Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zorra updates, Q&A, Meditation - Jan. 25, 2017

Message for the show:

The more we question and can be more open and allowing, then greater knowledge and understanding can be revealed. Zorra will explain in more detail about the removal of free will and why it did not happen. The important part is that our blessings are still imminent.

He will again discuss any questions regarding the geopolitical news like, President Trump, the Repbulic, RV (if we don't have it by then) etc. We will have Q&A and we will also have a guided meditation with Saraiya.

Side note: I, jane/Quasar, want to thank all of you who sent me support, love and healing with your messages. I received them humbly and with gratitude!!!

Quazar, Zaraya, Zorra and Saraiya

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