therefore ALL foundational elements and all the building blocks of matter that we know in physics and science were created by the thoughts of GOD. 

Thoughts carries a powerful signature of the energy of God as GOD in nature is a FORM of
energy.  And that energy is what we call the SOURCE ENERGY.  It is the energy that keeps
everything the way it was meant to be.  Without it, things will not exist and or will never exist.  
And this energy is ETERNAL for it is the Creator God.  

As these children of God learned from the Creator, they all became DESIGNERS in their own right as they were able to create various finite forms that has shape and sizes.  And for the very first time organic form was born and came into being.  Everything that has a form and shape was a by product of CREATIVE DESIGN.  And with the guidance and supervision of the Creator God; His children was able to intelligently create and design various elaborate material creations that does not physically exist before, things like liquid, gas and solid objects such as pebbles into rocks, metals and etc. and a combination and mixture of all of these.  They played and experimented with various thoughts encoded NUMERICALLY that access the SOURCE ENERGY that gives life to ideas which eventually materializes into created matter powered by the energy of God.  

The children of the Creator Co‐created the whole Universe and the other Multi‐verses.  It was a Grand Display of the creativity of his children that literally created and made everything that has form and all its vast splendor.   Everything from moon, planets, sun, star systems  and into various kinds of Galaxies that spread all throughout the infinite SEA and OCEAN of GODS energy were made by God and his children who are also Gods and Goddesses.  

Today, we see this energy as the vastness of SPACE that contains the material universes.  But it is wrong to assume that this vast infinite space is empty.  As its actually,  an infinite energy field that fills the entire outer space and beyond.  It is safe to describe it as endless and bottomless oceans of Source
Energy of the Creator God.  And this space extends from the space between the small atoms and into the atmosphere;  and into the endless space where the human eye could no longer reach.  

Yes, this space is in fact a portion of the Creator God, the Source Energy.  And then, the children of God were able to design various physical bodies also known as avatars or physical vessels that can house every living soul of every children of God who wishes to experience physicality in various forms.   Now, take note most of the creations that are very advanced such as human bodies were made in a collaborative effort by a group and groups of creators and or children of the Creator.  Some of these designs are humanoids, plant, animal like beings and etc.  

And so a major project of physical creations such as a human body did not happen by chance.  It was made with a lot of planning and intelligence along with it a lot of time and effort was put into it.  Which means, designing and developing a physical body from scratch did not happen in an instant.  It was not like instant noodles and or instant coffee, tea. The designers literally needed to design a megacity (so to peak) inside every living things involving an eco‐system like environment that has a built‐in cause and effect.  

But once a major project of building a physical living thing capable of housing a spirit form of a being was done, then and only then creation can become in a certain way instantaneous.  This is so because they also included in the design the functionality and ability to replicate and reproduce.  Every living things were designed to reproduce for the continuation of physical life.  

This function were added to every designed living things that were intended to be inhabited by Gods concious beings.  This continuous cycle of physical life that were added to the design of every living things were done intelligently.  And this is very apparent to things like a seed from a fruit bearing tree which contains all the encoded design as well as the DNA base pattern of the tree it came from in order for it to grow and become a tree again and thus repeating the cycle of life again and again.  The creators design involved in making sure that the seed when in contact
to things like minerals and certain chemicals containing essential nutrients will kick start a new life of a new plant.  Not only the design calls for the embedded codes of life to be activated but also essential sacred geometric principles when achieved triggers the continuation of a new life of a new living thing by accessing the source energy of God.  In a way it is like a domino effect that is triggered everytime such thing was called into action. 

This is why even very small things such as microscopic seeds that flourish in the air specially those in the tropical regions abounds
because of these embedded designs which were created by the children of the Creator who took time and effort in designing most of the living things not just in this world but also in other worlds that came into existence on  a much earlier time.

And so this means, even the animals or the domestic pets that some of us have at home do also have their own spirit inside them. Because animals were also designed by the children of God.  

