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Timeline of Earths Era - Part 2

2.) Conquerors War Era (C.W.E.)

The Earth is located in the region of the galaxy where freewill is observe. And that makes it attractive to those who are not members of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). These non-members of GFL are rogue groups who do not conform to the principle of Love and Light. 

They do not consider the Prime Creator and neither Mother-Father God as beings worthy of respect as the Ultimate Parents of ALL conscious beings. They prefer to stay away from the Family of God and the Creator. And this is the main origin of their extreme INDIFFERENCE amongst everyone in the universe. They do not observe the way of love and equality as practiced and taught by Mother-Father God and the Prime Creator.

They wanted to be treated and be feared by everyone in the Universe. They are the ones who started the wars, violence and terrorism allover the galaxy and beyond. Neither the Prime Creator nor Mother-Father ever asked all beings to bow down and worship them.  They will never require that.  But these evil rogue group wanted to be serve by all beings, serve them and worship.  That is what they wanted.  

They have acquired significant technological and scientific knowledge which gives them a sense of pride and proud of who they are. They also wanted to ascend to the higher dimensions but only using their own evil terms and not of the principles of love being used by all beings who belongs to the Light of God. They wanted to achieve these goals through technological means and scientific breakthrough that bypass the Energy of God via other means. And so, this is one of their main aim is to create a plethora of technologies that will give them the edge and defeat the Galactic Federation of Light that is guided by Mother-Father God, The Company of Heaven and the Prime Creator.

As mentioned, these rogue, rebel groups are the ones who started wars in this galaxy. Such as the story of what happened to planet Earth as it was INVADED by these rogue evil group. They seek to invade young and developing planetary civilizations such as the Earth.

It was sometime in the middle of the last Age which is the age of Pisces when these rogue evil group arrived on Earth and took the Earth by force. At first they were friendly and then they started to infiltrate the Settlers who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. 

The Atlantians was the first one to arrive on the planet among those who are not members of the Federation. They came from the star of Atlantia. They spoke with the Pleiadian people and they allowed them to stay on an area where we considered today as the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, just across Spain also known as Iberia.

At that time there were no ocean. Atlantic ocean does not exist yet. This means, that Atlantis was accessible either by air or by land. Just like the Galactic of Light members the Atlantian were also sophisticated technologically. They too have aeroships which we call today as UFOs. Apparently, the Atlantians knew that the Earth will be the recipient of the new batch of beings that will be sent from every corner of the galaxy in order to be trained for the advancement of their consciousness. They number from millions into billions. It was more like, the sum total of humans that will be born on Earth in the future. The Atlantians saw that as a chance for them to use those humans as slaves for their own selfish purposes. 

They setup a Teleportation Portal somewhere in the Middle East to initiate the arrival of some of their invited friends and allies. They did this for they knew that the Galactic Federation of Light in which their several orbiting Motherships were just outside the Earth and into nearby planets such as Mars and Venus will not allow the entry of unwanted beings who are considered as rogue, rebels and evil beings. 

They are the Annunakis, and beings from Orion and elsewhere. They were able to enter the Earth via a backdoor kind of technique which is using a teleportation technology that can bring large number of people including equipments, armament and etc.quickly without traveling - the traditional method of moving in space. Soon the Annunakis and Reptilians were already present on Earth. While at the same time the Atlantians started conquering the land all around their region from Europe, Africa and elsewhere.

And since the Galactic Federation of Light members are not violent type of people they just vacated the territories and gave way to the conquering forces of the Atlantians along with their allies. But the Lemurians disagreed with their plan of enslaving the new batch conscious beings that will be assigned with human bodies. They wanted the Atlantians to leave these people alone and stop their campaign of conquering the lands of the Earth. This stance of the Lemurians became the turning point; as the Lemurians became the
resistance force against these invaders and conquerors. The Lemurians does not want to give up their land and they will never allow the oppression of the conquerors as these invaders wanted to create humans as slaves and them being their masters.

And because of this, war broke out between the conquerors/invading allies and the Lemurians. From air combat to ground troops and then eventually they exchanged Thermo-Nuclear weapons. which resulted in the creation of several desert regions on Earth. Literally, all the deserts in the world from the Sahara, to Gobi and all the way to the Australian Outback including the small deserts in the Far East as well as in the west coast of the US were used to be existing ancient cities that were wiped out by the thermo-nuclear weapons. This weapons are capable of pulverizing large rocky mountains into a very fine powdery substance in which we call today as desert sands. The weapons were so strong that it created a sandstorm that blocked the sunlight for a very long time.

In addition to this, the Atlantians also destroyed the Ice Canopy of the Earth that covers the world as a protection shield. They figure out that the Lemurians will never surrender, never give up and that will only become a prolonged extended period of war. 

