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What Jesus Think of Yahweh - Part 2

by Manny R. Pineda

"Religion is a form of slavery by way of Deception"

This is the continuation of the last article entitled "What Jesus Think of Yahweh". On that article Jesus identified Yahweh as the one who enslaved the jews into believing that he was their god and that they should work for him through obedience to all his laws and commandments. And if ever they disobey he gave them a threat of punishment - having no mercy whatsoever. Although, Jesus did not specifically mentioned Yahweh by name but he undoubtedly was referring to him because it was Yahweh who gave the law and commandments to Moses.

According to Jesus Yahweh was:
1.) The Devil
2.) Liar
3.) the Father of Lies
4.) Murderer

Now, these revelations which came directly from Jesus has profound implications. If Yahweh really is the Devil himself then the WHOLE structure of Christianity and religion is in question of validity and authenticity. Jesus accused Yahweh as the murderer from the very beginning. Notice how many times did this Yahweh ordered that his people invade foreign land and kill helpless civilians: old men, women and children? This Yahweh even allowed the rape of certain Jewish women and cut them to pieces. I think most of us who are aware of the bible can relate into the many atrocities of this God who called himself Yahweh. And we can conclude that not only that this god does not conform to the other facet of love which is mercy and compassion but also this god is not a god of love at all but a god of hate, indifference, of war and violence. And most of ALL he was able to do all these by way of DECEPTION. He was able to deceive a lot of people for a very long time into serving him. And none of the people were able to figure out that the whole concept and the very system of their religion was based on LIES.

This is the god who gave commandments that he himself does NOT want to keep. Because he lied when he said and implied that he is the creator of everything. Wasn't he the one who commanded the law "thou shall not bear false witness? and thou shall not kill?" And if he is not willing to live by the principles that he gave, then therefore the ONLY reason he gave those commandments was to CONTROL the people into obeying him by way of deception. All the commandments that Yahweh gave was used to CONTROL people to enslave them into working for his selfish goal of world domination by way of deceiving masses of unawakened people. This is the god who deceived people into believing that sacrificing, slaughtering animals and killing people as a noble and holy work in behalf of god.

Going back to the revelation of Jesus when he pointed to Yahweh as the father of lies and the murderer from the very beginning. Think about it, this Yahweh has been lying and murdering people for a very long time in which according to Jesus he was doing these things from the beginning.

Yahweh was lying and murdering people since the Beginning

Now, what beginning was Jesus talking about? Either, he was referring to the time of Adam and Eve or the time prior to the days of Adam and Eve. The emphasis of Jesus when he accused Yahweh as the Devil was so serious that we can tell he was not joking and that he meant what he said; as he said it with great conviction and sincerity. The logical implications of this statement is really profound. Because it reveals that there was a time when Yahweh (or the Devil) does not EXIST on Earth. In other words, there was a time when Yahweh was not yet present on Earth and then just all of a sudden APPEARED on Earth. There was Pre-Arrival of Yahweh and then there was a Post-Arrival of Yahweh. And this Post-Arrival of Yahweh into the Earths scene could have been the event in which Jesus was referring to as the BEGINNING.

In the time of Adam and Eve there was an APPLIED deception tactic given to this early couple and as we all know this couple fell for the trick. But, this could not be the BEGINNING that Jesus was referring to because there was no actual loss of physical life. Jesus could have been referring to a beginning that predates Adam and Eve. He could have been referring to the beginning of the campaign of the Annunakis when they first arrived on Earth. This is very interesting because the INFORMATION about the beginning was coming directly from Jesus himself.

Exploring the Logic of the Beginning as mentioned by Jesus

Jesus directly implied that the campaign of Yahweh of violence and deception has a beginning. We can therefore conclude that prior to that beginning there was no one on Earth doing the act of murdering and deceiving people. But when Yahweh and his colleagues arrived on Earth that was when the campaign of global deception STARTED in which Jesus calls it as the beginning. This topic of beginning drew parallel with what Zorra said that Yahweh is an Annunaki who came here on Earth on a MISSION to conquer and invasion. Which means they invaded the Earth and in the process murdered a lot of people. This must be the start of the beginning of the evil campaign of the Devil as pointed out by Jesus.

