Monday, January 2, 2017

Message from Mikos of Hollow Earth through Dianne Robbins - January 2017

We Don’t Age

I am Mikos from the Hollow Earth. We have waited all day in joy, knowing that we would make our connection today, at the end of your day. We are joyous to be here with you today, partnering with you to bring our messages to our brothers and sisters above ground.
Today we will speak about time and how fleeting it is on the surface. You count your days, your minutes, your seconds, and register them all in your bodies, thinking that aging signifies the passage of time. As people age, time passes. As buildings deteriorate, time passes. This is time on the surface, and it is all an illusion. Time really does not exist—it can’t exist—and we are a prime example. Our bodies don’t age and our buildings don’t deteriorate. So does this mean that there’s no time in the Inner Earth, but only time on the surface? You would think so, wouldn’t you? But our lives attest to the fact that through your passage of time, our bodies stay young, no matter how much time passes on the surface. You measure your time with aging, but we don’t age. Does this mean “time stands still” for us? Or does it rather mean that you’re using an inappropriate measurement?

Your bodies wouldn’t age if you didn’t count the days and years as “getting older”. If you counted the days and years as your journeys around the sun, instead of “aging”, then 30 years would mean 30 trips around the sun, instead of 30 years “old”. “Trips” don’t age you, but “years old” does. If you just change the words from “years old” to “trips”, you gain your immortality. It’s all in your beliefs and your speech. Your speech and your thoughts make it so.

In the Hollow Earth we know there’s no such thing as aging, because we never see it. We know there’s no such thing as time as you experience it, because here everything is in a perpetual state of “youthfulness” and “newness”. Everything looks as new as the day it was created, including our bodies. We exist in a state of divine perfection, in an environment of “timelessness”.

We never “hurry” and are never “late”, and we never “kill time” as you do on the surface. Have you noticed how this is a favorite saying of yours? It’s as if time were your enemy, and whenever you have some extra time you “kill it”. You are in a rush to use up all the time in your life, so that the end comes fast, and you don’t have to “feel”. You just stay busy, watch the years of your life pass, and hope it ends without leaving any “extra” time on your hands. For what would you do with “extra” time? The thought would scare you, for it would leave you time to feel yourself, to feel your life, and feeling is what everyone wants to avoid. So without enough time left at the end of each day, you can avoid “feeling” and just continue a robot-like existence.

You can stop time. Just start feeling yourself in every moment and prolong this feeling, this consciousness of yourself. You can actually expand your “time”, and prolong your youthfulness, by not getting caught up in “time”. If it starts slipping away from you, you can stop to recapture it by feeling yourself deeply in the moment. It’s all about awareness.

If you lose yourself in your day, you lose a segment of your life. If you’re aware of yourself throughout your day, you gain immortality; for you’re focusing on the “now”.

You would love our easy life style and slow, harmonious ways. We have “time” to think things out, to talk things out, before we make choices. We’re never forced to choose because “time is running out” or there’s a “deadline”. These are obstacles that you’ve created on the surface, and they just don’t exist “down here”.

We thank you for taking your “time” today to meet with Us. 
I am Mikos, ageless and timeless.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

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