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The Divinity in Everyone of Us

The Divinity in Everyone of Us
by Manny R. Pineda

In religion and in theological schools we were told that God is One and only one. But the exact definition of being ONE is not complete. God is not just simply attributed to just one person or one deity. The truth is ONE means a representation of the WHOLE. And that one-whole is infinite. It is never ending, boundless and bottomless. These are words that describes the SOURCE, an infinite field of energy that makes everything possible for without it the entire universe and multiverse will not exist. This therefore is the main foundation of everything, as it is the main reason for the origin of LIFE in the cosmos and beyond.

And so ONE means - the classification of it is singular in nature even though it is infinite. It operates in unison as ONE but can also multi-task having different projects. It is called Infinite ONE or Many of ONE. This Infinite Energy Field is the ONE that drives the created Universe. It is the main power-source of the whole material universe. This infinite ONE can be likened to every molecule of water of an endless and bottomless ocean. Though this ocean cannot be quantified in terms of size and scope, but it is ONE ocean that is composed of endless amounts of small molecules which bands together as an infinite field. And all these microscopic sizes of molecules forms together to comprise the entire oceans of water. In other words, every molecules of this endless ocean is like a brick to a very tall wall. However small each molecules are, but together they form an endless stream of powerful energy source acting as ONE as they are part of ONE, that is the Infinite One.

Another way to describe the Infinite One or Source is through the use of the depiction of the flower of life. In Abydos Egypt, It's been said that the Abydos structure is much older than the Pyramids itself including that of the Sphinx. The reason they gave was that the carbon dating of it reveals it's much older and considering also that it is much lower from the ocean level which indicates that it predates the Giza plateau structures of the Pyramid. But what they found on Abydos was something very significant. They found an inscription etched by a laser type of device that inscribed indelibly the image of a flower of life on a circle and beside it is a circle of inter-connected smaller pieces of flowers of life.

It was attributed to Hermes as the architect and designer of the Pyramids in Egypt. And Hermes is a being that is from the star system of the Pleiades. And we know that the Pleiades was mentioned in the Old Testament Bible along with Orion. And we know that the Pleaiades is part of the Galactic Federation of Light and of Planets. And the the Pleiades is located within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Pleiadians are the peoples who settled in the area we call today as western Europe. It was also the Pleiadians who built the famous ancient British structure called the StoneHenge. It was built to allow small scout ships and or aeroship to land on Earth without harming the ground as those ships has a force field.

The Flower of Life that was found in Abydos, Egypt was not inscribed by human hands. It was inscribed by some unknown advanced technology that literally etched the image of the flower of life directly into the hardened stone of Abydos. No amount of human artistry can ever sculpt that kind of image without making mistakes. In other words, the flower of life that was found there in Egypt was done with precision which is something not possible with just bare human hands even if it was done by several talented artist.

The same thing that was found on some shallow waters off the coast of Florida near the Carribean. They found a rock with an inscribed image of the flower of life on it. It could be a relic of Atlantis. Once again it cannot be attributed to human hands who inscribed that image as the flower of life drawing requires precision which is never possible with human hands.

How Simple and Precise is the Flower of Life?

Exploring the Geometry of the Flower of Life is somewhat surprising because it was designed not by just mere chance but with the use of precise mathematics and geometry.

The Flower of Life though it looks simple but it's actually quite complex piece of geometry. There are of course other geometry that are much more complex than this but this is the basic of sacred geometry that cannot be drawn and illustrated by bare human hands. In order to accurately draw the lines of the Flower of Life it must be done with the use of technological devices such as today's computers along with CAD or Computer Aided Design softwares.

Significance of the Flower of Life

So, what does the Flower of Life represents? It can describe and illustrate the basics of CREATION and of how matter in the Universe came into existence including the origin of life itself. A Flower of Life represents a conscious being, which is also an energy source. The Center Point of every Flower of Life is the origin of its activity. The Center Point is of course at the very center of every Flower of Life. The Center Point represents the Main Thoughts of the being. It is like the center of its intelligence. It is also like the Creation Center because everything that the being thinks is created and thus manifested into reality. It can also be called as the Heart/Mind. And this is the main reason why every being that is consciously aware of his and herself including their own higher self is a creator. This means, we are all creators and co-creators and therefore we are Gods and Goddesses.

