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Getting to know the Lemurians

Zorra- is a Lemurian, he was present during the time of war between Atlantis and Lemuria. He now  lives in Hollow Earth.  And because of the high content of copper in Hollow Earth they obtain a turquoise color on their skin.  Copper helps them develop super natural abilities.  It was Zorra who destroyed the incoming asteroid that was about to hit Russia a few years ago. That extinction level event was recorded by so many people in Russia and I still have that video perhaps someday I will repost it. Zorra prevented the asteroid from hitting the surface of the Earth.  When the Disclosure is given either by President Obama or the next president, Zorra will appear as one of the representative of the Lemurian civilization.  The president will not only introduce him but also the the Prime Creator, the Galactics such as Sananda and Ashtar.  Including the Ascended Masters such as St. Germain. So, when you see the announcement during the Disclosure, these are the people that we will see on our television screen and on the internet.

Adama - is also a Lemurian.  But they live in the sub-terranean world which is also connected to Agartha and Hollow Earth.  Adama is presently the High Priest of Telos which is a sub-terranean city inside Mt. Shasta.

Zaraya - is also a Lemurian and is the son of Zorra.  He was sent to the surface of the Earth to inform the world about the message of Zorra as well as the messages from Prime Creator.  Every once in a while, he and his father trade bodies in order to deliver the message. So, instead of just channeling, the swapping of soul and spirit are done so that people are talking and hearing directly from Zorra.  Zaraya was also a giant, about 14 feet tall.  Before they sent him they needed to shrink his height into the size of a toddler, they put him on a chamber and gradually he started to shrink and they deposited him and his sister in Texas.  They also alter his DNA to better match to what we have on Earth surface.  And then he was adopted by the Woodards family in 1961 and they gave him the name as Billie Faye Woodard.  When he grew up his memory started coming back.  And his father Zorra- appeared to him to help him remember who he is and what his mission was.


The Lemurians are the pioneer settlers who responded to the call of inhabiting the surface of a planet. And this was something that has never been done before in any part of the Universe. Because all the planets in the universe are all hollow inside, meaning all their civilizations are residing inside the interior of every planet. And so every planet, has a northern and southern polar entry points which acts as a gateway. The spherical dome interior of a planet is ideal and optimal design by the Creator for every being to live into. Not only the inhabitants are protected from the harsh elements present on the surface of the planet such as various storms, earthquakes, meteor showers but also from invasion from another planet that are rogue, not part of the Galactic Federation. 

The Lemurians came from planet Lemur and the ancestors of the Lemurians came from the Sirius star system. They arrived on planet called Earth which is also called as Terra and having a Galactic name as Gaia. They occupied a very large areas of the Earth, from the regions of western Russia and all the way to the Pacific. At the time, it was not yet called Pacific but instead it was simply called as MU which was a nickname for Lemuria. The Pacific was not yet covered by ocean water; it was just a vast land that will be converted into a paradise on Earth. 

In order to make the Earth habitable by various kinds of animals, they made the basin of the Pacific to have a number of terrains. They sculpted the terrains making the western part of the Pacific deeper than any other areas of the Pacific. And when the formations of terrains was done then they were able to bring with them the Dinosaurs and Mammoths from planet Lemur and this include the teradactyl - the flying dinosaur. 

By now you can imagine the size of these animals. The sheer size of a dozen or so of these creatures cannot possibly fit inside the biggest oil tanker of the world today. They brought several of them on the land of Lemuria this includes the so called T-Rex. All the Dinosaurs and Mammoths are all vegetarian. They are not aggressive or violent type of creatures. You can actually take a ride with these animals and they will let you into their backs as though you are riding a horse or an elephant. You can do the same thing with the Teradactyl as they can let you fly with them and soar the highs and lows of the terrains of Mu. The teeth and the claw of these animals are just for the shredding the barks of a tree. They are not carnivorous and they will never eat any other animals or humans. 

The last two decades or so we saw the discoveries of various dinosaurs and mammoths found on the Siberian region which is also part of Lemuria. The dinosaurs and mammoths surprisingly they discovered when dissected to open their stomach they found that the contents of their stomachs are just plant based diet. There was no meat whatsoever. And this was consistent to all the dinosaurs that were found frozen in the ice of Siberia and this includes the mammoths. 

