Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Mer People by Dianne Robbins

The MER People

We are the Mermaids, From ocean’s depths
We’ve been hiding so long, There’s few of us left

We went underground, So we could not be found
Our Mermen remained, To protect our domain

Our lives were merry, And filled with mirth
And during those times, We did give birth

Our offspring were awesome, And immortal as well
Until the time, Humanity fell From grace,
And destroyed our race

Now that is over, And we’ve been given a sign
That humanity’s consciousness, Is now on the climb

This means we can show ourselves, We few that remain
And appear in the oceans, And reclaim our domain

Our species is important, And part of all life
And you will see us, When there’s no strife

We’ll sit on the shorelines, And bask in the sun
And as you approach us, We will not run

We’ll sit and smile, As you approach
And beckon you to swim with us, We will be your hosts

And show you the wonders, Of life in the deep
And how much you’ve missed, During your long sleep

For the oceans hold wonders, Your eyes have yet to see
And if you come with us, You will be so pleased

We’ll show you our caverns, That still exist
And you’ll feel the foam, As it touches your skin with a gentle kiss

Our caverns are like castles, Modeled in foam
With crystals and gemstones, Comprising our homes

We’ll hold your hand, As we leave the shore
And take you with us, So you can explore
The ocean’s depth, Without holding your breath
For the Secrets of Immortality, Will be revealed to you
As you swim with us and we guide you through
The ocean lanes, Into our domain
Where you’ll witness another species timeframe

Our lifestyles will amaze you
As you witness our lives and enter our homes
For our communities are covered with star-lit domes
Of different sizes, shapes and materials
That will appear to you ethereal
But in reality are, as hard as rock
And support the structures through any shock

Pure diamonds and emeralds comprise our walls
And our rooms are very tall
For the ocean is vast, And we have much space
To spread out our homes, Through God’s pure grace

Our communities are small, Since the time of the Fall
When we heard Peter and Wendy’s call
To leave the oceans for Middle Earth
Until the time of humanity’s rebirth

Into the Light and Love of this New Age
When we Mermaids could again engage
With you, And begin to return
And repopulate our communities with no concern
Or fear, Knowing that the 7th Golden Age is here

So we are here, We are starting to return
Because of the lessons you have all learned
Never to war or bring strife to the Earth
So that all life forms, Can evolve in joy and mirth
We thank you for hearing us, And picking up your pen
We look forward to speaking with you again

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

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