Jesus could not possibly be referring to the days of Abraham as the beginning; because based on what Jesus said that Abrahams father is also his own father. And this Father is absolutely not Yahweh (for more reference -read the part one of this article). And if Yahweh is NOT the father of Jesus and neither the father of Abraham then who is this god pretending to be the Creator of everything? Jesus really nailed the identity of Yahweh as the deceiver and that he was a false god. I just want to point out that it was not me who said it. It was Jesus who said and implied it and it is all in the scriptures. And its been there in the bible for ages and we did not even notice it as the religion and theological schools diverted our attention into other topics.

And if we cannot pin point the exact starting point of Yahwehs Global Campaign of Deception then we maybe we are looking at a historical data of the bible that were slightly edited to hide the identities of the ones who are doing the work of deceiving the world. So, once again let me EMPHASIZE the question: when did Yahweh and his team arrived on Earth? The answer to this question will solve the issue of the historical starting point of the campaign of Yahweh on Earth.

Yahweh is an Annunaki

According to Zorra of Hollow Earth that Yahweh is an Annunaki. This therefore cast doubt about the accuracy of the historical data that we have on Earths surface which says the Annunakis settled in Sumeria relatively just a few thousand years ago (approximately 3 to 4 thousand years ago). Now, this timeframe is now in question because the BEGINNING that Jesus was talking about was not anywhere in between the time of Adam and Eve and up to the present day (which according to religion is only six thousand years). Now, this is becoming interesting because what Jesus hinting at the word beginning is confirming what the people of Hollow Earth was saying that there was a war between two faction that destroyed the Earths surface and killed a lot of people. 

These two major factions are:
1.) Lemuria and the Galactic Federation of Light 


2.) The Alliance of Atlantis, Reptilians from Orion and Annunakis

The Invaders and Conquerors of the Earth was the three Alliance of Atlantis, Reptilians from Orion and Annunakis. The Atlantis came from the star of Atlantia they occupied the regions of what we call today as Atlantic Ocean. Prior to the war, the ocean water of the Atlantic does not exist yet. And so, Atlantians settled in this area of land just across Ireland, Iberia (Spain & Portugal) and all the way to Morroco. Today, this land is already submerged underwater and Atlantis was swallowed by the Earths crust. This was confirmed by the people of Hollow Earth that the land of Atlantis was and still stuck in the crust of the Earth as of today. The Annunakis settled in Sumeria in Iraq. While the Reptilians settled in the Khazar region. The Atlantians, Annunakis and Reptilians are NOT members of the Galactic Federation of Light and of Planets. However, the original settlers namely: Lemurians from planet Lemur, people from Sirius, people from Pleiades, from Arcturus, Andromeda and etc. are all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The war between Lemuria and Atlantis was so devastating for it described what exactly what we read in the book of Genesis, when the Earth became void and the surface of the Earth was laid in complete ruins. It created all the deserts of the world; turning ancient cities and rocky mountains into powderized desert sands. It would take the Prime Creator to visit the Earth and restore the damage brought about by the war.

What Jesus Refers to as the Beginning

When the Annunakis arrived along with their allies on Earth - that was the BEGINNING of their CAMPAIGN of deception in which they also unleashed weapons in the form of thermo-nuclear devices that shattered the peace on Earth. This must be the BEGINNING that Jesus was talking about. For the alliance of Reptilians and Annunakis MURDERED a lot of people who are all members of the Galactic Federation.

Evidence that Shows Yahweh could be an Annunaki

The Code of Hammurabi outlines the series of law that are strikingly similar with the series of law given by Yahweh that we find today in the Old Testament Bible.

