Sunday, April 2, 2017

Remnants of the Lemurian Civilization

Adama - High Priest of Telos - A city inside Mt. Shasta.

Underneath our feet there's a sub-terranean world that is yet to be discovered.  But as disclosure is announced, Adama will be one the people who will introduce themselves and give Disclosure.  

We here on the surface of the planet are not native to this Earth.  We all came from several regions of the Galaxy and beyond. We all came here from else where and incarnated on the surface world. 

The Lemurian people are one of the pioneers in living on the surface of the Earth.  During their time The Earth was invaded by the Atlantians along with the Annunakis.  The Lemurian people defended the Earth against the aggressors which culminated in a series of wars.  

Eventually, the Lemurians followed the directive of the spiritual hierarchy to allow the invaders to reign on Earth until the end of the age which was December 21, 2012.

And so ever since that time the Lemurians settled inside Mt Shasta.

The Lemurian people have several spacecrafts which we call as UFOs. These spacecrafts can dematerialize and rematerialize upon entering and exiting the top of Mt Shasta.  They usually camouflage it to look like a bunch of clouds.

The image above is only a rough idea of what can be seen inside and below Mt Shasta.  It is not an accurate depiction.  

Inside and beneath Mt. Shasta is a sub-terranean world that exist right after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria.  Atlantis today is still smacked right inside the crust of the Earth.  But the Lemurian people survived the war and thus they are the remnants of the Lemurian civilization.

This sub-terranean world exist as an inter connected underground network of cities that covers much of the Pacific Rim basin.  

This means Telos City is connected to other Lemurian and Agarthan cities such as those in Japan, northern Philippines, China, Shamballah in Tibet, New Zealand, Australia and etc.

These cities are connected via a Network of subway tunnels frequently run by extremely fast moving shuttles.  You can reach Australia from the far east in less than 30 minutes. And it's more comfortable than a jet plane.

The Lemurian civilization has been around for ages.  In fact, Jesus (Yeshua) back in first century A.D. was able to ride one of the underground shuttles and that is why he was able to travel and visit Egypt to study Ancient Wisdom.  Also, he was able to visit Tibet, India, Iran and etc.  There is one location in the middle East that has an entrance to the sub-terranean world.  

The existence of this underground civilization was a top secret before.  But of course the Rand corporation owned by the Cabal learned about it and so they keep drilling and boring holes on the ground all-over the world in the hope to further study and learn more about the Lemurian people.  

But of course the Cabal cannot be allowed inside Lemuria, which is why they kept it secret to the rest of the world.  The Lemurians built a force field that is impenetrable regardless of how much horsepower the boring machines drilled the ground.  Not even explosives can penetrate the force field.

Underneath Mt Shasta is a man made interior cavern that goes for miles and miles below.  For a very long time it was a well protected secret that is now being disclosed to the public of the surface world.

The Lemurian people from time to time visits the surface and when they do they sometimes visit some shops and restaurants and exchange their pebble size gold into cash as they do not use Currency in Agarthan network.

Upon disclosure selected people will be allowed to enter the sub-terranean world via Mt Shasta.  For now the entrances are shielded with a force field and cloaked to disguise the appearance of the entrance.

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