Monday, January 23, 2017

Zorra Call - Jan. 21, 2017

Note: There must be a very valid reason why the Prime Creator was not able to turn off temporarily the prevailing freewill on the surface of the world as He intends to do last Jan.20.

We are ALL creators just as the Prime Creator. But what separates the Prime Creator from the rest of us is that He/She represents the whole. He/She alone navigates the ENTIRE consciousness of ALL beings whether near or far. And so, He is doing a complete and overall survey of peoples thoughts and that includes those who belongs to the evil groups. And unfortunately, He detected that its not yet a proper time for freewill to be remove last Jan. 20. But perhaps (just perhaps) before the end of January will be a more proper Divine time for him to finally implement it.


Zorra with Jane and One Who Knows.

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