Now try to imagine an infinite (bigger than the Universe) Energy Field which is a composition of a unified beings connected together as ONE. This Infinite Energy Field is called the SOURCE. Yes, we all came from that ONE SOURCE and this ONE Source is actually infinite. The Source is the inter-connected energy field that constitutes ALL beings. And each of these conscious beings (though too numerous to count) are part of the Source. And this Source is Divine as its pure and ever consistent. Inconsistencies only happen on an individual level (or a being). This is so, because each and every being as represented with the Flower of Life has their own level of vibrations and frequencies. 

How does it Work?

Since the Source represents Infinite Field of Energy consisting of inter-connected beings and each and every conscious being which is illustrated as a Flower of Life came from the Source. Then this energy field surpasses the universe itself. Literally, the space that we see in the universe is actually not empty. It is not blank. It is actually filled with an invisible energy field called the Source.

This infinite energy field is the main reason why telepathy, teleportation (which beams objects or large objects from one place to another in an instant) is possible. With the Source as though time and distance does not exist. This is because the energy field acts as ONE. ONENESS therefore is the opposite of DUALITY. The Source by its default nature can be invisible to the material world.

The Beehive the one that produces honey collected and deposited by various bees also indicates the hexagon shape.  These and many more examples in nature that shows hexagons are integral to the nature around us.  And we now know that hexagons are derived from a flower of life sacred geometry.

Even the very small atoms with its motion paths also conforms to the hexagon shape.  Notice the sub-atomic interaction between the protons and neutrons in the center nucleus while being surrounded by electrons.

At the center of the flower of life is the heart/mind.  That is where the vibrational frequency originates.  And with this vibration comes waves of energy that manifest in the form of either FIRE or electricity.  With this vibration also generates colors and LIGHT.  

So what does this mean?

The Flower of Life symbolizes that it is the source of energy of every living thing.  It is like the engine and fuel that powers every living organic and inorganic things not just in this world but for the entire cosmos.  It reveals that this flower of life shows the inter-connected flowers of life that represents ALL beings in the COSMOS.  And so this means we are ALL ONE.  And that we are ALL DIVINE, and therefore immortal, spiritual beings who are temporary housed on a physical body.

We are ALL Gods and Goddesses.  We should not conclude that God should only be attributed to only one person or deity, when in reality the God who appeared to Moses was actually an Annunaki who is not a member of the Galactic Federation of Light who came here to conquer the Earth while hiding their world domination plans and objectives.  This God who claim to be Yahweh taught people to serve and worship God and ruled people by making them afraid of him; worshipping God based on fear.  

But now we know that the true God is all of us for God cannot be confined to just one person.  For to do so, is very arrogant and is a form of deception.  God of the Universe is in fact "Many of One" or Infinite ONE.  None of the Gods and Goddesses who created several galaxies ever claim that they wanted to be served, kneel before them and worship them as they all wanted to be as equal, as they are just one of us as part of the whole, coming from the Prime Creator and the Source.

The only difference between those who are members of the Company of Heaven and those of us here in this realm is that they have gone before us. Meaning, they have ascended and have experience life and physicality a lot earlier than most of us.  But the truth is we shall all ascend in the same level from where they are as everyone and everything eventually ascends to their rightful place.   

A true God of LOVE will never ask people to worship and serve him.  For if they do ask then, that is how you know that that God is fake and just wanted to take advantage of others by way of deception. 

Evolution is the process of development and advancement of a Soul or conscious being from moving from one physical life and into a much advance physical body.  This means if we were once assigned to animal body in previous other lifetime after some extensive life experiences then we move on to the next evolution by being assigned to another body such as that of a human body.

Does it mean those who have ascended before us are higher than us and therefore we should serve and obey them?  No! It only means the progression of evolution.  They are higher because they have acquired Consciousness before us and have advanced with it is because they were simply have awakened much earlier than others.  The Spiritual Hierarchy illustrates this point.  But with greater consciousness they have a wealth of wisdom to share with us.  Therefore, they can give us advice that are good for us.

And so I have to say that God is in each and every one of us.  It is wrong to assume that God is only one person, it is in fact the sum of GOD is partly is in each and everyone of us.  

We are ALL Divine, because we are all part of God.  Jesus quoted the psalm of David by saying "Don't you know that YOU are all Gods?".

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