Sunday, May 28, 2017

Zorra Call - May 27, 2017

Their Message for the show:

Welcome Beloved Masters,

We have been through tumultuous times personally and collectively. We have kept our heads above water. How much longer can you last? Yes, we have heard over and over again, to keep the faith, keep our vibrations high and so on and so on.

So the question to ask yourself is, "why continue" on this path? How many have almost given up? But another question to ask yourself is "why can't I give up even if I feel like I want to? What is it that keeps you moving and continuing to do what you do? What is the motivation? Is it perhaps to reclaim your godship or godessship! To finally be who you truly are, Gods and goddesses! And they never give up, no such thing!

Our call will be filled with not only information, but with fun, laughter and joy! Zorra will talk about how to be in the "wonderful and peaceful state of beingness" that those of Higher realms and dimensions occupy. This is their "forever nows". Isn't that what we yearn for?

Zorra will address current concerns and will also talk about the misunderstanding as to "why people think they have to be saved". In addition, we will have time for some hollowearth information too.

Our call includes One Who Knows and now, Sephora too. What a duo they can be. Wonder what's up their sleeves? Could be more Intel info or maybe something out of this world news! We shall see.

Time to lighten up! That's our goal and to allow for what is happening but remaining calm and observant and to intervene when possible with the energy of loving kindness.

Come and join us for there is always a surprise or two that we never expected to hear! Of course, we shall make time for some Q&A's and healings also.

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day!

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