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What Jesus Think of Yahweh - Part 3

What Jesus Think of Yahweh - Part Three
by Manny R. Pineda

"The New Testament Bible was Modified to twist the Truth
in order to Psychologically Deceive the People"

Before I start, I would like to refresh your memory as to what took place before Genesis stories of the Old Testament bible happened into the world. Religion is so fixed to the belief that the Earth is only six thousand years old. And that according to that book, the beginning of mankind only started during Adam and Eve. We now have established the fact that the arrival of the invaders did not happen during the last six thousand year period.

But now the truth started to surface and that there were civilizations that existed on Earth long before the time of Adam and Eve. We can categorized them as the Pre-Adamites kind of people. They are the people who came to Earths surface as a pioneer civilizations who hails from various regions of the Galaxy and beyond. And they are all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Adam and Eve are not the first people or humans who lived on Earth. They were however, the first humans that were allowed to live under the reign of the Invaders and Conquerors of the Earth. These invaders are the alliances of the Annunakis, Reptilians and Atlantians. They created so much violence, damage and devastation on Earth that the Prime Creator and all the rest of the Spiritual Hierarchy allowed them to do what they wanted to do which is to OWN the Earth for themselves and rule the world based on deceptions and lies. But only for a limited period of time which is the end of the Age of Pisces which happened on December 21, 2012. And on January 20, 2014 is the calibrated start of the New Golden Age of Aquarius.

And so since 2012 the efforts to defeat and end the reign of the secret rulers of this world have accelerated. And since we were under the rule of the secret rulers of this world for a long time, they were able to hide their true identities. They were able to edit and change the true history of the Earth and that includes the details and information on the bible. They were able to suppress the reality of extra terrestrial off-world beings who regularly visit our world. And since they own the mass media, including the magazines and newspapers they have created an artificial reality and if you question those things they brand you as conspiracy theorists.

Jesus had to wait for the End of the Age before they can actually step in and make a direct effort to end the oppressors and or rulers of this world. Many of the parables of Jesus actually points to the end of the age as the time when they will resume a direct intervention in this world.

Two thousand years ago, the best Jesus (Yeshua) could do was:
  • Preach about the kingdom of God
  • Teach about the love of God and the principles of love
  • Stop people from obeying the commandments of Yahweh to sell/eat/slaughter animals
  • Teach the people about the True Way for ascension to higher dimension
  • Teach people that they are Gods and Goddesses

These are the main message or goodnews that Jesus (Yeshua) was carrying into the world. These are the things that he taught people.
Now anything that is different from the main message of Jesus can be considered as a DIVERSION. A deception to distort and deceive people into believing another message from what he actually taught people. Such was the ministry of the so called apostle Paul who literally preach a different message from what Jesus actually preached.

Apostle Paul changed the goodnews message of Jesus into that of promoting:
  • the return of the people into selling, eating and slaughtering animals.
  • the return of the people into obeying YAHWEH.
  • to make people return into being servants of Yahweh and his type of control.
  • to make people worship a fictional person named Jesus.
  • to convict people of the threat of condemnation and eternal punishment if they don't believe Jesus and his own version of gospel.
  • to make people believe a different gospel.
  • to take them away from what Jesus taught people.
  • to make people believe that their sins are PAID by the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • to make people believe that Jesus is the savior of their sins.
  • to make people have faith in the fictional Jesus.
  • to make people believe that the true gospel was the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • to deceive people to think they are UNDER GRACE of the fictional savior of their sins. Meaning, continue being servants that their fictional sins can be forgiven.

"The Gospel of the False Goodnews"

Apostle Paul said in his second letter to the Corinthians:
"Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use Deception, nor do we distort the word of god. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to every mans conscience in the sight of god. And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. II Corinthians 4:2-3"

Today, I will tackle the supposedly sincerity of this person called the Apostle Paul, renowned for being the apostle to the gentiles.

What led him to go and preach to non-Jewish people of the world to bring a different kind of message or goodnews when he was NOT asked to do so? According to the book of Acts the person called as Saul who became Paul went to an area near Damascus and claimed Jesus talked to him and convinced him to become a disciple and a believer of Jesus. He was told to go to the city to meet the supposedly disciple of Jesus. And when he met that person he immediately became a preacher of a different gospel, very different gospel from what Jesus taught people.

Could this conversion from being the murderer into a preacher of another gospel just a HOAX? The sincerity of this person claiming to be apostle Paul, the apostle for the gentiles is in QUESTION. Could it be that the Jewish leaders met with him and asked him to change his strategy from being the one who persecute the follower of Jesus and into someone who will DIVERT the people into following him having a different set of gospel from what Jesus actually taught the people? If I can remember correctly what Zaraya said that Paul was not asked by Jesus (Yeshua) to start a new brand of religion. And this is also echoed by the writings of Kathryn May who channeled and transcribed the words and messages of Sananda the one who became Jesus. And according to that transcription it said that Jesus indeed met him and asked him to stop persecuting his followers but he NEVER asked him to preach anything. And if that is the case, then where in the world did this Paul get his message and doctrine of the New Gospel from? Could it be that the details and information about a different gospel came from the enemies of Jesus who wanted to use Paul in order to trick them into believing a false gospel?