The only difference is that they are still young in their consciousness.   Their awareness are still consciously small in scope and understanding.  And this is why they were assigned into physical form that is classified as animals.  But the truth is, at some point in time in the distant past we too who are humans now were once assigned into the bodies of the animals (whether we like it
or not).   This is the main reason why some of us are fond of a certain animals because in the
distant past we too used to be that kind of animal that were assigned to a similar animal body to advance our consciousness.  The advancement and growth that allows the transition from one specie to another specie is also covered by the process of ascension.   

Only on Earth, in this part of the Milky Way Galaxy whereby it is authorized for a fast track accelerated learning experience to allow beings to move from one specie to another specie. Yes, the Spiritual Beings that are assigned into particular living things (physical forms) are based on the state of their consciousness.  The more mature the beings are who are assigned to various avatars of living things the faster is their transition from various forms of living things.

And so, everyone of us who are divine children of God who have the divine spark in us ‐ journey through several stages of development by being assigned to various lifetimes which is called spiritual evolution.  And so therefore, the physical vessels, living things or various avatars of physical bodies whether animals or humans are not evolving from one specie to another instead what is evolving is the changing consciousness of the hearts and minds of those who journeyed through these various assigned lifetimes.   And as they mature consciously then they are awarded and given much better and more advance designed physical bodies.   

In other words, we were given this present physical bodies that we currently assigned into because our conciousness dictates that we deserve to inhabit this kind of physical existence.   This means, on the next level of Ascension not only we will be given access to a new and higher dimension than
we currently reside into, but we will also be given new bodies that are more advance.  Or in
some cases,  you get to keep your present bodies but will get an UPGRADE.   

This upgrade will entail:

  • The physical body will never die
  • It will not require sustenance (or food) in order to continue living 
  • It will never grow old as it will stay young forever.
  • In the case of those who are already seniors in their age.  Their physical bodies will revert back to the age of 22 to 25.  And it will stay that way forever.  Or only until you choose to have a new body.
  • And many more.....

Remember, this upgrade is only available to those who are deserving who have earned it
through ascension.   And as I said,  we ascend based on the amount of conciousness we have
accumulated for maturity.

One of the very first children of God that came from the Creator is known on Earth by the name of Sarriya and Zorra.  Sarriya is called as Mother God and Zorra is called Father God.  

Going back to the subject of twinflames.  Every created beings of God comes in pairs which is also called as twin flames.  Literally, everyone, every being has a twin.  And the twins are composed of male and female polarities.  Sarriya and Zorra are the first twins that came forth from the Source, that
is from the Prime Creator.   Mother‐Father God are the ones who created what we call today as the Milky Way Galaxy and the planet Earth resides in this galaxy.  Equipped with the knowledge of the Creator as well as the combined projected energy of God, they were able to create one of the first Galaxy that ever appeared in the infinite outer space.   

Now, let me talk quickly about age.  You are probably wondering if Mother‐Father God were the first children of God, then are they very old?  No, not exactly.  You see,  we are ALL ONE.  And frame that words in your mind and not forget.  Because that is really true.  God is ONE, but is composed of infinite amount of versions of Himself in various endless perspectives of creations.  

What does it mean as creations?  You see, what you think, meditate and focus upon and then combined with your emotions directed by your logic can eventually create things; as thoughts is the creator and it always is.  Now, consider on a much grander scale a super size eternal energy God the Creator that once He imagined a new person with such and such personalities will eventually become a reality.  That process is called CREATION. Only the Creator has the thoughts that is self aware able to say the words I AM. What does it mean that God is ONE?  Just like you can fill endless amounts of glasses of water from an endless ocean but no matter how much water you take; it is all ONE and the same water as it all came from the one and only source.   

