Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hollow Earth Cruise Ship

One of the projects I planned to do when the RV happens is to start an Arctic Cruise Ship business. I do not have a Zim and so the business must be budget conscious. 

What makes it different from other cruise ship out there is that it will be low cost that can be afforded by ordinary people of the world. As of this moment Japan and South Korea are the worlds leader in the manufacturing of cargo container ship that are used for the import and export trade activities worldwide. In time, I will check these two countries and shop around for the best cargo container ship and passenger cruise ship that at least can handle or accommodate a few hundred people or less than a thousand people.

My idea for this venture is that there will be two major locations: one in Alaska, USA and the other will be in Greenland, Denmark. Those passengers that are closer to the Pacific Rim will choose to depart for Hollow Earth from Alaska. While those in the Middle East, Russia, Europe and areas near the Atlantic will have to choose the location in Greenland. 

These two locations will have motels each. But it will only be like a campsite equipped with cabin lodgings and able to serve vegetarian meals. Every passenger that are new to the trip to Hollow Earth must undergo a 2 to 3 days orientation seminar in order to acquaint and prepare themselves to what they are about to see and experience upon entering the Hollow Earth domain. Things like: 
  • Gravity is much weaker inside the interior of the Earth. This means if you jump into the air, there is a slight delay to your return to the ground. 
  • Inform people how they should interact with the animals on Hollow Earth especially the Dinosaurs. And make sure no one should bring weapons, not even knives into hollow earth. 

And of course cameras of all kinds are okay to bring and this includes electronic equipments such as: smartphones, laptop, computers, ipads and etc. Those who wishes to re-charge their batteries all they have to do is go back to the Cruise Ship. And at the same time I will also setup a mobile re-charging stations to some locations in Hollow Earth, so that people do not have to go back to the ship just to charge their batteries and continue with their tour of Hollow Earth. The tour of course will include a Tour Guide which will inform and guide people as they tour hollow earth. Both the Cruise Ship and the Mobile Charging station will emit WiFi signals so that all the passengers can maintain their connections and communications to the surface world. Have a photograph and videos you wanted to share with your families and friends on the surface of the Earth? Then the internet feature can be very helpful.

Going to Hollow Earth – I prefer the Cruise Ship than the airplane because there are no runways inside the Earth. And so, you will meet problems if you try to land a plane inside the earth. Unless you are Admiral Byrd whose airplane was grabbed by a magnetic field in order to land his airplane vertically. But we do not want to give the people of Hollow Earth that kind of a hassle. A cruise ship that can dock to any shore inside the Earth is more ideal.

Another thing that is an added attraction for the Hollow Earth trip via a cruise ship is that the passengers gets to see the Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis. And this happens as the cruise ship enters the Arctic ocean.

Barter Trade with the People of Hollow Earth

In addition to the Cruise Ship that can accommodate cargoes of all kinds, there also must be a dedicated large cargo ship that can handle several 40 feet containers for the shipping of various fresh vegetables and fruits from hollow earth. Not only the people of Hollow Earth are all gigantic in size but also their fruits and vegetables are gigantic too. Based on what Billie and Zorra said that the people of Hollow Earth can do barter trade and they can even give donations in bulk quantities. The size of an apple in Hollow Earth is bigger than the pumpkin that we have here on the surface of the Earth.

I will also setup a few supermarkets and sell these produce from Hollow Earth at an affordable cost. And the excess will be given to poor and homeless people.

Why Barter Trade?
Because the people of Inner and Hollow Earth do not use money.  They know for a fact that the concept of cash was brought to the earth by the Annunakis.  And so they never use any currencies inside the Earth.  But they can do barter trade. It is a fair exchange of goods and services.