And so they initiated the destruction of the Ice Canopy that envelops the Earth by firing lasers to it. Until piece by piece, the ice canopy started to crack and it fell on Earth. Which eventually melted and became the unexpected flood as permanent oceans of the world.

But some of the Lemurians survived by either going to the spaceships who stayed in orbit near the Earth or by going inside the domains of the Inner Earth and Hollow Earth people. By the decree of the Prime Creator that they will just allow these rogue evil groups to rule the Earth but only for a limited period of time which is until the End of the Age of Pisces (December 21, 2012).

Those who survived the war either by hiding in caves, in higher mountain regions and etc. went back to normal life as though nothing happened. But this time they will be joined with a new set human beings allover the world that will be genetically modified by the Atlantians in order to establish their rulerships over all people on Earth. Some of the survivors went inside the Inner Earth and joined their civilizations. But the people who refuse to surrender from the enemies are the Lemurians who stayed near the surface of the Earth even after all those thousands of years. All these thousands of years they refuse to leave their beloved land that they've had for more than a hundred thousands of years as they were the pioneer people who landed and lived on the surface of the Earth. They were the first ones who came and lived on the surface when the very idea of living on the surface of a planet was something never been done before anywhere in the Galaxy and throughout the Universe. 

These Lemurians survivors are living underneath the great mountains of Shasta.
And Mt. Shasta and the nearby mountains are occupied by them. Take note, this is sub-terranean living and not on the surface of the world. Although, their access to the surface of the world are much quicker as they are just a few kilometers away. What they did was that they hollowed the base of the mountain/s creating an interior crevices or open space that can be ideal for a sub-terranean living. They rechanneled the flow of lava/magma and then converted those into a big network of passageways. 

These Lemurians after all these thousands of years they refuse to leave the land that was theirs from the very beginning. After all, the western part of what we call today as Canada and west coast of the US are technically part of the Lemurian territory from the very beginning of the Earths surface history. They created a sub-terranean city called Telos which is just underneath Mt. Shasta. By going inside the mountain they are then honoring the will of the Spiritual Hierarchy to let the evil rogue group to occupy and rule the world and not assimilate with them. As the company of Heaven and the Creator have allowed this evil group to rule the world for a very limited period of time.

The bravery, tenacity, their undying spirit is still with us today. They are still with us today. They are the kind of people who will never give up. And they deserve commendations and our respect. They refuse to bow down from the invading evil empire of the rogue groups of Atlantian and their allies.  They also helped in defeating the secret rulers of this world.  And they are the unsung heroes that should be honored.  As they are capable of being invincible, protecting the lives of the people who are battling the enemies. 

One of the surviving Lemurian citizen is no other than Adama. And he became the High Priest of Telos. He himself was present on Earth during the time of war with the Atlantians. From time to time Adama along with other Lemurians visits the regions near Mt. Shasta California and some of the areas on Earth were he have fond memories of the past. Unlike us, people allover the world the bodies of the Lemurians never grow old and never die as they were not genetically modified by the Atlantians. The Lemurians are very tall - around 9 to 11 feet tall and the others are even taller. And sometimes they have to use their technologies of temporarily shrinking their height so as not to scare people on the surface.

And speaking of Lemurians and Telos, they will be the first batch of people that will come out and will meet with us on the surface of the world for the celebration as the defeat of the rulers of this world and their reign on Earth is over and done! This will be followed by the people of Hollow Earth and the eventual disclosure announcement by the governments of the world. That the Galactics had been in contact with the governments of the world for a very long time. They've met with the late President Eisenhower and JFK. 

And so, this means the Galactic will finally decloak and will be seen in the skies of the world. And speaking of cloaked spaceships. There was a certain retired NASA scientist who have been recording in his home a spot in the sky at night where no stars can be seen. For years and years he wondered what that meant. He also saw and observed several UFOs coming in and out of that big black spot in the sky as this thing remained stationary in one place. Then Zorra from Hollow Earth confirmed to him that black spot in the sky is indeed A CLOAKED spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Light. When the time is right they will ALL decloaked for the whole world to see. After all, the galactics are here because their families are here on the surface of the Earth and will never leave them as all people of the world came from the various star systems of the cosmos.

Now going back to the subject of devastating war.  The Earth had become permanently flooded by the destruction of the Ice Canopy.  And that made most of the regions of the land of Lemuria covered by water.  The once lush garden and civilization vanished, covered by ocean water which we call today as the Pacific.  And because of that the people of Sirius and Pleaides started introducing the whales, dolphins, sharks and all kinds of fish were  brought to the Earth.

To be continued....

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