If we remove all the water of the Pacific Ocean (just for illustration purposes) you will see that it was sculpted for the very purpose of accommodating large species of animals. And if there is no water that covers the Pacific you can find some entryways or caves that was converted into caverns for the Lemurians to live into. One of these entryways was discovered recently just off the coast of southern California. Underneath the water of the beach when following the contours of the terrain you will find such entry ways like a big cave which leads you to subterranean location. The Lemurians also built viewing stations. One example is the one submerge underwater on the southern islands of Japan called Yonoguni. This island is near Taiwan and northern Philippines. If you search diligently this island including the underwater areas you can still find the remnants of the Lemurian civilization. But because its been a long time, some of those relics are already severely damaged from water erosion. The viewing platform was designed in order for people to see the panoramic view of the paradise called Mu as it gives you the wide angle view of the surroundings as well as the deeper terrains where the giant animals are located. This is also a good starting point if you want to ride the flying teradactyl as you can enjoy the thrill of it diving into the deeper terrain from the top of the mountain. All the islands of the Pacific these includes the Hawaiian islands, micronesia, Easter Islands, New Zealand, Fiji, Nauru, Guam, Saipan, Japan, Philippines and etc. are all the upper portions of the mountains of Lemuria. And each of these mountains have a network sub-terranean residential living spaces that has been kept secret for thousands of years! And they are all inter-connected. 

This means you can ride an underground tunnel using a shuttle that has no wheels but is magnetically levitated on all areas of the tunnel to secure safety and it travels faster than the latest maglev trains built on the surface of the world by either Japan, China and Korea. With this mode of underground transport you can reach Easter island in a matter of 30 minutes. You can ride these high speed underground shuttle and you can reach either Japan, the Philippines, Australia and even Tibet in 30 minutes. By the way, do you know why some of the scriptures during First Century AD was able to survive all these thousands of years, including the Gospel written by Mary Magdalene? It was all possible because of the existence of this extensive line of network of underground passageways that connects most of the Lemurian regions. Because of this mode of underground transport they were able to move not just passengers but also cargoes of all kinds. 

Some of the original first century writings of Mary Magdalene was preserved by the use of these underground passageways with high speed levitating shuttles; and was able to avoid confiscation by the Romans. The Roman Emperor Constantine confiscated much of the first century scriptures and burned them.  And after that they edited the Bible.  That is why the oldest Bible in the Vatican only dates back to the third century AD.

And today it is called as the Agarthan network. Which not only comprise the underground passageways but also the cities underneath those cities. Yes they built cities underneath those Lemurian mountains which is connected to a more underground residential living. There is an ancient underground city underneath the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan and the same thing with the mountains in northern Philippines and of course Mt. Shasta in California and they are all interconnected via underground tunnels. You can take a ride in any of this underground shuttles and it will take you quickly to any destination you wish. The difference with the technology of the Lemurians with what we have today in the surface of the world is 
that their knowledge and technology is more advance than ours. For example, when you are riding any of their underground shuttles you cannot feel any of the G-force or inertia. Even though you are traveling in the speed of sound their technology can cancel the inertia of its forward motion as though you are just inside a non-moving stationary room. And this kind of technology can also be seen with their aeroships that fly inside the Hollow Earth and sometimes we see them on the surface of the world and we call them UFOs. This means you can even drink a cup of coffee or tea inside the shuttle or their aeroship even though its moving extremely fast and it will not suffer any spill of that liquid as the containment inside the ship and the shuttle are not subjected by the Earths gravitational pull. 

Along with the animals they also brought with them the plants and trees and they populated the Lemurian regions with so much vegetations that really was called the Paradise of Earth. Mu was indeed called paradise and heaven on earth. But the Garden of Eden is not found inside the regions of Lemuria and neither in any other surface areas of the Earth. This is because, the garden of Eden is located INSIDE the Hollow Earth. Let me draw the distinctions. The solid crust of the Earth is only 800 miles in thickness and this is where the sub-terranean region is located. And after the 800 miles is an open interior hollow space called Hollow Earth. The Garden of Eden is inside the Hollow Earth. There is a city inside the Earth called Eden and that is the original location of the garden mentioned in the bible.

During and after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria that was the time that the Lemurians started moving into the Hollow Earth. The Lemurians or what we call the people of ancient Lemuria transferred and or migrated to these two regions: a) Sub-Terranean crust of the Earth b) The Hollow Interior of the Earth which was originally inhabited by the Aryanis. 

