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The Truth About President Obama

Note:  Not everything that seems to be is really the way it is.  The truth is President Obama is like a double agent.  He appears to be as a puppet for the secret government but few people know that he is actually a true being of light.  As Zorra from Hollow Earth said he is indeed a light worker.  He is from the planet called "Mushaba".  It was there were most black people came from.  It is part of the Pleaidian star system. He was chosen by the Galactic Federation of Light to incarnate on earth and perform a very delicate mission on Earth of being the last president under the control of the secret government.  

If you notice, he always remove his black coat/suit in public and reveal his white polo shirt, sending a message that he is really not of the dark cabal/nwo. And by being a double agent working for the dark and light means he needs to juggle on both sides. This means he has to pretend that he is obeying the secret govt. while doing a balancing act and conducting his main objective of defeating the forces of evil. 

Someday, all the sacrifices, hard work, hidden heroic efforts that Obama did in behalf of the forces of Light and for the good of mankind will be revealed, especially now that his term of office is almost done.


OBAMA - By Michael Ellegion

I know that many people, including even many within the “New Age” movement, just think or assume (based upon what we all hear mostly through the corporate controlled mainstream media) that President Obama, himself, personally is actually wanting, even “gleefully” desiring to start war with Syria (or Iran). And I also know that what I Am going to state here, as I (and various other fellow Channels and contactees) have stated many times in the last several years since Obama became our 44th President of the United States, will be not be accepted, and strongly disagreed with, based primarily, as stated, upon what they have heard
or seen through media sources.

I will also soon be updating, of adding to my web site,, a section about info. that I have compiled, regarding my awareness and opinion about Obama’s true intent and “positive role he is fulfilling behind the scenes” that contradicts what his “outer, public persona” has given the impression of. Which, as stated, the cabal/corporate controlled mainstream media (and even the “alternative media” has more recently also become influenced by these same forces as well) constantly gives the impression that Obama, himself, as in this most recent example, actually, personally wants to “go to war against Syria.”

But I, and as stated, various other fellow Channels and contactees for the Galactic Federation, have known for years that despite the outer public appearance of what is “officially” reported of Obama’s actions and
agendas, on another level, he is actually “wearing two hats”, like so many of those who have recently became many of the hundreds of recent public “Whistleblowers, Insiders and White Hats”. On one level, he had to make it appear to his “cabal masters” that he was just another in a long line of “puppets for the puppet masters”.

Publically, as part of his mission, he would make them assume, that he was “one of them”, while secretly working with the Higher Forces/Galactic Federation in a “Cosmic Sting Operation” to fool them into believing that he would just do the things that they wanted/”ordered” him to do to further their “old world odor” agenda of total world control and consolidation of all the resources of the world.
He would even go so far (which would even “fool” normally very discerning people) into believing that he had a [personal] agenda to take away all of our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms, by “passing” certain laws and Executive Orders. That if actually, officially Enforced on a mass level, would cause all of our Rights to be eliminated. And he would also sign some very “obviously’ corrupt laws, such as the “Monsanto Protection Act” which would, initially appear to allow Monsanto and other obviously corrupt and evil corporations to be able to gain more control over our lives, etc., etc….

I was told very specifically (which Steve Becko also mentioned in a recent article), that Obama did NOT personally want to sign this (nor any of the other very unconstitutionally corrupt laws or Executive orders that he signed since becoming President. All of the other Presidents (since both major parties have been totally controlled by the cabal, no matter whether they were “Republican” or “Democratic”) since Kennedy, they have been primarily just “figureheads” anyway.

I Am compiling an article, which I plan to post soon on my web site,, regarding the fact, that despite the attempts of some individuals who believe Obama is just some “secret extremist Muslim terrorist” because of some evidence that was uncovered regarding Obama’s “connections” to “extremist Muslim groups or organizations” and that this same info. also has stated that his original “identity” and “origin of birth” was in Kenya.

But what I know to be true, which others who I very much respect, who are also Whistleblowers, is that Obama was actually born into a CIA family. His parents were CIA and were stationed for awhile in Kenya, when they often went on missions for the CIA. Even though Obama (whose original name was Barry Soetoro) was born in the U.S., he also went on a few missions for the CIA while still in his teens, to actually infiltrate a few of the “extremist Muslim groups.” Andrew Basiago has been interviewed on numerous alternative media shows and media, about his
experiences as a young child, as part of the black op super secret “Project Pegasus”, which was connected with the Montauk Project, which was primarily about time travel. 

Later as he grew older, in the early ‘80’s, Basago states that he and other fellow participants in these highly classified projects, also met Obama as one of those young adults who was secretly trained to go colonize Mars, which was an extension of the earlier Project Pegasus. This would correlate with what my space contacts have stated, regarding the fact that many thousands of fellow Light Beings who took Earth embodiment, on what Archangel Michael refers to as “Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Missions of Light. ”

To infiltrate the dark side to ultimately get the goods on them and stop their agenda for world control, and the ultimate Liberation of the human race from these forces of the cabal. And not only were many of these fellow Volunteers from advanced worlds of the Federation born into CIA and related “alphabet soup agencies” so that they would know who they were dealing with on a conscious level. But they also had programmed themselves on this Higher Cosmic level to eventually—which has started to happen in recent years--of “deprograming” themselves. Of suddenly having their “Cosmic Amnesia Veils” start to lift when they needed to become Whistleblowers, to effectively expose and stop the cabal from completing their long range plans for total, complete world control & enslavement. Many of these “deep undercover [Double] agents of Light” would “Awaken”/lift their veils and counteract/Deprogram themselves from all of the intense mind control (MK-Ultra/”manchurin candidate”) programs that they had been brainwashed while they were recruited and trained as agents. Many would experience this Awakening a little sooner, while others would delay this process.

