Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Return of St. Germain

by Christopher Witecki


​Good Day and Namaste,

As you wake up this morning, I am certain you are in a bit of a shock. As I predicted in the last two weeks, "the losers will be surprised they lost, and the winners will be surprised the won." I also wrote a blog yesterday that explained our country would NOT loose in the end, because the world has reached the climax of NOT's - - allowing the world to know Who We Really Are and begin the Age of Aquarius.

None of these statements have changed today! In fact, I wrote those blogs knowing Donald Trump would win the election. (I have known for about three weeks now) It's one of those psychic moments that you keep to yourself - - partly because you don't want to look like a fool - - partly because I feared the viewer backlash -- but mostly because my Guides strictly told me to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. (and I always obey)


As you probably know, i spent a week in the hospital in October. One night in the hospital, I prayed to the Angels for a healing. I blogged about this healing and miracle that I experienced immediately after. If you missed that blog you can read it about it HERE.

What I didn't share in that blog was what happened to me AFTER the healing. Every night in the hospital, and for the first few nights in my home, I experience the most lucid, vivid, and powerful dreams I have experienced in years. Some of these dreams I am not ready to share with you, but there is ONE dream you should know about.

​I had a lot of downtime in the hospital, so I caught up on some of my Angel studies. One day I stumble upon an article about St Germain, Lord of the 7th Ray. In all honesty, I had HEARD of St Germain but never really studied much. Astrology is my expertise, and the Company of Heaven is my newest fascination in spiritual studies. I was surprised to discover that Germain was said to be the "God of Freedom", and the ONE responsible for the Age of Aquarius. In other words, his assignment from God was the Earth's transition to the new age. Fascinating!



St. Germain

Studying further, the websites listed some of the past lives St Germain has incarnated as. He was said to be a high priest of Atlantis serving in the Order of Lord Zadkiel in the Temple of Purification (which is now Cuba btw) He was said to be Plato - the only known historian to mention ancient Atlantis in ancient text. He was Merlin the Wizardduring King Arthur's crusade, and Christopher Columbus the discover of America. (yes I like Christopher Columbus! I like anyone named Christopher because I know who you have to be to bear that name) And finally St Germain incarnated as Sir Francis Bacon - and English philosopher in the 17ht century who is thought to be the actual writer posing as William Shakespeare. This was an incredible coincidence to me because I happen to admire every one of those characters, and have a HUGE fascination with anything Atlantis! I was intrigued!


...then you KNOW I am all about the Age of Aquarius. My life has been dedicated to the education of others to help raise the vibration on earth. This St. Germain guy sounded like someone I should be working with from Heaven! So when I got home and could do my knightly prayer rituals, I decided to PRAY TO ST. GERMAIN.

I filled my heart with love and said something like this:
​"I hereby pray to St. Germain, Lord of the 7th Ray. Hey buddy! I don't remember who you are in Heaven, but I'm certain we MUST be on the same team! I want you to know that my heart is ALREADY dedicated to your mission. I know I am on Earth to help you in anyway I can. My inventions, my business, and my Dojo (Soulgarden) will ALL be at your service and dedicated to your mission. Please share with me how I can be of service to you are your divine mission. I love you man! And, I am grateful for your response! Witecki OUT" ( I really am this corny and sweet when I pray. Like a friend)

Christopher Columbus

Sir Francis Bacon

I went to bed and fell fast asleep. In my dreams that night, I found myself walking up a side walk to a big white house. I did not recognize the house, but it was white with pillars. I knew in the dream I was supposed to be at this place, so I knocked on the door. As the door opens, I am stunned at who answers.

It's was no other than DONALD TRUMP! (No shift!) Now in my dream, I was actually shocked. Why was I at Donald Trump's house? This is weird.

I was not particularly a fan of Donald Trump's at the time. I KNEW Hilary was horrible for the country, I had gotten that information from my guides since August. But I really did not know what I was going to do about the election because Trump seemed to have a 6th grade mind and be vicious in his approach. I am a kind man and just could not put myself to vote for him, either.

But HERE he was, standing in front of me. The dream was so crips and vivid, I could not believe it. And to my surprise Donald looks at me and smiles and Trump says, "Hello Christopher - nice to see you. Come on in"

I was a little dumbfounded and remember thinking in my dream "what the hell am I doing at Donald Trump's house. I figure that I must be here to give him a reading or something. I have given many important people readings, that must be it. OK. I follow Donald through his modest home. There are children playing in the living room, and others in their bedrooms reading. All the kids seemed really happy. One of his children was mulatto or a mixed race. She stopped me from following Donald and wanted to sing to me. (I love children, so I was like OK!) She sang this beautiful song - and I was shocked! I told her, "Wow girl! You are going to grow up to be a beautiful singer! You have an amazing voice! Wow!"

Doesn't she? (Trump interrupts from the doorway of the kitchen) She responds "Thank you Daddy!"

I guess this child was Trump's kid. Okay. Trump waves me into the kitchen. I follow inside where I find him in an apron cooking dinner for his family. My mind was flabbergasted! (He's cooking dinner for his kids?) Wow, I really had the wrong impression of this guy. HIs kids are adorable and he's actually cooking for them. He can cook?

