Friday, July 7, 2017

Healing Call with Zorra - July 6, 2017

Zorra, Zaraya and Jane

Their Message for the Show:

"Happy July 4th!". Are you celebrating the new Republic? We are in the midst of a grand and pivotal time in our history on beloved Terra. Be in gratitude for all of your blessings, big or small. Especially today, we celebrate the past, and the present as we bring in the true reality of Freedom and Peace for all. It is unfolding before our eyes!

Quick message from beloved Zorra:

"Don't lose faith. The RV/GCR is definitely happening. The Republic should be announced today."

See you all on the call Thursday!

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day!

Hello beloved Masters,

Today, June 6th, we look forward to a Healing Call with Zorra! Many are going through emotional and mental stresses. There are those who are suffering from physical ailments. It does not matter the concern or illness. These will be addressed and healed.

We are amazing beings state our family from On High. However, we cannot know this truth until we have fully acknowledged our self worth as Galactic Humans who are powerful and magnificent. When will we stop doubting what and who we really are? Is it because we don't see visible outcomes or signs?

Also, when do we start seeing ourselves not as physical beings first but as spiritual beings who can fully embrace our infinite nature of Love and Light? The reality is that we can empower ourselves to let go of everything we no longer need or brings our vibrations down into 3-4 D.

So the real test of yesterday was how did you feel when you did not hear the announcement of the Republic or 800#s? Now, some of you decided to celebrate and have some fun while others felt frustrated and disappointed again.

Which scenario did you choose for yourself?

What will Zorra share with us? Come and join us to see!

May harmony, peace, joy, love and abundance be with each of you!

Zorra, Saraiya, Zaraya and Quazar

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