Saturday, November 5, 2016

Meditation with Ashtar for November 6, 2016


We need to realize that we already have the answers for all the chaotic 3D problems and enslavement programs, and even for the challenges, uncertainties, and fears which the upcoming USA elections are presenting!** The NESARA Law is already in place, and it brings Divine Governance to all the World as it is announced, activated and implemented. NOW is the time to come together to energize its Announcement!!!

So, we will be doing a second live Meditation Conference Call this Sunday, November 6th, at 1:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, 4:00 PM,Eastern Standard Time.*** You may wish to call in early to enjoy the greetings. Stanley will begin hosting at 12:50pm, and Susan will start recording this call promptly at the hour. We will have a brief presentation; then we will enter into a powerful Meditation to energize NESARA's Announcement!

We expect that the call will last 15-20 minutes, although you are each invited to stay in the energy of the Meditation for as long as you feel connected with it! This is a clarion call for all Re-Union members who have learned Sananda's Hands of LoveLight Meditation - and everyone else in our Ashtar On The Road Family, as well as anyone beyond - who feels the calling, even if they have not learned this Meditation. They can use whatever spiritual tools and gifts they have AS ONE WITH US ALL!

1-605-562-3140, Access Code 980339#

* Until the Announcement, this NESARA Meditation will repeat again on every following Sunday at the same time - whether or not there will be another actual live conference call after this one is yet to be decided. It will be up to everyone to mark their calendars, find a quiet space, bring others together with them, and share their LoveLights from wherever they are around the Globe! It is also OK to use NO TIME if you are unable to participate at that time - simply give your intention to join with us when you begin.

** Ashtar: "Because of the extremely challenging circumstances involved in this election, this Sunday's Meditation will be uniquely timely and exponentially supportive of moving up into Higher levels, wherein NESARA will be empowered to present all of its solutions, and where those of High Heart Love and Wisdom will be in positions to implement it!"

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