Thursday, March 9, 2017

An Intel Message from New Jerusalem Mothership through Anne DeHart

Note:  Anne DeHart is the actual incarnation of Lady Nada.  This was revealed by both Zorra and Saraiya of Hollow Earth.  And Lady Nada is the twin flame of Sananda the one we know as Jesus.  This means she was the woman called in the Bible as Mary Magdalene.  The truth is Jesus was married with Magdalene and they also have children together.  What we read in today's Bible is a complete mixture of truth and lies and some form of editing when they deleted some Words mentioned by Jesus and have added words and sentences that he did not say.  Someday they will bring an actual first century manuscript of the Gospels written by Mary Magdalene her self.  As she was the original author and writer of the Gospels. She wrote the Gospels while it was still fresh in her memory by writing the events into a newsletter as it happened.  She was the actual eyewitness for she was following her husband Jesus everywhere he goes. Remember, the oldest copy of the New Testament Bible that we have today was from 300 years after the time of Jesus.  At the time of Emperor Constantine that was the time when they completely transformed the Bible into a Book of Lies & Truth; as they removed the stories and teachings of Jesus in which they felt could remove their ability to control the people.  And they also added stories that are completely fabrication.

Lady Nada was also the same person who incarnated a few hundred years ago in France and became Joan of Arc.

The seeming misunderstanding between Anne and Zorra was just a test to see the level of spiritual discernment amongst the light workers.  But in the higher realms there is actually NO misunderstanding between them.

Now about the New Jerusalem Mothership which is almost the same size of the mainland USA but has various levels or storeys. This is where the message of Anne is coming from; directly from the Ascended Masters.



Anne DeHart

Good Morning!


Messages from the Masters

Wednesday March 8, 2017

Dear Hearts, I have much to share that will make your heart sing! We are SO close to SO many happenings!

First of all, let me give you the most recent direct information from The New Jerusalem...

I was just reminded that if I didn't hurry and get this newsletter done - it will be happening before I can write it!

We are learning about NESARA and how it will be implemented at the same time as our restored Republic; hence, the new term, which Sheldan Nidle has also adopted: NESARA REPUBLIC.

NESARA was written into law in 2008 - but it has just not been announced.

We are also learning about the St Germain Trust... St Germain in full charge of distributing it. And how much does it entail... enough for all? Imagine: A $ with 40 zero' s! This will also come out after NESARA REPUBLIC is announced.

NESARA LAW was voted in by Congress because of the Class Action Suit by farmers - inasmuch as through NESARA and the St Germain Trust, there will be enough money to pay off the farmers - since the government was bankrupt and not able to pay them.

At this time we are being prepared for the release of our new gold-backed currency, which will also be announced by NESARA REPUBLIC. The NESARA REPUBLIC announcement must precede the Treasury announcement of our new gold-backed currency. It must be implemented by NESARA REPUBLIC, which means it will be safe.

After NESARA REPUBLIC is announced through public media, meaning all TV - Internet - radio - the people, globally, will be given 72 hours of continuous education and announcements.

And within seven to ten days of NESARA REPUBLIC's announcement there will be mass landings.

St Germain's Trust and Global Prosperity Funds will first be released to the US, Canada and Australia - they will get the money first. And in 14 months, everyone globally will be funded.

NESARA was first drawn up for the US. It was originally planned to come out on September 11th 2001 - but this was violently blocked when the twin towers went down. Including Building 7 - also housing NESARA records. A part of the Pentagon, too, was destroyed to take out all reference to NESARA. That's what 9/11 was all about - killing NESARA and our freedom.

Again, "NESARA REPUBLIC" - one and the same. They will both be announced at the same time - they are one.


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