This shows that there seems to be a connection and correlation with Yahweh to the early Sumerian civilization. It is either he just recycle whatever compilation of laws that his fellow Annunakis brought to Earth at the time and then just gave it to Moses with a slight alteration of its content.

Notice the image, it depicts an Annunaki on the right while sitting, whose height and stature is much larger and taller than a normal Earth human beings on the left. This is a typical Annunaki member who is interacting with human beings.

According to Zorra that the Galactics in the past have dealt with all the members of the Atlantians who invaded the Earth and so the original Atlantean contingent is now gone. The two remaining factions are the Annunakis and the Reptilian alliance. These two are the ones who are ruling this world ever since. And according to Jesus their tactics is to control and ENSLAVE, deceive the world by way of deception in every aspect of peoples lives and this include religion.

So where are these factions now? They are the ones who ruled the Earth eversince. Literally, religion started right there in the middle east that includes capitalism. Both Religion and Capitalism were born in the middle east by the supervision of the Annunakis on Earth. While their Khazar counterpart was busy infiltrating civilizations of the world, molding the societies into a CONTROLLABLE system by dividing people, creating separate governments, installing kings and queens and etc. 

What else did Zorra said about the Annunakis?

When did the Israelites last saw the CLOAKED spaceship of Yahweh? This spaceship was covered with a CLOUD covering to hide and conceal the hovering spaceship. They call this as the Cloud of the Lord. This thing hovers above the Tabernacle that Moses and his people built. Shortly after the construction of the Temple that was the time when the Yahweh contingent started to disappear from the sky. As the Temple replaced the Tabernacle. They then started to mingle with people. Zorra said the Annunakis started to INCARNATE to their minions we now call as the CABAL.

This means, literally, the Anunakis just waited for the right moment when the population of the Jews became sizable and their TEACHINGS of various laws and commandments were already inculcated and thoroughly believed and practiced by their subordinate people as slaves to their rule, then they started incarnating as humans. They blended with people and usually taking on the position of power and authority such as High Priest and the Ruling Council. In which this system of government was based on their predefined ways of leadership that they taught people through Moses. Clearly, once they established FEAR into peoples heart then they can easily be CONTROLLABLE into utter submission. And all of these happening, all the while people sincerely believe that they are doing a very noble and HOLY service in subservient work as slaves to this god, who is actually a TEAM of Annunakis because Yahweh was not alone in this campaign.

Yahweh knew that Jesus (Yeshua) was a threat to their Reign

And when Jesus came into the Jewish society via INCARNATION method that was when the conflict between him and the Annunakis started to surface. First we have an actual historical record in Rome, Vatican that states the Roman Governor Pilate actually thought Jesus was a threat to his governance of ancient Palestine. Pilate actually wrote to Caesar of Rome to tell him about their concern with regards to Jesus. But as time progressed and Jesus grew up into a mature person. They found out Jesus was more friendlier with them than he is with the Jewish ruling council. Jesus is not his real name. His real name was Yeshua Ben Joseph. The name Jesus was INVENTED in Rome approximately 300 years after first century AD. But for clarity purposes I will interchangeably mention both Jesus and Yeshua's name.

Now, this is where the conflict materializes. Jesus came on Earth sent by his Father (Prime Creator) to TEACH the Ways of LOVE. Because love was utterly missing in the culture of the Jews as they were brainwashed by the Annunakis who molded their culture and thinking into being negative with anything about love, compassion, care for others and mercy. And with the mission of Jesus that goes completely OPPOSITE with everything they have learned from Annunakis then the conflict between Jesus and the Ruling Council started to build-up its momentum.

Take note, Jesus (Yeshua) will never OBEY the commandments set forth by Yahweh. In the minds of the people they think he is crazy and a rebel but for the few they saw the love of God in him. They tried to arrest Jesus but they could not catch him because the Galactics and the Prime Creator were helping him. When they grab to arrest him he became like a wind that although they could see him but they could not hold him physically. This Teaching ministry of Jesus went on and started to win the hearts of the people for he was helping them understand the ways of the true God of Love which was something they never saw among the rulers of their people.

