Monday, November 14, 2016

A Message from Adama through Dianne Robbins - Nov. 14, 2016

"In light of the USA elections, it is most
important now to focus our energy on peace."
~ Dianne

Adama is the High Priest of Telos 

An Era of Change

My brothers and sisters of Light, I greet you in the Light of God’s love that is continuously flowing to you from above and below. Yes, we in Telos are also continuously sending you our love, in hopes of encasing your etheric bodies in the pure love of God. For all love comes from God, no matter who’s sending it. There is only one source of love, and it is from the Divine Heart of God which is in our heart! God’s divine love dwells in our heart, ready and waiting to be released and sent out to all.

Now I will talk about PEACE — the PEACE that reigns on most planets in our solar system. Most of humanity live lives of peace and well-being as they spiral through Eternity. There are only a very few planets like Earth, that are still in the throes of infancy, and who still have poverty, wars, and greed. Your planet is now reaching the stage of adulthood, where poverty, wars, and greed are no longer acceptable and have been outgrown by the masses. THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS IS NOW CALLING FOR PEACE AND ABUNDANCE, AND WELL-BEING. In fact, as we hear your prayers, we hear you not just calling out, but we hear you crying out for change — change in your governments, change in your laws, and change in your justice system, so that everyone has everything that’s needed for a full and happy life in order to evolve in peace. We hear all your cries, and the Angels in heaven are responding. The Angels are here in full force, caring and responding to all who cry out for change.

There are many forces in the Universe who are responding to humanity’s call. Among them are the people from the Subterranean Cities of Light who are physical beings just like you, who have used the peace and prosperity in our lives to evolve in consciousness. We have had a perfect setting in which to play out our roles on the stage of life, and we have used this setting to our advantage by learning and striving to perfect ourselves as much as possible during our time underground. We have used every situation as a learning experience to reflect more and more of God’s Light into our lives, and then to beam this light out to others so that we can all be further enriched in this lifetime. So stay close to us in thought, as we are here to guide and protect you on our forthcoming Journey into Light. 

I am Adama

Copyright © 2016 Dianne Robbins

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