Wednesday, October 26, 2016

RS-28 Sarmat - Russia's Next Generation ICBM

Russia has already updated their ICBM series of missiles into its newest most powerful ever called RS-28 Sarmat Missile. This missile is capable of reaching North America and has a blast radius that can wipe out the entire state of Texas. With a speed of 6,213 miles per second it can reach western Europe more or less than 45 minutes depending where in Russia it was being launched. The explosion Strength of this ICBM is capable of reaching deep underground bunkers even if it was shielded by a rocky mountain or several layers of concrete slabs. In addition to that, its radiation can also seep through and penetrate the underground facilities.

More than three decades ago Russia was already ahead of the United States with its ICBM development. At that time their ICBM missiles was about 22 to 24 Megatons each, compared to 5 Megatons with the US. But now the Russians has upgraded their ICBM Missile strength into 16 warheads with 40 Megatons. 

During the last Victory Day Parade in Red Square they paraded the RS-24 missile.

In the event of a Nuclear Confrontation, the Russian Army will deploy several hundreds or thousands of decoys of mobile ICBM launchers. These decoys will be positioned allover Russia. But emphasis will be given to the nearby borders such as that of Europe and Vladivostok. This includes ICBMs from Silo missile launchers that are hidden from view such as mountainsides, farm fields and etc. These ICBMs will be the primary targets of the western bombers such as cruise missiles, stealth bombers and etc. By having several decoys that are scattered allover Russian region it can confuse their enemies and protect the real ICBM launchers on the ground. Just a single RS-28 missile is enough to wipe out most of western Europe. And so, having plenty of ICBM launchers plus the decoys will significantly decrease the chances of being able to hit the real ICBMs.

Russia has also developed a hollographic imaging technology that can be seen by sattelites. This means this will be another form of decoy but the images are generated by hollographic machines. And so, in space it will appear as though it is an ICBM launcher but its actually a hollogram. This will make it difficult to pin point exactly and stop a series of deployment of ICBMs from Russia should the Nuclear exchange ever happened.

Once the RS-28 Sarmat is airborne and off the ground it will be difficult for the western missile defense systems to find this missile. The Patriot Missile nor the Aegis systems will not be able to reach the speed of the RS-28 in time as it will jam their electronic systems and it is also capable of hiding from any radar.

Tactically, the RS-28 Sarmat will be deployed in Russia near the European border. And also, in Vladivostok to hit any western part of the US.

In addition to this ground launchers. Russia is already studying/preparing for a space launcher whereby they can station in space several aeroship that can fly at hyper sonic speed carrying nuclear armaments. This will be their own version to their Chinese counterpart who already developed a hypersonic aircrafts that are designed to attack in the open seas frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers. The top secret hypersonic attack aircraft developed by the Chinese can literally wipe out all of NATOs existing warships in just one day. These aircrafts were designed to reach the stratosphere and then dive vertically dropping a bomb and missiles to any of the western ships in the worlds ocean. And since it dives vertically it cannot be stopped by any of their defense system on board their ships as their weapons systems have an angular tilting limitations. Add to the fact that these aircrafts can reach them in a matter of minutes and seconds once it dives for attack.

The Russian version that is similar to the Chinese is that it will be deployed from space rather than from the upper atmosphere as those flying in the upper atmosphere is vulnerable from being detected and blocked by the new generation of fighter jets. It will dive from outerspace once a target has been spotted. The hypersonic speed plus stealth capabilities will make it difficult for any western warships to defend itself from such an attack. This can also spot any ICBM from the USA. Once an ICBM from the United States is launched in the air, this weapons systems in space will make it easier to hunt and stop any of their missiles from reaching the Eurasian region. As this new Russian unmanned hypersonic aeroship stationed in spacewill hunt and destroy any ICBM launched by the USA.

A single RS-28 Sarmat missile is 2,000 times more powerful than the bombs that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.


This article does not wish that such a nuclear confrontation will ever happen but rather the author just want to create a public awareness of what we are going to face in the event that this nuclear exchange will take place. Such a war is very dangerous as the civilian population of the world can be helplessly & directly affected by this kind of war. It is my hope that with this awareness that we can do something to prevent this nuclear exchange from happening as no one will win as most of us mankind will lose and suffer.

As of now, the western governments are having economic problems; their banks are failing miserably and they are just covering it up. With their current economic condition they can no longer compete with the more disciplined people of the Eurasian region such as that of China and Russia. Therefore, instead of investing more funds to further developed their weapons to match the capabilities of the East they should just re-channel their efforts to providing for their citizens as poverty are rising fast in the western world. Instead of more weapons spending use it to repair their own infrastructures and build more houses for the poor. Give food for the homeless. There is no sense in spending trillions of dollars to create more weapons and conduct wars that are NOT necessary. Instead of wars choose harmony and peace among the nations of the world. Instead of weapons development, developed more products, services and businesses that will give jobs to the thousands of unemployed people. Because wars and violence can be prevented if peace, cooperation and harmony is the goal of those in the governments of the western world.

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