How do they look like?
The Lemurians are very tall they range from 13 to 18 feet tall. For example Zorra from Hollow Earth is also a Lemurian, he is 15 feet tall. His wife Sarriya is around 13 to 14 feet tall. While those in the subterranean region on the crust of the Earth their height is around 8 to 11 feet tall. The Lemurians in terms of race are a combination of caucasian looking people as well as oriental (asian) and some are similar to the Pacific islanders. Their skin colors varies from Blue, Turquiose (mix green & blue), white and etc. While their hair color ranges from golden yellow. orange, red, black and blonde. This is the reason why when you go visit India you will find their gods (not Gods) are beings with blue skin. This is because these blue skinned or turquoise colored people came from inside the Earth and they are part of the Lemurian civilizations. Another example in the Phillipines there is a folklore or stories of giants who came out of the mountains and they usually come out when its already near sunset. 

The remains of some of the Lemurians who were victims of the war between Atlantis and Lemuria can be found underneath Tibetan mountains near China and also the deserts of Gobi. When they excavated these regions they saw humans that are very tall and have red and blonde hairs. And these are not Europeans. The same thing with the pyramids of China, inside you can see the mummified remains of 
Lemurian people and most of them have a caucasian features having red hair and etc. 

What does these mean?
This means that the human body regardless of race is only a temporary dwelling place. It can be discarded, it can be replaced with a new one. You can either choose any of the default designs of various races as what race you choose to have as a physical body is not very important. Because the physical body is no different from a garment that we wear. Our clothes in our closet have varying different kinds of colors and different kinds of styles, designs and patterns. It works the same way with the physical body. The assortment of choices of different races are just a matter of design and its DNA. In other words we are 
not the body that we currently have. Just as you can choose various brands of cars whether Ford, GMC, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Saab, BMW, Maserati, Lamborghini, Renault, Kia and so on. The same thing with the human body the Lemurians can choose the type of body they can have. Remember, you are the driver of the vehicle and you are not the car, instead you are the one who is driving the car. The car is not you. And this analogy is very applicable to the human body. We are not our body. The body is not you. You are the person inside the body. And you are the one who is operating your own body telling it where to go and what to do, just like you would with a car.

The Lemurians are also capable of transforming and or morphing into another body either human or animal and its usually a body of an animal such as birds, eagles and some four footed animals. They are also capable of dematerializing that allows them to pass through walls regardless of the thickness of it. For example, if you record the lenticular clouds that comes out of Mt. Shasta and or Mt. Fuji, you can see that it originated inside the mountain. They applied the technology of dematerializing their spacecraft into lenticular clouds. And when you follow this clouds you will find that eventually it will dissipate and 
disappear as vapor into the sky as they are already on their way going offworld. The Lemurians themselves already admitted that those lenticular clouds are camouflaged spacecrafts.

For now, we find these capabilities of the Lemurians are out of touch with our present reality and technology. Because it does sounds like a science fiction. But it is not. This is because we on the surface of the planet are subjected to a very limited lifespan by incarnating allover again and again repeatedly to several lifetimes on different human bodies. And by going through those process we lose the memories of the past. In addition to that the secret rulers of this world are constantly stealing and hiding the already acquired knowledge and technologies for their own advantage. We all know that they suppressed the discoveries and inventions of Tesla. Did you know that for more than a hundred years now that there are scores of inventions from around the world that have been confiscated and was hidden underneath the basement of the US government building? This was revealed by the people of Hollow Earth. And so we have to discover allover again what we already knew before in previous lifetimes. And this is the main reason why you find yourself interested in some activities or studies that you feel you resonated with it is because in your previous lifetimes you were once engaging in those activities. Now, this is not the case for the Lemurians as they never grow old and never die as their technologies are designed for optimal living that can prolonged peoples lifespan to several thousands of years. While we on the surface constantly forget what we already know in previous lifetime and then have to be re-born into another body only to re-learn what we already knew before. And this cause us so much time delay with our knowledge of science and technologies. But say for example if you have a time budget of at least three thousand years of mastering the tricks of playing tennis or any other sports, then you can defeat any grand slam champion out there. By having sufficient and enough time to practise some crafts, activities, sciences, martial arts or sports then you can eventually refine and further improve to perfection anything that you put your heart and mind into accomplishing. With Lemurians this is something that they have for eons of time as they really have ETERNITY to improve and study things. This means they have the technology that they already mastered and perfected for eons and eons of time while we are just barely scratching the surface of those technologies and or scientific knowledge.