Just for the sake of finding the truth by doing a little detective work, why don't we REVERSE what apostle Paul said: "we do not use Deception, nor do we distort the word of god." What if he actually meant that they use Deceptions to Distort the word of God? And from that I will begin examining his message that he gave to the rest of the world.

The gospel that apostle Paul was preaching to the world was NOT authorized by Jesus and that is true. For he was never asked by Jesus (Yeshua). It is very likely that there was a SECRET deal between him and the enemies of Jesus to preach a DECEPTIVE Concept, something that will divert people into believing another message, a teaching that was NOT taught by Jesus. For if you read and examine the letters of apostle he has ZERO credibility of teaching the very words that Jesus (Yeshua) taught the disciples.

There is also another possibility that when Saul became blind and was led by someone into the city. Maybe, the enemies of Jesus learned about what happened to Saul and that Jesus talked to him. And so they probably realized since Saul was blind they can just pretend that they are the true disciples of Jesus and taught Saul another version of gospel the one that is different from what Jesus taught people. Because right after the meeting with the supposedly disciples of Jesus, Saul began preaching a different gospel.

Furthermore, who told him to go to the gentiles and preach a different version of gospel? And if that is the case, then maybe Saul was sincere in his mission but was deceived to preach a different gospel. The details of this gospel was given to him when he met the disciple of Jesus (or someone pretending to be disciple of Jesus). He was so convinced that the gospel or goodnews message that he was carrying was from the Jesus.

But still, there are some doubts about the sincerity of the supposedly apostle Saul who changed the name into Paul. For how could he possibly claim that it was Jesus who instructed and taught him about the gospel he was preaching when he never met Jesus? He talked to Jesus on his way to Damascus only for a few seconds or less than a minute. How come he claim as though he knows Jesus so well? It is very obvious that the knowledge of the gospel he was preaching only he became aware of it ONLY after he met the supposedly disciple of Jesus in the city.

Whoever that disciple who met Saul must be an undercover agent (so to speak) of the enemies of Jesus who wanted to twist the teachings of Jesus by giving Saul a different gospel from what Jesus actually preached the people at the time.

The Transformation of Saul
  1. He was asked to change his name from Saul to Paul
  2. He was taught a different gospel
  3. He was asked to go and preach to the Gentile world.

If Paul was preaching another gospel different from the gospel of Jesus then obviously he was either:
A.) Lying and his secret intention was to deceive people or
B.) Was totally wrong because he was deceived to believe and preach a different gospel. Meaning there was no intention to deceive people.

And if that is the case then the original intention to deceive people was coming from the enemies of Jesus or rather those people who were oppose to the teaching of Jesus (Yeshua).

Questioning the Intention:
  • Why change the name of Saul?
  • Why change the gospel of Jesus into something else?
  • Why are they interested to preach to the gentiles?

If you recall, they also changed the name of Jesus from Yeshua Ben Joseph into Jesu-Maria. And then in the third century, they change once again the name into Jesus. What is the point in doing that?

The intention was to divert people into another persona creating a deception. And it works the same way with Saul. By changing the name into Paul, it creates the impression that he was a changed man. And so, it can create a diversion for people to follow him instead of following the true apostles of Jesus. Meaning the intention was deception.

By changing the gospel and teachings of Jesus then they can render the ministry of Jesus ineffective and have people believe a different version of the gospel or goodnews.

And by going to the gentiles they can then nullify the efforts of the true apostles of Jesus who will also eventually reach the gentile world as the Jews are scattered around the world. And that is the intention of the enemies of Jesus and we know they are the incarnates of the Reptilians and the Annunakis.

And if the main intention was deception then we know now the answer if Apostle Paul was indeed SINCERE or NOT when he said in the Corinthians:
"Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways, we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of god." (II Cor. 4:2)
  • By changing the gospel of Jesus is a DIRECT act of deception.
  • By changing the gospel or goodnews of Jesus is a DIRECT act of distorting the word of God. 

Should we therefore believe that apostle Paul was not distorting the word of God? Should we trust him when he was obviously deceiving people to believe a different gospel?


Yeshua (Jesus) waited until its the end of the Age before they will do something to openly intervene in the affairs of the world. Yeshua was also aware that his teaching was edited and replaced by a different set of teachings, different kind of gospel including some of his words were either removed and some words were added of things he did not said.

I am glad that the End Time has arrived and the dawn of the New Age of Aquarius is now being seen from the horizon. The dark's reign has finally come to an end. And their evil ways have been EXPOSED. The Galactic Federation of Light, the Company of Heaven (which includes Yeshua also known as Sananda) will one day walk among us and usher the era of abundance, joy, harmony and peace.

With the explanation I have given here it is time to know and see the Bible from what it actually is: a compilation of truth and LIES. The Devil have attempted to change the teachings and messages of Jesus (Sananda) into a gospel that deceives people further away from the truth. May you therefore share this article to your family, friends and relatives. Awaken them from the nightmare of lies perpetrated to this world by letting them know the truth.

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