Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Hidden Secrets of Mt.Shasta

This YouTube video is about the Mountain of Mt. Shasta herself, from a transmission by the Mighty Saint Germain, copyrighted by the Radiant Rose Academy and transmitted by their accredited messenger Usa.

People from all over the world are being drawn to visit this Sacred Mountain.

My TELOS book tells about the people living inside the Mountain. I live in Mt. Shasta, and give presentations about the City of Telos. You can contact me at or (585) 802-4530

Kathryn Leeman is offering a Spiritual Retreat in July, taking a group of people to the Sacred Sites and Portals on the Mountain. For more information, go to or call (951) 313-8541

For Year Round Guided Tours to Sacred Sites and portals on the Mountain, contact Andrew Oser, Mountain Guide: (760) 525-4512, email:

Enjoy this Magnificent video ~ Love, Dianne Robbins
Copyright © Dianne Robbins

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