Monday, November 7, 2016

Zorra's New Image

I think this is a more accurate image of Zorra compared to the one I posted before. The original image have had some problems with the symmetry and alignment and with the colors.

Then I adjusted it to add a little bit of smile and joy, because he is known for being always positive and joyful.  And upon adjusting, it turns out to be looking like a young woman, and that is not the intended result. So, I adjusted it once more and now that's the latest outcome.  

Future Disclosure
As far as disclosure is concerned, I think there's a possibility that the Galactics and Agarthans & Lemurians will not rely on the world's government for the announcement of disclosure.  They may announce it on their own. When that happens they will temporarily overlay their own video broadcast on top of the world's mass media and internet signal. 

This means for a few minutes they will broadcast their own announcement about the presence of the benevolent Extra Terrestrial beings which came from various parts of the universe.  All devices such as iPads, smart phones, television, and computers will be able to pick up their signal. 

And once the announcement has been made then they will decloak their spacecrafts to be seen by the whole world. 

During the Disclosure announcement the following people and spiritual beings will be seen such as: Zorra also known as Father God, Prime Creator, Galactics- Ashtar, Sananda, Ascended Master St. Germain and Archangel Michael.

They will inform us that the Golden Age of the Earth has arrived and that we have graduated from Earthly life experiences.  And they will come down on Earth to meet with us.  The Earth for the last 10,000 years was like a school in training each and everyone of us to expand our consciousness about the complex intricacies of light and darkness, of good versus evil.  And improve our individual discernment between truth and deception, incarnating one lifetime after another.  Most of us have had hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes. In so doing the Earth and it's people has gone through so many difficulties, hardships and sufferings. Those experiences can be reviewed as all of it were recorded by the galactics.  Those challenges did not destroy us instead we became more stronger, more mature, and more aware of what's right and what is wrong.

The first batch of Galactics that will descend on Earth are the Arcturian Healing Ship.  It will land in the US and Africa first and then to the rest of the world.  This will be followed by the Ashtar Command and the New Jerusalem Mothership from Venus.

So when you see the Disclosure announcement know that it is done!  The sufferings, war and discord in the world will be over and will not be allowed anymore.  

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