Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing: New Berlin 2017

Beyond Antarctica

Well, it is not a rumor anymore that some of the UFOs that we have been seeing in the sky are not just from off world but also from inside the Earth.

The Remnants of the Nazi Germans who went to Antarctica made it inside the Polar Opening to Hollow Earth.  At first, they were not allowed inside.  But after some considerable time, they have proven themselves to the Agarthans of Hollow Earth that they don't essentially share the same philosophies of the Third Reich and that they were just obeying orders, and that they are serious about proving to them and to the world that they are not bad people.  This proves that not all German Nazis are bad people.

They settled on an island inside the Earth and they called it "New Berlin".  After 70 years since the war, they have grown into a very sizable population.

Remember what was said by Buzz Aldrin when he said that what he saw in Antarctica when he visited it was pure evil? Well, he misunderstood the swastika symbol. The Nazis are gone. The ones that he saw was the New Reformed Nazi German descendants having a reversed swastika, symbolizing peace and not violent aggression. 

It was them who stopped some of the shipping vessels of Japan and some Scandinavians from whaling from the worlds ocean. As they flew and hover above their ships and warned them not to continue harming the whales of the world or they will stop them. 

For more information get a copy of the Hollow Earth Magazine for the month of February 2017.


  1. Interesting. I can't find hollow earth magazine when i searched for it. Can you post a link?