Thursday, April 20, 2017

Future Projections 2017

It is time to disclose the series of events that will happen starting this year.

2017 - Galactic Disclosure will take place along with the release of Nesara & Gesara, and the much anticipated RV/GCR.  These three events can either happen simultaneously or in no particular order/sequence. Either one of it can happen first or at the same time.  There will be another US Election sometime this year.  

2018 - Most of the Arcturian Healing Ships are already on the ground and they are just waiting for the signal to decloak and do Humanitarian healing mission.  The Galactics will start to land globally.  This will also be the year when the emergence of the people of the Inner and Hollow Earth will happen.  They will also introduce new and advance technologies to improve our lives.

2019 - Galactic Mentors are people we know from previous lifetimes and departed loved ones.  They will be here to educate each and everyone of us.  This will also be the year when the entrance to Hollow and Inner Earth will be opened for the public.  The use of fossil fuel will start to diminish as the free energy Devices will make its way to the consumers reducing the need for pollution causing transportation and home cooking devices and etc.  The Ascended Masters will also arrive and help in educating the world about various topics such as religion, the true history of the Earth and etc.

2020 - Will be the year when people will be given a chance for a free trip to a nearby planet or other star system.  This will also be the year to transfer the bad guys to the second Earth.  It is a clone of the Earth which looks identical/exactly like the Earth which is located at the back of the sun.  And then the New Jerusalem Mothership from Venus will get closer to Earths atmosphere and will hover above the clouds and will fulfill the prophecy of Jesus/Sananda when he said: "you shall see me coming in the clouds of heaven." The size of this Mothership is almost the size of either United States or Australia.  It will encircle the globe and no one will miss seeing this spectacle in the sky.

2021 - The Return of humanity as galactic beings.  But first must be calibrated into a healing Chamber inside Hollow Earth.  This will be the start of the reunion of the galactic families as well as the twin flames.

2022 - The start of trips to the home planet of everyone on earth who is awakened.  It is written/encoded in our DNA of where in the universe we originate.  If you are a Pleiadian incarnate then you can go back to the Pleaides.  If you are an Arcturian incarnate then you can go back to Arcturus.  Or if you are from Sirius, Planet Lemur and etc. then you will be allowed to go back to your home planet.

2025 - Other people will choose to come back to Earth to help convince family members, friends and relatives.

2032 - The campaign to reach and inform every single human being on the face of the Earth.  To free them from slavery of religious beliefs system and economic system. 

2042 - Ten years after that, the Planet Earth will be allowed to terraform itself.  This will remove all man-made structures and pollution from the face of the Earth.  The magnitude of the impact of the earthquake are way beyond the Reichter scale.  It will literally level everything. But prior to this year all humans will be first relocated temporarily to Inner and Hollow Earth including the orbiting spaceships.  Animals will also be transferred elsewhere.  Before the Terraformation those who cannot let go of their upbringing will have to be transferred to the second Earth Unbeknownst to them.  The Prime Creator have the capability to Teleport large amount of people from one planet to another in an instant.  It will not be a punishment but rather they are just being transferred into a new location compatible with their comprehension and psyche.  It will be as though they never left the Earth as the second Earth was constructed as an identical clone of the planet earth.

By the year 2044, the Earth will become like a paradise once again, similar to the days during the time of Lemuria.  On that year, the motion of the solar system will stop from moving as it traverse the center of the galaxy.  At the same time, the Milky Way will stop from moving as it will take its place at the center of the universe.  
The experiment on Earth is over, and now the whole universe can visit the earth and learn from the experiences of the people of the earth who have been thrown to the lowest vibration, dimension and to the utter control of the dark forces, went deep into the throes of separation from God and then managed to come back to the light triumphantly!


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  2. Dinos died 65 mlns years ago.

    1. They were brought inside Hollow Earth during ancient times.

    2. Manuel, I hope this will manifest. :)
      Can you tell us about the source of this info? Was it received through channeling?

      Thank You and best regards.

  3. Thank you for compiling this timeline. Please, add me to future writings. ⚘🌈🌄🌏🦄

  4. Wow,what an Amazing future we have coming to us! love and light to you all <3 <3