All of them would, in one way or another, become repulsed and disgusted at the sheer hyprocisy, injustices and crimes against humanity that the U.S. and its allies have been guilty of. Some of them would become what is known as “oath takers”, while others would just refuse out of their disgust for these crimes and hyprocisy, of not always saluting the American flag because of what they secretly knew about regarding these specific crimes against humanity.

I mention this point, right here, because a person who is a part of my email list, recently forwarded me an article that described how “horrified” they were about the fact that at some public gathering, Obama had refused to “pledge allegiance to the flag” and he had, in fact, attempted to explain about this very point, And he also shared how when he was much younger [right after he had decided to get out of the CIA because he was totally disgusted by the injustices that he had uncovered, that the CIA was guilty of that they rationalized that they must do for “national security”!!!!] He had also openly stated/admitted honestly, which also included that he and some other disgusted young adults/anti-war activists had participated in the “burning of an American flag”. 

This was somewhat “taken out of context” and/or misquoted by the corporate controlled mainstream media, to make certain [“emotionally reactive”] people purposely misinterpret his actions or why he did it. And that this “proves” that he is now, as he was then—supposedly —“un-American and unpatriotic”, and this is supposed to also imply that he has some “secret [negative] extremist [muslim] agenda” and/or is helping to secretly help his “cabal masters” destroy the sovereignty of this county. But YES, in actuality he DOES have a “secret” agenda—a “POSITIVE” secret agenda, of actually stopping /sabotaging the plans of the cabal, by outwardly making them think that he is “one of them”, of even “beating the war drums” for awhile, until this causes everyone to speak up to stop such a plan.

But his experience of once burning the U.S. flag actually reminds me of the historical fact that in the beginning of the American Revolution, the colonists were told/ordered that they must “swear allegiance” to the flag of the British crown, and many spit upon it and burned it out of their repugnance of the utter hyprocisies and injustices that they were experiencing at the hands of the British (Rothschild controlled) crown of England. And, of course, they were accused of being “traitors” and “extremists”, among other very derogatory words.

My Higher Contacts have informed me (which Steve Becko has also mentioned in a recent article), that Obama did NOT want to sign the “Monsanto Protection Act” (any more than he had wanted to sign any of those Executive Orders, which on the surface—if massively enforced would take away all of our Constitutional Rights & sovereignty). But his own contacts within the Galactic Federation had informed him, that this was necessary to help “Awaken and galvanize” the masses into taking much more personal responsibility. And taking action on a massive grass roots level which would allow [which it most certainly has] everyone to more personally participate, to more specifically take back their personal power and responsibilities, and to force the “powers that were” to back down and give into the “will of the people”. And
anyone who has been following what has been going on in the “anti-GMO movement” will have to admit now, if Obama had not signed that very corrupt “Act” they would not have risen up in mass to take action, as much and as passionately as they have, and now begin to be much more successful at stopping (and ultimately getting rite of Monsanto and other corrupt corporations).

And the same thing with the “Freedom & Liberty movement”, as much as these individuals would have a hard time at agreeing with me of actually why Obama did, in fact sign those horrible, un-Constitutional Executive orders. But they WILL have to admit, that this “put a fire under their ass” to take action, and get informed, organized and Empowered, so that not only are they now more PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE, but there is no way, with this many citizens Awakened and Empowered with knowledge, will the cabal be able to fulfill their [negative] hidden agenda, Because Obama, took the most difficult role to play, and he knew in his courage that despite many millions of people who would acuse him of all kinds of horrible intentions, he actually did the most honorable, noble and courageous thing that he was told by his space contacts in the
Federation to do.

And the same with this recent [apparent] “beating of the war drums” of [SUPPOSEDLY] attacking Syria, of that “red line in the sand” that Obama spoke of over a year ago, that “would not be allowed by him” for our
‘enemies’ to cross. But this does NOT mean that “we the people”, the citizens of this country and the entire International
community should just sit back and allow such an actual event to be allowed. And, in fact, I sense Obama’s Inner desire and prayer that we will, in fact, RE-ACT by strongly speaking out and in BECOMING MORE AND MORE EMPOWERED by our personal & collective responses. To make it clear [consciously] to him and the last remnant of the cabal that still exists, that “we the people” of both the U.S. and the entire International community of this planet will not stand for any more attempts to allow their “cash cow war machine” to still continue functioning, while millions more would suffer and die in just one more horrible war of mass destruction (and if this war was even allowed to occur, it would result in WWIII—which will NOT be allowed by the Galactic Federation!) And this, is indeed taking place, as people in the millions are taking action, with
one of those being Petitions to stop this war from even beginning.

I have also forwarded a couple on-line petitions which I would appreciate for you to sign and please forward them, and my other forwarded emails to as many people as you can, so that this mass response will build up in the quantum energy field of the planet, and this will help add to the momentum of ending the reign of the cabal, as well as any more mass human suffering by them. And also please send Obama prayers of Light and Love for him and his family, as verses vibs of hatred, which so many in their ignorance have been guilty of. He needs our spiritual help and backing to “pull this off” and of allowing him to fulfill his secret positive “Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Undercover Mission of Light”, and to allow him the chance to ultimately Announce Disclosure, of officially, and openly, do the Speech that he has always secretly wanted to do, once the cabal is entirely out of the way.

Obama recently met with the President of China, to actually discuss about the imminent Revaluation of Global Currencies, and Basil III. This. of course, forces the entire banking system to become transparent and no longer being able to be manipulated by the cabal/banksters, and the imminent release of the vast, unlimited funds from St. Germain’s World Trust & NESARA, that will allow everyone (with a pure heart, of course) to be fulfilled, and the cabal totally gone.

Michael Ellegion

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