Just then Trump runs out of the kitchen leaving pots steaming on the stove. He's gone for a while, so I decide to wander around the house - - where I find Trump reading to his son in bed. I guess it was the boy's bedtime. The kid looked happy and asked if I wanted to come in and join. Trump was like, "yeah come in and join us" I did not want to impose on parent time, so I reply: "No it's ok, you two go ahead I'll wait in the kitchen."

I sit down at the kitchen table and Donald Trump walks back in and sits down at the table with me. He looks me straight in the eyes. He was kind, and almost angelic. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in his presence. We chat about small stuff like golf or something, but I can't remember the topic because every time he turns his head left or right, his face morphs into another face. As he turns LEFT, he becomes ST Germain. As he turns RIGHT, he becomes Christopher Columbus. My mind knew what was happening - - he was showing me that he was all of these people. And I suddenly realized, the mulatto child that could sing was Christopher Columbus' native children. The other children were Trumps present kids, but very young.

In the dream, I wanted to tell Trump "Do you know you are St. Germain?" but i never got the chance. Trump interrupted me and asked me a question "So, what do you think of Hillary Clinton?" Almost instinctively i went into my psychic / reader self and "read" Hillary. I figured Trump wanted me to read Hillary Clinton, so I close my eyes and begin. Suddenly my eyes to go tears. I feel SO much inner pain, and I start to cry. (I often feel my clients pain and experience it in a reading)

I tell Donald "well actually, I am feeling her now. (choked up) She's actually really hurting in life. LIke terrible pain, Donald. I think you should take pity on her soul. She's in total agony and already suffering in life" Donald looks at me and smiles at my compassion, almost like he's impressed. He answers me:"Her and Bill know exactly what they are doing, and they're going to jail when I'm President"

Suddenly - - my roomate in real life slams the bathroom door in the hallway, and I wake up. ME-dammit! I was pissed the dream was cut off! I knew I could not go back to sleep. SHIT! I wanted to see how this dream ends. I sat there in bed stunned at how real that experience was.


​I tell my mother and my roomate about the dream, and tell them I prayed to St. Germain and he appeared in my dreams as Donald Trump. My mom really does not like Trump, so she just looked at me and shook her head. My roomate believed.

The dream haunted me all day. Later that SAME day, my mother calls me downstairs to listen to a broadcast from the Pleiadians. She listens to these YouTube videos where they use some Siri computer voice that allegedly comes from the Pleiadians and predicts the future. Usually I don't listen, but I figured what-the-heck. Mom wants to show me something so I'll listen.

Mom plays the video and the Pleiadians go into a lecture about the times we are in, and tells us there is nothing to fear. They further go onto say "Donald Trump will be elected the next President of the United States"


I was shocked! I had just dreamed about Donald Trump last night. Too weird! The video goes on to say "and do not be fooled children. He is the physical incarnation of St. Germain of the 7th Ray and he is here to bring the age of Aquarius to America" :-O I almost soiled my pants right there!

That night, I went into prayer. This time I went to my own Guides. I have been giving readings for over 20 years, so I know how to connect to them - - and I we have a great rapport. I can ask them anything and get an answer. So I decide I'll ask them for the truth. I fill my heart and say something like:

"Hey Guys - - it's ME. So I had an experience today, you probably know ... and I need affirmation of the truth. Is Donald Trump the incarnation of St Germain?" My guides reply immediately: YES "Really?", I ask. They answer: YES. I get goosebumps and my hair raises. (that's how my Guides confirm in the physical something is true.) Holy Shift!

Then I ask, "Should I tell my viewers this truth?" They answer: "NO, it is meant for you. You may only speak of it someone asks you DIRECTLY. We have sent those people to you" I'm like "Okee dokee! I follow it up with another question: "What about my colleagues? Can I tell my close friends?" They answer: "You may tell who you trust" Got it boss!"

It's actually common for them to tell me to keep things to myself. Over the last two weeks, four people have come to me on Facebook and asked me directly what my opinion of Trump was. I went ahead and told them the entire story. I did tell some of my close friends, including Astrologer David Palmer, who naturally believed me cause they are my friends. (David also thought Trump was going to win and we discussed Trumps chart for sometime..) But for my viewers and blogging, I KEPT MY LIPS SEALED. Last night when Trump won the Presidency, I asked my Guides if I could share the story. They answered "You know you can now." LoL That's what I thought. So here I am writing my heart out.


​I believe that Trump was doing a lot of pretending to win the election. I believe he united the very people that would get him elected, and I believe in my heart he will do good for the country. My guides say he will completely change his personality once he's elected. We shall see.

We knew re/evolution was coming. We just did not know what form it would take. But listening to Trump's HUMBLE and UNIFYING acceptance speech last night - - after a SHOCKING victory -- I am 100% confident we are in good hands. If you think i'm crazy, no problemo. I suggest you pray to St. Germain and have him contact you directly. It worked for me. If you believe in St. Germain, I am sure he HE WILL send you a sign. Siriusly.

Looking at Trump's chart (to the right) he is definitely an innovator and a with master Leo rising - and his Sagittarius moon conjoins the Galactic Center (eye of God). This is very special.


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