Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Evidence that Support Vault 7

I would like to respond to the recently released info from wikileaks Vault 7.  I can personally confirm that this is indeed true.

One example happened just recently. As I know that the Cabal CIA faction is following me everywhere I go.  They wanted to know everything that I was doing and the things that I said.  And they have been doing this for several years now.

Last month I went outside for an exercise and decided to make a long walk.  I put on my headphones connected to my phone and began listening to some songs and some replay audio from Zorra of Hollow Earth.  

As I started to sing along while I was listening to the music.  It probably alerted these local CIA agents who were following me using several cars with dark tinted windows.  

For some reason I decided to look at my phone to see if there is any newly arrived text messages.  I noticed right away my phone was connected wirelessly to an unknown router.  Immediately I turned off the wifi button.  After a few minutes, I checked to see the screen of the phone.  Once again the wifi connection is on all by itself.  And this happened for five times in that afternoon.  

They can literally connect to the phone even if it is not on wifi mode.  

Then I knew it could be those dark tinted cars who were doing this.  They wanted to know what I was listening to or who I was talking to.

In the evening, I made a screenshot of the routers that connected to my phone without my consent, see the image above.

This is one of the many secretive capabilities of the Cabal CIA.  I sometimes wonder if i should reveal everything that I know.  But I know I should observe some caution.

My advise to The New Republic of the US headed by Gen. Dunford is to try to find the list of ALL agents and minions working for the Cabal owned CIA and privately commissioned Intel agents scattered worldwide as they can do damage to the New Republic operation.  

The battle now is to protect sensitive information of your operation so that it will not undermine the work that the New Republic is doing.  Do not underestimate them as they can literally see and watch what is on the screen of your computers. There is a tiny device that is secretly embedded inside all the LED/LCD monitor screen of all branded computers which allows them to remotely see the information on your computer screen.

Do not use branded smartphones and computers. Instead use generic computer parts that can be assembled individually.  The last thing you wanted to happen is for the enemy to know what you are doing and planning to do.

And so secure your electronics and find all the list of Cabal CIA minions around the world ASAP in order to identify each one of them. Find out who they are and their exact whereabouts.  Literally, they have offices in every country of the world.

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