Having said that, we are all eternal as God is, and therefore we are all as old as God.  In other words,  in terms of eternity we are all one with God and that there is no young or old as everyone is eternal just as God is eternal.  Its only a matter of who gets to be created first as new person like a version of God with a different variation of DISTINCT personality.  And since every created
being have their own unique personality therefore their own consciousness differs from one person to another.  Time and Experience can be a big factor in the development of a persons consciousness.  So, if you ask me if God can make mistakes? Yes, each and everyone of us do make mistakes, because through our life experiences we then learn and grow consciously from it.  

Just like Mother‐Father God; eventually, in time all the children of God grew in knowledge and
understanding and formed their own star systems within the Milky Way Galaxy and then
eventually branch out and made their own galaxies and other universe.  Some of these beings have chosen to exist via a FORM or a living thing either humanoid or animal like in appearance.

Today,  the people from the Pleiades and Sirius claim that their distant ancestors are currently
inside the Earth.  They are referring to Mother‐Father God; who have chosen to reside in the
Hollow Earth (inside the inteior of this planet Earth as every planet has a hollowed space inside) while the Project called the Divine Game is being conducted on the surface of the Earth.  Sarrya and Zorra are the prime example of being humble and of love and light as they never advertise that they were the ones who created the Galaxy.  In fact, they rather be called by their first names as Sarriya and Zorra.  But for respect and recognition sake it is also right to call them as Mother‐Father God.  As they highly deserve it for they are the ones who have gone before us and consciously ahead of us.   And so, their wisdom and knowledge are far more advance than any of us who are on the surface of the Earth.

As time progressed,  the Creator thought of creating a GAME as well as a challenge for all his children particularly those who are newly created beings including those who are already
established creators of worlds and designers of living things.   The Game will prove and test their individual spiritual strenght and vitality as well as their own discernment of right and wrong from truth and lies.    The Game will grant access to the higher levels also known as Higher Dimensions for  those who succeed in this Game.   This is also called as ''Ascension'' as beings ascends to the level of dimension in which they personally deserve based on their performance during the Game.  In other words, the levels of dimensions that beings will reside into is
something they acquired based on the level of their own individual consciousness or awareness.  

Spiritual Evolution therefore are just various stages whereby created beings journey into various living vessels either in the form of human or animal to advance and further their consciousness through their own personal life experiences.  This is very true as everyone that was created by the Creator does not have all the knowledge and experience when they were first created.  

Everyone is subject to innocence (a clean blank slate) whereby we all learn from our mistakes and or trials and errors.  Until, the soul of the living being has matured through personal life experiences then the awareness and consciousness of that being advances and grow towards maturity.   

The Game will accelerate  the learning experiences of those who are sent to live on Earth, as the chosen venue for this Game was Earth.  The Mechanics and technicalities of the Game involved everyone who are participants to this game to:

  • Temporary erase their memories
  • Remove temporarily any Godly Powers that theyve acquired previously.
  • Will be subjected into various lifetimes as humans on various races.
  • Duration of the Game is until the End of the Age (Dec.  21, 2012) with a slight overtime ‐2016.
  • Every participant will be separated from their twinflame.  
  • The participants will live in the surface of the world SECRETLY ruled by the descendants of Annunakis and Reptilians.  

The Game requires that there will be an opposing team that will be literally mean and purely evil that will challenge the participants to the core of their being.   This opposing team was played by the Cabal and the Illuminati.   

Since the Earth suffered as a result from the wars between Atlantis and Lemuria, the Earth
descended to the lower dimensions.   And because of that the Earth became an ideal venue for the challenge that was allowed by the Prime Creator.    The Earth therefore represents various peoples that came from all corners and regions of the Universe who participated in this Game.  

And this is one of the main reason that the vast amount of population on the surface of the Earth are not all native to this planet.  In other words, we are all deposited here as incarnates to live as human beings coming from various star systems in this Galaxy and even from other Galaxies and Universes.   Yes, we are all alien to this world.  

Now, the Game is officially over.  The slight delay is caused by two major factors.
A.)  Large percentage of the paticipants are still asleep.
B.)  Giving a chance for the opposing team to repent/surrender and come back to the Creator

To be continued.....

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