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Timeline of Earths Era

1.) Before Atlantian Era (B.A.E.)

The Earth is about 1.3 million years old or so. It was constructed near the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy which is the Central Sun for six thousand years or six days as one day to the Creator is equivalent to a thousand Earth years. An Age is a 26,000 year journey of a planet along with its Star System from spinning around the Central Sun of the Galaxy. And when a planet and its star system reaches the completion of the 26,000 year and or completed a one cycle or one trip around the Central Sun then that is considered as ONE AGE.

After the six thousand year construction of the Earth then it was sent to the star system called Solar System as the name of the Sun is Sol. The Earth occupied the third row from the Sun just after the orbit of Venus. And that became the address of the Earth ever since. From that time on, the Earth along with the solar system was able to make trips around the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy for fifty times - that happened on December 21, 2012. The Earth therefore is 1,306,000+ years old. Take note that the Solar System has been spinning around the Milky Way long before the arrival of the Earth. This also means that those other star systems in this galaxy that are much larger and wider in terms of its diameter are much older than the Solar System. This is true because every planet and every star are awarded the ability to expand itself diametrically when they reach their Golden Age.

Long before the existence of the Earth there was already a Federation in the Galaxy known as the Galactic Federation of Light. They are a goup of planets and star systems who banded together whose loyalty and devotion to the Light of God is their main goal. And the Earth reached its Golden Age last December 21, 2012.

But the official start of the New Age was calibrated on January 20, 2014.

The Earth was then inhabited by Arianis. They mostly occupied the interior part of the planet and not on the surface part; as the surface of the planet was not yet designed to harbor living things. Every planet in the Universe have their civilizations and their living things living inside the interiors of every planet and not outside. Because every planet has a hollowed interior. And this hollowed interior of the Eath is called Hollow Earth. It was not intended by the Creator to make living things live outside the planet as the surface of every planet is subjected to harmful outside atmospheric conditions such as storms, quakes (to release geothermal pressure), meteors and comets and etc.

But one day an idea was born to try to see if living things can live on the surface of the planet. This is something that wasnt tried anywhere in the universe. It was first tried on the surface of the planet Mars. But it was met with a catastrophic end when a big asteroid hit the surface of Mars. Then they decided to transfer the experiment on the next planet near Mars which was Earth.

Planet Earth was then sent to Sirius for the installation of the Ice Canopy made to shield the Earth from harmful elements in the outer space. And when it was done and was sent back to the Solar System. That was then the start of the arrival of the Settlers coming from various regions of the galaxy and beyond. These pioneer settlers on the surface of the Earth were all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

It was planet Lemur who was the first one who landed on the surface of the Earth to start to building their own colony and civilization. They occupied the Eurasian region and all the way to what we call today as Pacific Ocean, as during those times the Earth was not yet covered by ocean water. At that time, the surface of the Earth looked like the surface of Mars with no large bodies of water. And so planet Lemur settled in this region as the pioneer on the surface of the Earth and called their civilization as LEMURIA.

This was followed by other Galactic Federation members such as: Sirius Star system, Pleiades Star sytem, Arcturus Star System, Alpha Centauri Star system, Andromeda Star system and from Lyra Star system. They spread around the surface of the Earth. Remember, at that time there were no ocean yet as it was not part of the original design for the Earth to have an ocean.

Lemuria occupied the vast land of Eurasia and the Pacific region. The Lemurians are also originally from the Sirius star system which is why they were followed by the Sirian delegation to land and begin their own civilization. The Pleiadian people occupied the region in what we call today as the Atlantic and the western part of Europe. The Arcturians also landed and began building their own civilization on the regions we call today as Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia. While the people from Alpha Centauri occupied the land of the South American region. While the Lyran delegation occupied the Arabian region and so on.

They all brought with them their own animals, plants, trees and all kinds of living things. This is the main reason why certain fruits and vegetables are only available to certain areas of the earth. And the reason for that is that those fruits and vegetables are native to that particular land region; as the settlers brought with their own native living things. Fruits like lemon was orginally from India and it was not available elsewhere on Earth. It was only

during the time of the British conquest of India when Lemon was then introduced and cultivated around the world. Even today there are certain indigenous plants in Arabia that you cannot find in the Oriental Asia and India and vice versa.

In the same way, there are plants and trees that are found in the Far East that you can also find in the South Pacific and New Zealand. This is because all these regions are originally occupied by the same settlers from planet Lemur. And the people of Lemur have identical living things with those from Sirius. As the people from 
Lemur are also originally from Sirius. This is why the plants such as FERNS you can see very similar specie of this plant/s from Asia, South Pacific, Hawaii and even the west coast of both Canada and the USA. These vast regions are the place called ancient LEMURIA or MU for short. As I said, they were here on the surface of the Earth as the pioneer civilization. They were the first ones to land on the Earths surface as the interior of the Earth was already occupied by the Arianis.

The center of the Lemurian civilization was Hawaii. There were vast residential settlements stretching from all over the Pacific in which at the time was not yet covered by ocean water.

All the pyramids on Earth were built by all of these Galactic Settlers 100,000 years ago BCE.

The Pleiadians were the ones who built the Stonehenge in order to accommodate incoming small scout ships that will rest on the shoulders of the stonehenge.  

The Planet Mushaba which is also part of Sirius star system sent in their people's and they occupied the African region.  And they are the black people of today.

To be continued....

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