Jesus was in DIRECT confrontation with the teachings of Yahweh that they literally made some test to catch him. Finally, when it was nearly time for him to leave Palestine that was when the Galactics withdraw their protection on him and have allowed him to be arrested.

Think about it. Jesus did not conform to the legalistic requirements invented by Yahweh to control and subordinate the masses of people; which is why they wanted to arrest him and issue punishment because he does not want to obey. Why would he obey Yahweh when he knows who this person really is? He said that this is the Devil who deceives people and murders them at the same time. Obviously, if that is the case then Jesus will not fall prey to the DECEPTION that Yahweh gave the people. For he knows so well that Yahweh himself is NOT interested in keeping the commandments that he gave people. And if Yahweh is the deceiver (LIAR) and the murderer and that he's been doing that for a long time from the beginning of their arrival on Earth, then Yahweh himself violates the commandments he gave to Moses. In other words, just as Jesus said, there is NO truth in him. For when he speaks the average percentage falls into the category of lies. The whole thing (religion) was just a scam. And the lies that the devil gave will only be effective if the people BELIEVE on it. And that is plain and simple. He controls the masses of people through the use of deceptive systems based on lies. It is then our individual responsibility if we allow the lies to continue to permeate the worlds society. In other words, stop from being duped. Begin with yourself and then care for the others to be aware of the delusion and illussion that they are in by telling them the truth.

The Conflict between Yahweh and Jesus

Prior to his incarnation Jesus was well aware about who Yahweh really was for he knows what he's been doing way into the very distant past. And so, when Jesus (Yeshua) arrived in the world scene he came on a MISSION to CORRECT the deceptive teachings Yahweh told people (sheeple). He not only needed to teach about the ways of love but also he needs to correct the false teachings given by Yahweh by telling people that they are GODS! 
 What does this mean exactly? This mean we (humanity) were made in the image of God. In other words we are the exact copy of God. We are Gods and Goddeses incarnated to the physical body called human being. This truth was also amplified by David when he wrote the Psalms saying we are all GODS! And Jesus was confirming this truth by telling the masses of deceived people that they are GODS in the flesh and even quoted David of what he mentioned in the Psalms. Now, in order to counter this teaching of Jesus, the Annunaki incarnates among the leaders of the people they just have to accuse him of blasphemy so that they can stop him.

What does it mean that We humans are GODS?

Think about it: we are made in the image of God. Just as every cell in our body that divides to form a new cell is also categorically a cell which is the exact copy of the previous cell. The same thing when a DNA strand starts to replicate itself. The replicated DNA strands are exactly IDENTICAL copies of the original DNA. This is also true with God. For God is infinite, who created infinite amount of himself in a series of individual sparks carrying the same identical copies of the original image of God. And that is what we are made of but devoid of the consciousness (knowledge) of the original copy. In other words, although we are a copy or copies of God but we have consciousness that are relatively local to our individual selves. In order to create a distinct SELF of individual, the awareness and knowledge must be learned and acquired by the individual themselves through personal life experiences. And that is the only difference we have with the original God. But overall, we are also Gods and Goddesses housed on a physical human body to create our own individual/personal experiences and acquire our own knowledge to further our awareness and consciousness. In other words we are ALL GOD individually but our consciousness was reset to a clean slate. And it is up to us to fill our consciousness with new data, information, knowledge and etc.

And this is where the Devil will come in into the picture. By taking advantage of a newly born societies of the world by brainwashing them into thinking that they are not God. The moment you BELIEVE that you are NOT God, then you start to think to become subservient into another God. And this is exactly what Yahweh did to the Jews and to the rest of the world. By creating various religions, he could then control and manipulate their minds into thinking that they are no different from a lamb and a sheep that can only be guided by a Shepherd who intentionally gathered them as a deceived flock.