Another example is the art and science of holographic image combined with the technology of force field. Do you know why the North Pole and South Pole appears to be sometimes hollow with open space and 
then sometimes it just plainly covered with ICE? The answer is the holographic projections technology. They can project an image onto it making it look like it is covered with ice glacier, but in truth it is actually open like a hole of the donut (see the illustrations). In addition to the Holographic image, they also combined it with a force field. And so when you bump into it you feel like it is solid. But when they turn off the force field, then you can pass through the polar opening and be able to get inside the hollow Earth. This is exactly what happened with Admiral Byrd who flew to the North and South Pole and the Agarthans turned off the holographic image of ice and he was able to see inside the hollow Earth, where the trees are bigger than the biggest trees we have on the surface of the Earth. By turning off the force field, Admiral Byrds airplane was able to go inside the hollow Earth and saw the small interior central sun inside the Earth. 

Now, the question is how do we meet the Lemurians and learn from them?
The Lemurians are good people. We can either visit them or we wait for them to come out and congratulate us for the celebration is at hand for the New Golden Age of the Earth. They will do this when the Disclosure are given by the worlds government about the benevolent presence of the Galactics and the people of Hollow Earth including the Lemurians. They were hoping president Obama will do the disclosure in his remaining final days in office. But because of the complications with the Clintons controversy it might not happen with Obama. But there is still some chance that he will have the guts to tell the truth about the reality of extra terrestrial presence as well as the Lemurian people of Agarthan network inside the earth. And if President Obama will not be able to announce disclosure. Then, the responsibility of disclosure may be turned over to the next president. 

The difficulties with Obama is that since he is only a CEO of a private corporation which is the USA corp. then it means he have higher ups that he needs to answer to. And that prevents him from doing completely what he wanted to do. The Lemurians know that Obama is a good person and that he is a light-worker but because of his limitations that is doing significant constraints preventing him from doing the right thing and therefore things like disclosure and stopping wars in the middle east can be very challenging for him as the secret society that is giving him orders of what to say and do are really not good people, they are very evil. And he have to obey them. And that is the main problem with President Obama, but deep inside Obama is a good and genuine person and the Galactics knows this.

The original initial plan was that there will be a Disclosure that will be done by Obama announcing it live on television and along with him are the members of the Galactic Federation, Ashtar, Sananda, St. Germain, Prime Creator and Zorra from Hollow Earth. But if President Obama will announce it then he has to do it between now and November 8 as his term of office will end in the coming days. Will it make any difference if he decided to do it after the said November 8, 2016? Although, it will be more convincing if it  happens while he is still in office, but when his term of office ends, then maybe the ideal thing to do is that to do an announcement when he is already free from the responsibility that binds him from the US corporation. That means, he does not have to obey them. Then he will be free to say what he needs to be said and announce what should be announced in the first place. He may also opt to include the incoming interim president of the US, perhaps Paul Ryan? to make the joint announcement of the Disclosure that has been long overdue since the days the Galactics met with President Eisenhower and Kennedy (JFK). When the Agarthans and Lemurians will come out to meet us people on the surface of the world, it will mean that the cabal has been defeated and there will be a global celebration as earlier outlined a few years before by St. Germain, Zorra and the Galactic Federation.

The New World is coming, a world where people will no longer be under the influence and control of the bad secret rulers of this world. And when that happens the Lemurians will come out and meet with us. And they call it the ''Emergence''. It will fulfill what Ashtar said prophetically that Lemuria the paradise and heaven on Earth will come back. It will also fulfill the prophecy of the book of Revelation saying: ''And there was a new Earth, and there was no more sea.'' Yes, that means they will bring back Lemuria to the way it was in the beginning. They will transport the whales and some other kinds of fish and bring them back to Sirius and Pleaides. And then they will reduce the worlds ocean and what will be left are just a number of rivers and lakes. This maybe one of the primary reason why the delegation from Sirius brought a mothership in which according to Zorra is twice the size of the Earth. I still have a copy of this footage of the mothership from Sirius that is twice the size of the Earth. Definitely it can accommodate the worlds ocean water and bring back the lands of Lemuria.

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