The Dynamics of being GODS

Since we are ALL Gods and is part of the original God, then WE are ALL IMMORTAL. We are spirit beings, immaterial that is assigned on a physical body. Therefore, we don't die.
We as Gods are Creators just as God is a Creator. Didn't we all created all these complex civilizations of this world? Our creativity speaks volume about our capabilities to think and create. But as of now, since we are under the rule of the deceivers of this world. Therefore, the knowledge of how to create planets, newly designed living things have been withheld from us as our awareness of our Godself is still not yet completely realized. Literally, the vast majority of the people of this world were deceived into thinking that they are just physical body, that when the body dies so is their spirit or soul. And in some denominations they actually believe that humans don't have a spirit inside them.  That is how far and deep the deceptions had been to the people of this world, as they were conditioned to believe that they are not God in a physical body.

GODS and Goddesses can Make Mistakes

We are here in the physical world, carrying and wearing a physical body. And we are here to LEARN and experience life in physicality. Since our awareness was reset into a clean slate when coming into the world therefore we are to acquire knowledge and experience on our own. We are to fill our consciousness with what we learn from our own individual experiences and learned knowledge. And this means we embark on this world with a certain default innocence not knowing completely the difference between what is right from wrong, or evil and good. But fortunately, despite of all this, we retain our true nature within us which acts like a moral compass. And this is the nature of love that we all have as Gods. As all Gods and Goddesses have them by nature. And that is what we are made of, made from love. So this means although, we are guided by our true nature of love but sometimes we can make mistakes as we venture to learn and explore this world around us. And by doing these things we sometimes decide not to do loving things that can be considered as evil. But just because we chose out of ignorance to try and do what is considered immoral - it does not automatically mean that we CEASE from being God. We make mistakes because we simply did not KNOW fully well, including the dynamic consequences of it all.

And this is again where the Devil will come in to try to take advantage of people by creating a deceptive concept of a standard set of moral guidelines. The intention was not that he care, instead the full intent was to deceive and control people by deceiving them to think that we owe him something because of the transgressions. Once you BELIEVE the lie that you are NOT GOD, then therefore the Devil can control you to OBEY for the ultimate submission like a Master to a servant. 

Remember, this Devil does not want to follow the very same rules that he gave people to live by; so what makes you want to obey it? By creating a series of laws and commandments then he can FOOL you to think you OWE him your allegiance, obedience. And when you fail to obey then he will accuse you of a punishment. Punishment in the form of SIN or transgressions is like a patent filed by the Devil to form his brand of controllership called religion on the flock by deception. 

But mistakes are just mistakes as we all make mistakes sometimes. The True God of Love understands our composure and occasional failures and they will NEVER give you punishment. Because we are here to learn and grow from our own decisions whether it be right or wrong.  And so punishment is not included in the original plan. The concept of laws and Sin were invented by the Devil for the sole purpose of control. And you can be under his control only when you allow yourself to be deceived. In other words, you dont owe him anything when you make mistakes.

This means you do not need salvation from sin because the only one accusing you of punishment is the Devil himself. You do not need salvation and eternal life because all of us are already immortal.  The concept of salvation from sin is only a scam to have something to be afraid of.  None of the God of love in the heavenly realms will ever cast a stone of punishment on you as they are NEVER interested in punishing anyone. Unlike the Devil, they do not operate in the realms of threat and fear but only in the realms of love and light. And when our physical body dies our spirit goes back to the source and to the Company of Heaven. And then when the time is right they can then re-schedule a new incarnation process by assigning you to a new physical body on Earth to further our learning experience.

The Paradox and Comparison

The major difference between us human beings and the DEVIL is that the Devil is the FULLTIME Evil and deceiver of this world. He's been doing it for a long time, just like what Jesus said; he is that way since the very beginning. But we people are not even considered freelancers or part timers of Evil. Because none of us wanted to make a profession from doing evil things. But with a slight exceptions. There are a few who deliberately CHOOSE to consistently do evil things. And we may classify them as the Devil Wannabes kind of people. These are the people who were completely brainwashed since birth, where their psyche was molded in the pattern of the Cabal which is a consortium, a gathering of incarnated Annunakis and Reptilians. Now, to draw the LINE of distinction - is that those few that are deliberately evil are actively suppressing their true nature of love within them in which light cannot be seen from their actions; are great candidates to be recycled to the great ocean of the Source. They will not die essentially but their consciousness and their individual personhood will dissipate. Spirits are actually a form of energy and when they are recycled to the great ocean of the Source they just blend along with the greater concentrate of energy of the Source. One of this is located at the Central Sun of the milky Way Galaxy. To be sent to the Central Sun to be recycled is very, very rare. The qualifications to be sent are for those who have been FULLTIME evil consistently for a very long time. And so, this ultimate fate is largely for the Devil only and his minions.

What separate the vast numbers of humanity compared to the Devil and the Cabal is that when we leave our physical body when it dies is that we naturally go to the LIGHT of GOD. Numerous studies had been made on those who passed away and had been declared clinically dead and then comes back to life. They unanimously saw Light at the end of the Tunnel and were met by either a previously departed loved one or a family member. And then all of a sudden they came back to life.

According to Zorra and Saraiya - from what I remember them saying is that those who passed away regardless of how good or evil they have performed in their previous lifetime they naturally go back willingly to the Light of God and to the Company of Heaven where we can meet the ascended masters and Mother/Father God in person. But of course these realm are not in the physicality. Majority of humanity always goes back to the loving arms of Mother/Father God and to the company of ascended masters. And this has been going on for as long as their soul development can reach the right maturation.

But this is not the case with the Devil and their minions. They do not want to come back to the Light of God. They literally try to AVOID going to the light and meet with the Company of Heaven. And thus, these beings their IDENTITIES are all tracked and acknowledged by the heavenly realms. These group do not care about humanity. They who abandon their true nature which is love, they are who do not live in love and light, they are the ones who are great candidates for the recycling into the great ocean of the Source in the Central Sun of the Galaxy. So far, the company of heaven have not done this to them in a large scale, but only to a very few of them. And some of them are actually given mercy by sending them to the cloned planet called Earth 2. This planet is identical to Earth located at the back of the Sun. It is basically on the same orbit to the Earth but exist at the back side of the Sun (Solar). And because of that we cannot see them from Earth. But NASA have seen this Earth 2, as they have sent several equipments in space in the past that saw this planet. And as always they just keep it a secret as they do not wanted the world to know the truth.

In short, we the people make mistakes sometimes. This means if we made a mistake or sinned it does not automatically make us a child of the Devil. Those minions who follow the Devil consistently for a long time and do not return to the Light of God are the ones who can be categorized as children of the Devil. When Jesus (Yeshua) was on Earth he met these beings who incarnated and became humans by wearing human bodies and are long time members and minions of the original Cabal. They are the ones Jesus was referring to (John 8:44) as the children of the Devil for they willingly obey the evil teachings of the Devil. And we all know that the vast majority of humanity does not conform to this evil ways of these beings.

List of Deceptions (LIES) Perpetrated to the World:
1.) You are not God
2.) You are not an immortal spirit
3.) You need to OBEY the patented commandments of Yahweh in order to be save from his threat of punishment in which he wants you under his control based on FEAR.
4.) Salvation from the threat of punishment can only come from a fictional individual that was conceptualized in Nicea in third century A.D. which they call as Jesus.
5.) You need to be born again by accepting the fictional Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.
6.) They changed the true teachings of Yeshua and replaced it with the need to be saved from their sins.

And if Jesus Think that Yahweh is a liar and the father of lies, don't you think Yahweh can edit the scriptures and ADD lies into it to further the cause and continuation of his mission of deceptions?

To be continued.........

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